Re: qtopia, earphone and mediaplayer

2008-09-14 Thread Martin Slouf
just a note -- i have quite simillar problems with 4.3.3-snapshot -- the alsa state files are not loaded properly while listening to music, receiveing calls and plug-in/out the headphones. i always end up with the handset profile instead of headset profile if i plug-in the headset. quick fix for

Ad-Hoc wifi

2008-09-07 Thread Martin Slouf
Hi, im trying to set up an Ad-Hoc wifi (with my Zaurus SL-C3200). Commands im using are: iwconfig $IFACE mode ad-hoc iwconfig $IFACE essid iwconfig $IFACE channel 10 iwconfig $IFACE key off where $IFACE is eth0 for fr and wlan0 for Zaurus. My distribution currently in use is Qtopia