Re: wiki down?

2010-12-14 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
Am Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010, 11:39:02 schrieb Harald Welte:
 On 12/13/2010 08:50 PM, Petr Vanek wrote:
  Anyone knows what happened to the
 Sorry, this was an unexpected after-effect due to a kernel update
 on one of our machines.  The virtual machine running the wiki did not
 come up after the reboot for some reason, and I was only checking the
 mail / mailinglist service (a different vhost) after the reboot and
 thought everything was up and running.
 Please let me know if there are any other oddities,

Thanks for taking care :-)

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann

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Re: [debian/fso] phonefsod: unpredictable pin dialog and questions abot config options

2010-01-22 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
Am Freitag 22 Januar 2010 18:52:58 schrieb arne anka:
 within normal operation (runlevel) phonefsod does not work predicatble.
 small changes in the phonefsod.conf made it stop entirely (w/o any useful
 info in the log despite DEBUG) and small changes in eg fsodeviced seemed
 to fix that ...
 what looks far more confusing to me is, that phonefsod always gets a lower
 pid than fsodeviced, fsousage or frameworkd -- despite being started later
 according to the number assigned in /etc/rc3.d:
 since accessing (activating?) the gsm means, one of the otheres has to be
 activae already.
 but after a few repeated tests, a reliable way to make phonefsod to pop
 the pin dialog seems to be:
 - stop everything (fso and maybe dbus), i do that by swithcing to runlevel
 two which does not start anything
 - manually start dbus, fso-deviced and fso-frameworkd
 /etc/init.d/dbus start ; /etc/init.d/fso-frameworkd start
 - let cook slowly
 - after a few minutes tart everything else, i do that with
 init 3
 which starts X and phonefsod
 - pin dialog will pop up every time
 but that certainly is no way to go in case of an emergency reboot or
 similar ...
 to me it looks either like one of the timeout issues again -- in zhone,
 neil worked around that by retrying until eventually the registration
 would be possible.
 or phonefsod starts far too fast and fails to access the not yet available
 gsm, never recovering from that disappointment.
hmm, strange thing. This is exactly what we intend to do... retry to access 
FSO until it appears on the scene... and then list the resources and register 
GSM if it is there... if not, wait for the signal that the GSM resource 

 in the course of actions, i was wondering about the phonefsod.conf (yes, i
 read the comments):
 - should ophonekitd try to activate GSM on startup -- what does
 ophonekitd has to do with phonefsod.conf?
ouch - nothing :P don't remember if that part of the conf came from ophonekitd 
and I forgot to adjust the comment or if I was still used to the old name when 
writing that comment. Should read phonefsod.

 - gsm_reregister_timeout = 60 -- what does reregister mean here? when is
 the first registering attempted?
reregister kicks in when you are without network coverage. Either on start or 
afterwards. It determines the seconds how often to schedule a try to register 
to the network. This is needed, because we don't get notified if some usable 
network (re-)appears.

 - when to show idle screen -- disabling the associated option does not
 disable the idle screen at all and there's no parameter to disable
Disabling it lets the default kick in, which is aux,lock. Try if setting it to 
an empty string works. Should.

 - auto_suspend = [never|normal|always] -- what part does auto suspend
 refer to? the freerunner as such? a resource? what is the difference
 between normal and always?
suspend to mem the complete device. Not refering to a specific resource. It is 
using FSO for that (org.freesmartphone.Usage.Suspend). Normal does _not_ 
suspend the device while the battery is getting charged. Always does suspend 
it even then.

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann

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Re: [debian/shr apps] conatcts app crashes with full addressbook w/o any error message

2010-01-18 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
Am Montag 18 Januar 2010 18:53:53 schrieb arne anka:
 after today's update of libphone-ui*, the gui of contacts, dialer,
 messages and pin dialog looks ok.
 thanks to whoever is responsible.
 so i used the not so recently posted script [1] to import my contacts from
 an vcf file into opimd -- but after that, contacts crashes immediately
 without logging any error whatsoever.
 is there any way to make contacts (or any other shr/phoneui app) more
in /etc/phoneuid.conf set log_level to DEBUG

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann

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Re: Feature overview out of the box SHR unstable distribution

2009-03-01 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Petr Vanek [090301 21:59]:
 No, we don't have solved, as that would be fix only for systems on
 microsd cards and only with Qi. AFAIK Qi already sets low loglevel as
 default (as u-boot in NOR), so fix is needed by people, who use u-boot
 (in NAND of course). And that fix isn't suitable for u-boot systems.

 correct... hmm we could perhaps provide boot_env image with correct
 parameters... but then they would have to flash it... anyhow... 

 the bottom line is, though that once people flash shr on a standard
 freerunner, the suspend/resume will be slow.
well... I can't see how this is SHR related... resume will be slow on
anything they flash, no?

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann

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Re: yaml rule to stop suspending when using gps

2009-02-28 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Helge Hafting [090227 11:16]:
 Klaus Kurzmann wrote:

  org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage /org/shr/ophonekitd/Usage
  org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage.RequestResource Display
  which requests the resource until you release it. That way you can wrap
  for example tangogps between a call to request display and a call to
  release display...

 This is currently very fragile.
yep... at least it was :-) should be fixed now.

 Because it didn't work at all, I upgraded SHR last night.
 Today, the backlight stayed on, I could see my map all the way to work.

 I then quit tangogps and expected the backlight to time out.
 It did not! So no I have a phone with the backlight stuck on,
 a very power hungry condition.

 Hm - on closer inspection I see that ophonekitd has crashed.
 Its resources are not released unconditionally when the process ends?

 I didn't notice the crash at first, because the phone works so well
 without. I can send and receive SMS and call out. (the new message 
 doesn't show, but the sound is there and I can read it in the messages 
 app.)  The only thing missing is that there is no way to answer the 
 phone when it rings.

 I restarted ophonekitd and tried to release the resource again.
 ophonekitd ended without error message, and mdbus complained:

 /org/shr/ophonekitd/Usage: ReleaseResource failed: 

 I hope this isn't too hard to fix. I plan on using scripts requesting 
 the CPU for all data-gathering apps (tangogps, cellhunter) so the phone 
 don't suspend while they are in use.

 And I also plan on requesting the display for mokomaze and tangogps. 
 Because these should be on for a long time without touch input. 
 Actually, I have two tangogps icons - one that keeps the backlight on 
 for car navigation, and one that merely reqeust the cpu for data 
 gathering without external power.

 I assume ophonekitd uses reference counting, so multiple apps can 
 request the display/cpu at the same time? And release one after another, 
 with suspend happening only after the last user has quit?
it did not... but does now. 

 Is there a way to check what resources are held and by who? Sort of like 
 a ls command for resources?  Is it possible to forcibly release the 
 display so the phone can work normally again - except for the obvious 
 reboot way?
in addition to the ophonekitd bugs there was also a bug in frameworkd
regarding the release of the display resource. All that should be fixed
now and hit you with opkg update  upgrade

 Helge Hafting

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann

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Re: [SHR] Revealing/Hiding my caller id

2009-02-25 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Xavier Cremaschi [090225 08:23]:
 Indeed I have the same question for SHR now : how can I reveal or hide 
 my phone number to my correspondents ?
via GUI not yet... you can do it with a dbus call:;a=blob_plain;f=html/org.freesmartphone.GSM.Network.html;hb=HEAD#SetCallingIdentification



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Re: [SHR] Revealing/Hiding my caller id

2009-02-25 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Xavier Cremaschi [090225 10:37]:
 Klaus Kurzmann a écrit :
  via GUI not yet... you can do it with a dbus call:;a=blob_plain;f=html/org.freesmartphone.GSM.Network.html;hb=HEAD#SetCallingIdentification

 Thanks !
 Does a dbus call persist over reboot or should I add it in an init script ?
I *think* it is persistent... have not tried it though.


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Re: yaml rule to stop suspending when using gps

2009-02-25 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Petr Vanek [090225 13:33]:
 On Wed, 25 Feb 2009 13:03:56 +0100
 Johny Tenfinger (JT) wrote:

 On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 12:58, Petr Vanek wrote:
  what is the advantage of using org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage rather then
  org.freesmartphone.ousaged ? We loose fso - shr compability plus this
  week ophonekitd seems to crash a lot more often then usual...
 You shouldn't set resource policy to enabled or disabled manually -
 what will happen, when another app will request that resource too?

 I don't know what would happen, but i think that any app can request a
 resource before another... especially in the case of display or cpu,
 or? (run navigation and then music player)

 mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.ousaged /org/freesmartphone/Usage
 org.freesmartphone.Usage.SetResourcePolicy Display enabled
this sets the resource policy and is not what you should do.
org.freesmartphone.Usage.RequestResource is what you should use. And
because that requires to keep the program running that requested a
resource there is

 org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage /org/shr/ophonekitd/Usage
 org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage.RequestResource Display
which requests the resource until you release it. That way you can wrap
for example tangogps between a call to request display and a call to
release display...

 For example the above gives no problems to get the resource.

 but by simply running the bellow twice i get the ophonekitd to crash:

 mdbus -s org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage /org/shr/ophonekitd/Usage
 org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage.RequestResource Display
That is an error in ophonekitd then... will try to fix it.


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Re: [SHR-Unstable] Cannot get ophonekitd to use SIM

2009-02-23 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* The Digital Pioneer [090223 19:11]:
 I thought it was ophonekitd's job to do stuff like that. What do I run? And
 why on earth would I have to manually enable GSM on a phone? Heheheh
you don't... its exactly what ophonekitd does. We fixed some stuff in
the startup sequence of ophonekitd lately... you might want to try to
update  upgrade.


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Re: (SHR) again

2009-02-22 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Francesco de Virgilio [090222 15:42]:
 Paul ha scritto:
  My Freerunner, using U-boot, is happily running the latest SHR-Lite.
  And it is really good, I think! Nice, works with the phone quite well, 
  and responds really snappy.
  Me happy again.
  Thanks for all the help!
 Same here! SHR unstable it's fantastic, stable and really usable as a
 daily phone.
 Just one problem: I've a cheap BL-5C battery which works like a charm
 with all my nokia phones, but with the Neo FreeRunner is not recognized.
 That battery with OM 2008.12 doesn't show any info with apm, but worked ok.

 On SHR unstable, even with the battery fully charged and connected to
 USB, after 5 minutes, SHR autonomously power off the phone. I set all
 the values in Settings - Power Management to -1, but nothing.

 Any hint?
current frameworkd has a rule to poweroff when the battery is empty...
Try to disable it in /etc/freesmartphone/oevents/rules.yaml... it is:

trigger: PowerStatus()
 filters: HasAttr(status, empty)
 actions: Command('poweroff')

just comment those four lines out and reboot. Thats just my guess
though... not sure about it.


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Re: [SHR - Latest unstable] tangoGPS

2009-02-19 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Tony Berth [090219 13:18]:
 Dear List,

 after the latest SHR unstable update, tangoGPS was udated but the desktop
 icon doesn't show any more! Is that only me?
nop... you have to edit /usr/share/applications/tangogps.desktop and add
a s to Application... or wait for the update.



Sorry for that


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Re: [SHR] Kernel 2.6.28 not working on my Freerunner

2009-01-27 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* E. Boer [090127 23:00]:
 On Tue, 2009-01-27 at 21:37 +, Andy Green wrote:
  Hash: SHA1
  Somebody in the thread at some point said:
  | Hello,
  | My first post on the mailinglist :-) because I don't know how to fix
  | this :-(
  | Today I downloaded the latest kernel and shr-lite-testing release, ran
  | into u-boot and flashed my Freerunner. I'm going with my [AUX]-button to
  | the boot option and pressed the power-button. The screen says that the
  | kernel was loaded successfully and stopped at starting kernel. I
  | waited for more then a hour, after then I removed the battery for a hard
  | shutdown.
  | The kernel is 2.6.28. Kernel 2.6.24 is booting nice. But I want to know
  | what's going wrong (kernel panic)? What kind of information do you want
  | to help me fix this?
  If there is literally a kernel panic, the AUX light will be flashing at
  about 4Hz.

 No flashing AUX light nothing, the phone is dead no any reaction.

  Where did you get the kernel from?  Is there a git hash on the filename?

 I grabbed the kernel from

 The hash is:

on shr-testing the new kernel won't work anyway. The included version of
frameworkd is missing the necessary changes...

For the new kernel you have to use shr-unstable right now. This will
changes with the next testing image... which will be due, when we have
sorted out one or two problems of the current unstable image.


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Re: Re: [SHR] disabling suspend

2009-01-11 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* rhn [090111 20:50]:
 Od: Leonti Bielski
  In FSO you can request Display or CPU resources for preventing
  going into suspend:;a=commit;h=4fecf8d41e900c02bb1cd1d9e783c494059c8299;a=blob_plain;f=html/org.freesmartphone.Usage.html;hb=f77848094654b56348b0fd0d57054846c2e7074a#RequestResource
  On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 7:37 PM, rhn wrote:
   How to disable suspending?
   I'd like to have it off when I'm listening to music or using GPS, but not 
   interacting with my FR.
   Is there some DBus method for that? Or a /sys/ switch?
   I think it should be listed on the Wiki somewhere (there are many 
   possible reasons why people would like their device to stay awaken, 
   regardless of their distro).
   A suggestion to frameworkd developers - (if this is not already done) 
   preventing the device from going into suspend after an application has 
   requested GPS resource would make sense if a fix is not acquired yet.
   Openmoko community mailing list
  Openmoko community mailing list

 I'm trying it out right now.
 Is anyone willing to add this to the Wiki? If not, I'll add this to
 GPS section - users of GPS are most likely to ask it again.
This is not yet in any SHR image... that needs a more current FSO. We
are building a new unstable image right now that will include that. If
everything works out it should be there by tomorrow.


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Re: When will kernel 2.6.24 be replaced by andy 2.6.28 kernel for better suspend/resume?

2009-01-05 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Fox Mulder [090105 15:34]:
 David Garabana Barro wrote:
  On Monday 05 January 2009 14:45:26 Fox Mulder wrote:
  Hi all,
  many mails i read in the kernel mailing list show that newer patches
  should only be applied to andy-tracking kernel and no more to the old
  2.6.24 om kernel.
  I forgot to say
  Please, try it and let us know if it solves also your problems. :)

 You mean i should try the never deep sleep thing?

 If you give me a hint how to activate this feature i will try it. But i
 have to say that most times i tried suspend zhone was not running and
 therefore my gsm wasn't activated.
in /etc/frameworkd.conf:

ti_calypso_deep_sleep = never


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Re: OpenMooCow 0.3

2008-12-19 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Thomas White [081219 15:24]:
 On Fri, 19 Dec 2008 10:24:23 +0100
 KaZeR wrote:

   my SHR doesn't play the sound... am i missing something?
   Unable to open audio: No available audio device 

  I had the exact same issue last week (haven't tried again since, and
  i'm currently flashing 2008.12)

 This sounds odd.  OpenMooCow uses SDL for all the audio work, and the
 No available audio device part of that messages comes from SDL itself.
 So this could indicate a problem with SDL or something lower-level.

 I've seen audio break before due to a mismatch of kernel modules.  Does
 audio work in any other programs for you?

I had the same problem... modprobe snd-pcm-oss helped :-)


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Re: [FSO M4] White Screen of Death growing worse and worse for me :(

2008-11-12 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Rui Miguel Silva Seabra [EMAIL PROTECTED] [081112 19:15]:
 On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 05:54:07PM +, Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:
  On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 05:48:47PM +0100, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
   Am Wednesday 12 November 2008 17:21:42 schrieb Rui Miguel Silva Seabra:
  Of course you are. Read the sample config @;a=blob;f=conf/example/fr

 hmms... that is overriding xset s off then, I suppose.

 Thanks for the tip.
I only used this section:
# add inut nodes to ignore for idle activity
ignoreinput = 2,3,4
# configure timeouts (in seconds) here. A value of 0
# means 'never fall into this state' (except programatically)
idle = 10
dim = 20
idle_prelock = 12
lock = 2
suspend = 0
But it doesn't seem to do anything.
When I do:
echo 2  /sys/class/backlight/pcf50633-bl/brightness
I can still slightly see the screen, but even after a reboot, if I let
frameworkd to do it's job, it gets to 0
   Even with lock = 0 ?
  hms... I thought only suspend = 0 would be needed since I'd prefer the
  screen to auto lock.
  But if currently auto lock == dim = 0 then I will see what lock = 0
  results in and report back as soon as I know.

 meh... same bad result :(
IIRC setting also idle_prelock = 0 did the trick for me



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Re: WSOD (ticket #1841) (unofficial) survey question

2008-11-09 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* Greg [EMAIL PROTECTED] [081109 11:16]:

 I am one of those who are affected by the WSOD issue. Until about 2 months 
 ago, I was never affected by it, but now if my display is blanked for over 
 15 minutes I get the WSOD.
lucky you - I get WSoD when suspended/blanked for more than 1 minute ;)
And this from the beginning when I got my freerunner in august. I
immediately reflashed it, so I don't know, if the original 2007 stack
would have shown the WSoD also...

 After looking over the comments in the WSOD ticket and considering my own 
 experience, I am wondering is this not a damage issue.  You see, around 2 
 months ago my phone was knocked from my hand onto the pavement.  At the time 
 I considered myself lucky that the screen did not crack, and noticed no 
 issues.  But two comments in the ticket history got my wondering: The first 
 is a comment by leachim that the problem went away after the physical 
 display screen was replaced; and the second was a comment by jurg saying 
 that he stopped seeing the WSOD if he kept the phone warm.
I just tried the warm theory and put my freerunner sleeping on a warm
and cosy place - resumed after 5 minutes and got a nice WSoD.

 My phone does not exhibit the WSOD problem if it is warm.  I did this test by 
 leaving the phone on top of a cheap DVD player which has a warm patch, 
 suspending the phone for an hour, resuming, suspending for 3 hours, resuming, 
 removing the phone from the heat source, suspending for 1 hour and resuming.  
 The WSOD problem only manifested only the final resume.  Without heat, the 
 WSOD issue always mainfiests after 15 minutes or more of screen blanking.  I 
 used suspend to make sure that the screen is blanked, but I don't believe 
 suspend/resume is the cause - I think it is related to blanking.

 I previously have found and fixed mechanical faults with electrical systems 
 that present or disappear with heat as components come into or out of contact 
 due to heating, so I am wondering if there is a possible damage issue here.

 My question is:  For those of you who experience the WSOD issue: Have you 
 dropped your phone?
Never dropped it.

 If you would be so kind as to reply off-list, I'll post the results in a week.



Thank you for doing this


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2008-09-18 Thread Klaus Kurzmann
* sparky mat [EMAIL PROTECTED] [080918 08:54]:
 I am not able to find the FSO binaries/repository at Instead, I see that SHR binaries are present. I
 tried them out and there are (many) issues.

 Just wondering why FSO builds were removed from here. This was my
 preferred build/repository.

(Note that the official FSO autobuilder can now be found


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