Re: Anyone know a store that sells FreeRunner accs in the US

2009-07-03 Thread Matt Luzum
Laszlo KREKACS wrote: I also used up all the spray (all the 20ml spray;-) Just for everyone's information, plain water works just as well--you can just fill the bottle back up. They used to ship it without any solution, with instructions to just use water, and it always worked fine for me

using North American Freerunner in Paris?

2009-06-19 Thread Matt Luzum
I have a North American version of the Freerunner (850/1800/1900MHz), but I'm going to be moving to Paris for 2 years starting in the Fall. Does anyone know anything about whether it will work there? Is the 1800MHz coverage any good, or is there only 900MHz in a lot of places? It will be most

Re: using North American Freerunner in Paris?

2009-06-19 Thread Matt Luzum
jeremy jozwik wrote: my 900/1800/1900 works in north america so i would deduce yes, yes it will Well, I do know that almost everywhere in the US uses the 1900MHz band (the phone T-mobile sold me 6 years ago doesn't even work with 850MHz, so I had to buy a different one that would work near

Re: New home for the New FDOM

2008-10-23 Thread Matt Luzum
Also, the tarball unpacks everything into var/tmp/root/. If I move everything from there into the root directory of the SD partition it boots, although I can't start contacts or the dialer. That could be something I did wrong, though. What kernel should we be using with this? Ben Hussey

Re: New to Freerunner!!

2008-09-26 Thread Matt Luzum
Kishore wrote: Ps: When using the default keyboard layout in a terminal, after typing, how does one input the Enter key? Just swipe your finger downwards. A swipe to the left is backspace and a swipe to the right adds a space. An upward swipe changes keyboard layouts. This is assuming

Re: Invisible Shield install help

2008-07-24 Thread Matt Luzum
shawn sullivan wrote: Or if I post a pic, could confirm that I have the right cover? I suspect you got the wrong one, but if you post a pic I could tell you if it looks like the one I got, which fits fairly well. There should be a front piece, a back piece, another piece for the screen, and

Re: strange problem with Intenso 4GB SDHC card

2008-07-23 Thread Matt Luzum
Andy Green wrote: There's a race of some kind in suspend / resume that can do this, the signature effect of it is on resume your device comes back as mmcblk1 and the logical filesystem in memory is corrupted. We didn't see this for a long time though. Maybe keep an eye out for such

Re: Number of GTA02s ordered as of 10 Jul 2008

2008-07-10 Thread Matt Luzum
Steven Kurylo wrote: I think you're pretty low. In another thread someone said their OM store tracking number was 1087. Mine is in the 1600s. While there are some assumptions there, it strongly indecates they've shipped 600 from their store alone. Also note that presumably the 10-packs are