Re: Stable OM distro

2008-10-01 Thread Maciej Delmanowski
On Oct 01, Maciej Piechotka wrote:
 What's currently the most stable?
 I'd need to:
 - Entry pin (I haven't manage to do it in 2008.8 despite moving pen up)
 - Phone/Recive SMS
 - Have GPS/WiFi
 - Have USB Networking for initial setup

You can try FDOM. It's somewhat bloated, but works nicely for me. Suspend with
Power key worked every time (with sound being correctly brought back after
wakeup), it even got calls and SMS messages while in suspend and woke up.

As for an entry PIN - I turned off mine (or actually didn't set one to begin
with), I don't think I need one every time I startup my phone.

Call quality in FDOM is quite nice, there are some small echoes, but no
complaints so far. YMMV, I guess.

You have agpsui, Navit and TangoGPS available, and I think it should work, but
haven't tested it yet. WiFi works (with Mofi) out of the box.

In the recent version USB network is not setup properly because the
functionality was moved from the main kernel to a module. To fix it, simply do
echo 'g_ether'  /etc/modules before you restart the phone, after
installation. Works like a charm.

In overall, I'm amazed with the FDOM, and despite bloat (needs a lot of
space), I think it's the best distro so far, even surpassing Qtopia (GPS).
Now, I wish that someone could port all those cool things to Debian. That
would be awesome!

Keep up the good work.
Maciej Delmanowski

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Re: Success with debian install! few how to questions...

2008-09-28 Thread Maciej Delmanowski
On Sep 28, Kishore wrote:
 1) How do i right click on the screen? Many applications require a right 
 for configuration and besides, right now with the matchbox window manager i 
 cannot even exit an application that lacks a menu!

You can apply a tslib patch for right click. More info here:


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Re: Install Debian without internet access

2008-09-26 Thread Maciej Delmanowski
On Sep 26, Matthias Camenzind wrote:
 Freerunner: Om2007.2 (over terminal i can install ipk-packages, but 
 dependences are to deep to load every file manually)
 Freerunner SD(2GB): Om2008 (wifi finds an unsecured net, but is not able to 
 Laptop: Ubuntu 8.04 (I tried to install a dhcp router but didn't work. I 
 tried also forwadings over iptables but didn't work)
 Has someone some ideas wich could help me?

You can try setting up apt-proxy on your laptop, download all needed packages
on localhost (aptitude download will suffice). You just need to select or
configure proper architecture (man apt.conf /APT::Architecture). Quick Google
search shows also this:

Or you can create a local Debian mirror, if you have available disk space,
although that would take some time (maybe if there's a way to mirror only
selected arch...).

Have you tried everything from ?
Maybe try using different machine/connection/operating system?

Good luck,

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Re: USB host successes

2008-09-09 Thread Maciej Delmanowski
On Aug 25, Joel Newkirk wrote:
 probably still useful - the question is really whether the Freerunner can
 power a hub and two adapters)

I've thought about different idea - can FreeRunner be powered from USB power
adaper connected to the USB hub? Like this:

  Power plug
   USB Hub---Ethernet, thumb drive, other devices

That would probably solved power requirements... But it's still 220V (or 110V)
attached indirectly to the USB network, is it safe ('cause I have no idea...)?
For example, can I connect another computer through USB or Ethernet card with
that configuration?


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Re: Om2008.8 - latest update - FR suspends after 30 secs - unconditionally

2008-09-01 Thread Maciej Delmanowski
On Aug 31, Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:

Hello everyone, it's my first post here. :-)

It might be blunt, but does anyone have old images of 2008.8-update without
this problem with unconditional suspend? Or maybe there could be an archive
of, say, week of packages (they have date in their filename anyway), so if one
version doesn't suddenly do what you want, you can always try the previous

Best regards,
Maciej Delmanowski / harnir

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Re: Om2008.8 - latest update - FR suspends after 30 secs - unconditionally

2008-09-01 Thread Maciej Delmanowski
On Sep 01, David Samblas wrote:
 seems that the 20080901 solves this, but no apps :) only settings, I suppose
 there will be no problem on intall them from repository this afternoon I will
 give a try

I installed this image few minutes ago and it still suspends after 30s of
screen inactivity, even with suspend turned off.


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