RE: data collection for GSM coverage mape is COOL idea

2008-06-25 Thread Fabian Off
are using osm by now... Fabian Off - Ursprüngliche Mail Von: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] An: List for Openmoko community discussion Gesendet: Mittwoch, den 25. Juni 2008, 18:34:50 Uhr Betreff: Re: data collection for GSM coverage mape is COOL idea Le

AW: multi-touch?

2008-05-30 Thread Fabian Off
Hey! How does synaptics handle this? When I look at the output my touchpad does, I can see X Y Fingers Values... Maybe we could look into this code and see how they do detect the amount of fingers? Dunno whether they work nearly the same, but I believe this could maybe point us into the right

Re: Car Mode Application...

2008-05-27 Thread Fabian Off
) were scrolled on the screen in big sized font. (Maybe a confirmation: Press AUX to view new message(s)) So, you (or your friends in the car) may read what you got and thus you can drive without being disturbed by incoming messages. -- Greetings, Fabian Off

Re: Wireless Cracking / Hacking on the FreeRunner

2008-05-16 Thread Fabian Off
by now. Greeting, Fabian Off (Sorry if there are any mistakes in my text, but this is written lying in the bed using an ipod touch... PLEASE let the Freerunner be better than this!) Brandon Kruse wrote: What do you guys think? Definitely taking the freerunner into a completely different

Re: OM IDE (was: Re: Common Lisp for OM (Was: Programming OM))

2008-05-07 Thread Fabian Off
Hey! I personally really like this idea and I'd be glad to test your plugin :) It'd fit fine into my NetBeans. Finally it'll get a use besides being abused for php-scripting... Testing on Kubuntu Hardy 8.04 Mac OS X 10.5.2 if you want. Greetings, Fabian Off - Ursprüngliche Mail Von

AW: Yet Another Map Application

2008-02-24 Thread Fabian Off
Hey! Not sure if you are really interested in this results, but this is running measure on Mac OS X 10.5 (also using Cacao): mbp:foff$ java -jar yama.jar measure process load binary file N 1000 takes: 744 millis process transform to earth coordinates - N 1000 takes: 661 millis process transform

Re: OpenMoko on h5550 (was OpenMoko on hx4700)

2008-01-18 Thread Fabian Off
itself, but before buying one I'd really like to test OpenMoko using other ways than QEMU. Thanks alot Fabian Off Jetzt Mails schnell in einem Vorschaufenster überfliegen. Dies und viel mehr bietet das neue Yahoo! Mail -

Re: Some ideas for the accelerometer

2007-10-12 Thread Fabian Off
do like this idea, but I think it's too hard to implent... (I'm on a Macbook Pro with motion sensors, and it's nearly impossible to detect whether it's been moved or shaken...) Greetings, Fabian Off

Re: dfu-util only gives Permission Denied

2007-10-07 Thread Fabian Off
Am Sonntag 07 Oktober 2007 18:32:26 schrieb Mikkel Meyer Andersen: Hi, Just type sudo dfu-util ... and enter you password when promted :-) / Mikkel [EMAIL PROTECTED] skrev: Hello, This is my first entry after receiving my OpenMoko kit this friday. This is also my first time using a

Re: Text messaging on the OpenMoko platform

2007-02-06 Thread Fabian Off
, if enough users buy and use the phone. Greetings, Fabian Off ___ Telefonate ohne weitere Kosten vom PC zum PC: ___ OpenMoko community mailing

Re: Translators needed?

2007-01-31 Thread Fabian Off
If needed, I'm going to translate the GUI in german. I think a page in the wiki (when avaliable) showing the translation-process would be great, so you can checkout what isn't done by now. A question, related to translations: Will translations handled like they are in Opie? (A package you can

A: desktop software?

2007-01-27 Thread Fabian Off
Am Samstag, 27. Januar 2007 schrieb Oleg L. Sverdlov: What software is planned on desktop side? If any. Well, even if there will be no desktop-software, specially for the Neo, I think it'll support serveral protocols for syncing (for example syncml). So its not a problem to sync with any

Re: Idea for OpenMoko: Kid Mode

2007-01-24 Thread Fabian Off
Well, but what about any free-lessons? I know your problem very well, being a student myself. I tried to solve it like you did, coding an application which selects - depending on the cell-id my phone supplies - the right profile. But I often get calls in times we have no school. The phone just

Re: Real Neo1973 photo / Neo delayed...!?

2007-01-11 Thread Fabian Off
Am Freitag, 12. Januar 2007 00:01 schrieb Sean Moss-Pultz: If there's enough interest, it might be cool to just sell the mapping data and see if we can support an open source mapping engineer. Is this something people would pay for? -Sean Of course they would do so. Everybody who's paying

RE: Will it possible to use the Neo without battery?

2007-01-10 Thread Fabian Off
Robert Michel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm looking forward to have a phone that I can charge just with a given USB port - but it would be great, when the phone would work or charge even with a (quite) dead battery. Well, that'd be also great for changing the SD-card... I just wonder how people