Re: WLAN with WPA

2008-09-07 Thread Marcos Mezo
no, MAC address filtering isn't turned on at the AP. Also the AP doesn't crash -- just my FR cannot connect/authorize. On your freerunner side everything seems fine since it can see your wireless network. Jus to make sure. Have you tried searching for it with iwlist eth0 scan ? yes.

FR and debian, seems it's progressing

2008-08-10 Thread Marcos Mezo
Reading planet debian today I came across this post/blog [1] by Joachim Breiner where he says they are packaging fso in debian: --- citation --- Here at DebConf 8 in Argentinia, I’m working on getting Debian to work on the OpenMoko Freerunner Smartphone. We are progressing quite nicely, soon

Re: Request for help: Would like community applications to show and discuss at LinuxWorld

2008-07-24 Thread Marcos Mezo
So tell me your stories! They are valuable content for my talks. First hello everybody, as it's the first post to the list. I've been following this project since about 1 year, and as soon as the Freerunner was on sale I ordered mine (2nd July) and I'm eagerly awaiting it from Pulster's