Re: WikiReader

2009-10-14 Thread Mike Montour
Sean Moss-Pultz wrote: Sales start today at Enjoy. Tell your friends. And let us know what you think! My first impression of the device - it's a Palm IIIx with 1000 times more storage, but poorer connectivity and fewer applications. I have an electronic subscription

Re: at command

2009-07-07 Thread Mike Montour
Test wrote: I am playing w/ some AT commands. If you know what are these AT commands for? let me know, and also how to use them? AT+CLVL sets the audio output volume from the Calypso (see for example I don't know about the others but one of the

Re: some questions before buying FreeRunner

2009-06-12 Thread Mike Montour
a dehqan wrote: An important question about GPS signals ,Is not IRAN far from The satellite that sends signals ?will not signals be weak in Iran ?How can we be sure that GPS antenna is not needed in open area in Iran ? The main GPS satellites are in circular orbits around the earth, so the

Re: [SHR-Unstable] Forcing fast-charge

2009-04-18 Thread Mike Montour
Cameron Frazier wrote: Does anyone know what the current means are to force fast charging at 500mA and could they share it with the list? I don't know if there's a dbus/frameworkd way to do it, but the direct method is: echo 500 /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-0073/pcf50633-mbc/usb_curlim

Re: [SHR-Unstable] Forcing fast-charge

2009-04-18 Thread Mike Montour
Cameron Frazier wrote: Ahh, ok. Now things seem to be working correctly. One question though what are the differences between usb_curlim and chg_curlim? I'm not sure I fully understand what chg_curlim represents. chg_curlim controls the battery charger, while usb_curlim controls the

Re: Leather case for Neo freeruner now 29 Euros

2009-04-17 Thread Mike Montour
David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote: Now the Openmoko leather case is at 29 Euros Vat included + Shipping costs at Do you ship to Canada, and if so what are the costs + payment options? If not, does anyone know of a similar product in North America?

Re: [SHR] timezone broken again

2009-04-17 Thread Mike Montour
Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote: AT%CTVZ=1 just enables the unsolicited result code. There is no way to actually _query_ the time from the network. I don't know what method it uses but my Nokia 3500 phone gets the current time+date automatically (operator is Fido in Canada). I've tested this by

Re: Internal speakers: Stereo or mono?

2009-03-27 Thread Mike Montour
arne anka wrote: neo1973 had stereo, freerunner never had (and afair was never supposed to). IIRC the second speaker was removed from the Freerunner to make space for the WiFi module. ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: how do i turn the phone off?

2009-03-27 Thread Mike Montour
The Digital Pioneer wrote: Universal phone shutdown instructions (works on any distro): 1. Remove back panel 2. Remove battery 3. Replace battery 4. Replace back panel Done! 0. Unplug the USB power cable. The FR is capable of operating without a battery (although GSM and some other bits

Re: Back to the Basics plan: Andy left

2009-03-23 Thread Mike Montour
Laszlo KREKACS wrote: I can't express how sad I'm when I read Andy Green left Openmoko. I do not know why he left (and it is not my business anyway), but I know since Andy was at Openmoko the kernel side began to form shape, and got things work. (suspend? anyone?) You should have stopped

Re: Data call (aka CSD) with QtExtended

2009-03-20 Thread Mike Montour
Ed Kapitein wrote: I am also looking for a way to make data calls, do you know of any other method of making a data call with the FR? ( direct AT commands to the modem etc)[...] All pointers are welcome! First you need to make sure that your GSM carrier supports CSD (mine doesn't AFAIK)

Re: date and GPS related questions

2009-03-13 Thread Mike Montour
Fernando Martins wrote: 1) I got the date reset to 1970 a few times. I was not paying attention but I guess this happens when battery is removed, i.e., there's no battery specific for the clock? There is a backup battery. Make sure that the system time is being saved to the hardware clock,

Re: Debug Board in Vancouver, BC

2009-01-04 Thread Mike Montour
Vasili Sviridov wrote: Hello All, Since both my previous posts haven't helped me to fix my phone looks like I need to devirginate it. Unfortunately I do not have the debug board, and paying $100 + shipping is a bit steep for just one thing to do. Is there anyone in Vancouver, BC that

Re: Debug Board in Vancouver, BC

2009-01-04 Thread Mike Montour
Vasili Sviridov wrote: Ok, that made it even worse :( Now I only have NOR uBoot and dfu-util still gives me only 1 alternate there which is USB Device Firmware Upgrade. Cannot flash the NAND uBoot, since dfu-util does not see the required partition... Don't pay too much attention to the

Re: Debug Board in Vancouver, BC

2009-01-04 Thread Mike Montour
Vasili Sviridov wrote: Thanks, what's the good version of NAND uBoot to flash? I don't know - I haven't been keeping up-to-date with Openmoko development for several months. I'd try first.

Re: uboot version? wiki not accurate

2008-10-23 Thread Mike Montour
Helmut Tessarek wrote: What is gta02v5_and_up-lowlevel.bin? The lowlevel.bin file is used with the debug board, to initialize the Freerunner so that you can upload a copy of u-boot into RAM over JTAG. If you don't have a debug board then you can ignore it.

Re: Freerunner won't charge, and won't start anymore due to out of power

2008-09-02 Thread Mike Montour
Alexander Frøyseth wrote: Does anyone know WHY it don't charge when it is off? My logic says that it is very important to have the option charge the battery when it is flat. I can't give you a simple answer. Charging is controlled by the PCF50633 chip, based on configuration values that are

Re: Getting rid of echo for callers.

2008-08-28 Thread Mike Montour
Daniel Selinger wrote: This settings removes the echo for the other person completely, at least for my hardware. I didn't hear any buzz either on my final testcalls, could be luck. With those settings, were the two of you still able to easily hear each other talking? Did you test in a quiet

Re: Third request: what *is* the warranty on the Freerunner?

2008-08-27 Thread Mike Montour
tokenwizard wrote: Ok, well as soon as I have time to deal with it I'll have to try and Frankenstein some type of power cable contraption to get this thing booted to the point the USB charge can kick in. Seems a little premature for such a function to kick in when the battery is only slightly

Re: dfu_util and preflash-Backup

2008-08-11 Thread Mike Montour
Christian Weßel wrote: Hello I tried to save my rootfs by wiki's way (./dfu-util -a rootfs -R -U good-rootfs.jffs2) and failed after a lot of minutes and 246MB with dfu_upload error -108 Sorry, I don't know what that error means. However anyone wanting to use dfu-util -U should look at

Re: What's the latest stable u-boot image for FreeRunner?

2008-08-10 Thread Mike Montour
Holly Lee wrote: I just got one FreeRunner and want to flash its system to latest. In, there are only u-boot image for gta01 and it was built on Aug, 07. So I wanna ask where can I find u-boot binary for gta02? Look in the daily directory of buildhost, e.g.

Re: Kernel and Dual booting

2008-08-10 Thread Mike Montour
Mikael Berthe wrote: Or is there a way to prevent opkg from flashing the kernel? It would be nice to upgrade /uImage.bin instead! I don't know of a way to do this at the moment, but it would be a nice enhancement. Perhaps the flashing script could check to see which device was mounted as

Re: Openmoko Om 2008.8 Release

2008-08-09 Thread Mike Montour
Noah Romer wrote: William Lai wrote, On 08/08/08 04:03: Is this not the u-boot image? I thought it was and tried to flash it using `dfu-util -a u-boot -R -D Om2008.8.uImage.bin`, but that failed uImage is the kernel. You

Re: 2008 WTF??

2008-08-09 Thread Mike Montour
Scott wrote: Booting up... Could it be any more confusing?? First the OM screen, then the standard linux text scrolling, then the boots, then blank, then the boots again, then some more text, then blank again??? WTF over? Can't we have just one damn boot screen? The first one (OM

Re: wrong offset of mouse in landscape mode (and scummvm)

2008-08-06 Thread Mike Montour
Dale Maggee wrote: /bin/sh: /usr/bin/scummvm: not found which is very odd, because I can type /usr/bin/scum[TAB], and it autocompletes to scummvm. the file is marked as executable. I can't see anything wrong. does anyone have any Ideas? For binaries this may indicate an OABI/EABI

Re: any update on GSM interference issue

2008-08-06 Thread Mike Montour
arne anka wrote: PLEASE NOTE: I'm going to move this thread to [hardware]-ml and join it with another thread of same topic from [support], in a few hours. then i won't read it anymore -- i am already subscribed to community and support and it's almost more than i can read ... The

Re: firmware Re: IMEI

2008-08-03 Thread Mike Montour
Learning It wrote: What about reverce engineering? I saw that some ppl were doing their mobile phones. It means somewhere exists such information. I wouldn't bother trying to reverse-engineer the GSM firmware itself. The technical and legal barriers are too high for this to be a practical

Re: GPS application (was: Request for help: Would like community applications to show anddiscuss at LinuxWorld)

2008-08-02 Thread Mike Montour
Ken Restivo wrote: What is the point of having GPS anyway? One reason for GPS on a phone is to provide location information for Enhanced 911 emergency services. ___ Openmoko community mailing list


2008-08-01 Thread Mike Montour
Lynn Nguyen wrote: I'm using the neo1973, so I don't think it has nand? Neo1973 and Freerunner both have NAND. Only Freerunner has NOR. I tried using the debug board but I can't get openocd.cfg to work. It complains about missing ftd.h. even though i followed EXACTLY all the steps here:

Re: Freerunner not charging?

2008-07-31 Thread Mike Montour
Marcel MadJo de Jong wrote: Uboot is: (u-boot-gta02v5-1.3.1+svnr4297+gitb29661fc115106454288051bc9a488351ce8-r3.bin) That's old (even if it was built recently, it used the SVN patchset rather than the OM u-boot.git tree). Try this one:

Re: uboot versions or a changelog?

2008-07-30 Thread Mike Montour
William Kenworthy wrote: Is there a list of uboot versions or a changelog? I would like to see what changes have been done from that shipped with 2007.2? See;a=shortlog;h=stable and the archives for the openmoko-kernel mailing list.

Re: problem booting to NOR?

2008-07-23 Thread Mike Montour
Steve Leung wrote: I'm just not sure what I can do about it - I haven't got a debug board, and I wasn't really planning on buying one. You could ask if there's anyone living near you who could lend you a debug board or do the flashing for you.

Re: GPS, VMWare and question about bluetooth headset

2008-07-18 Thread Mike Montour
Johan Badenhorst wrote: At the moment that is a bit tricky because of the echo and interference when making phone calls, but I believe that these issues aren't insurmountable. The reason I got an open phone is because when issues like these creep up I have the option of getting in

Re: update to quickstart user guide adds known issue section

2008-07-18 Thread Mike Montour
Michael Shiloh wrote: Most importantly, the addition of a known issues section: [...] (Duplication is evil because it almost guarantees that one is wrong, or at the very least confuses the newcomer.) Note that there is a similar page on the wiki

Re: Updates

2008-07-16 Thread Mike Montour
arne anka wrote: Should I think of u-boot as the OpenMoko version of Grub? kinda. and some kind of bios, maybe. That's correct - u-boot is responsible for initializing the hardware (like a PC BIOS) as well as for loading and booting the kernel (like Grub). In which case why can't opkg

Re: Qtopia Speakerphone

2008-07-13 Thread Mike Montour
Joerg Reisenweber wrote: There's some AT-command to send to modem to stop sidetone path in modem. Mickey knows more on this. [EMAIL PROTECTED]-26 Reference: ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: SanDisk micro SDHC 8GB card under testing

2008-07-12 Thread Mike Montour
ian douglas wrote: and once on the unit's own Flash ROM as a comparison: [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/media/card# cd /opt [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/volatile/opt# /opt/iospeed2 testfile 50 Size (MiB)Write (MiB/s) Read (MiB/s) 501.577 9.530 Oh, another factor to consider is filesystem

Re: SanDisk micro SDHC 8GB card under testing

2008-07-11 Thread Mike Montour
Federico Lorenzi wrote: Makes sense, ext3 is journaled, and using a journaling FS on flash memory is generally a bad idea. Could you also try ext2? By default ext3 only journals metadata, so it shouldn't have much performance impact for large files. SD cards are dirt-cheap these days, so I'm

Re: SanDisk micro SDHC 8GB card under testing

2008-07-11 Thread Mike Montour
ian douglas wrote: ian douglas wrote: Mike, your binary is 420kb ... I'm guessing that you compiled your code with the cross-compiler toolchain? Probably, but it was a while ago and I don't remember where I built it (I have a MokoMakefile cross-compile environment and a native toolchain on

Re: SanDisk micro SDHC 8GB card under testing

2008-07-10 Thread Mike Montour
ian douglas wrote: Hey all, Got my 8GB SanDisk 8GB micro SDHC card [1] in a few minutes ago, popped it into my GTA02v5 (beta tester model) Freerunner and running a few tests on it. So far, so good. Cool. If you have time, can you post some performance numbers for it?

Re: Slashdot post but no web store?

2008-06-25 Thread Mike Montour
Jisakiel wrote: - I understand the only problem precluding it as a DAP player is the speaker not muting? Or *with headphones* it is mono? I understood GTA02 to have a single speaker but to be stereo capable with headphones... I'd be devastated if wrong, or if other severe quality issues

Re: Using gmane with openmoko mailing lists + thunderbird

2008-06-20 Thread Mike Montour
Ben Burdette wrote: I can't seem to figure out how to reply to messages using this interface though. I was able to do it to the gmane.test 'newsgroup' (list?). However, it doesn't really work for the openmoko lists. Anyone had success with this? The first time that you post a message

Re: Why not use forum?

2008-06-12 Thread Mike Montour
Leonti Bielski wrote: Personally I don't like mailing list because it's not that comfortable and I can see no advatages of using mailing list instead of forum? I prefer to access the lists through the NNTP gateway on, e.g.

Re: Freerunner test

2008-05-31 Thread Mike Montour
Kevin Dean wrote: I'd like to reconfirm this before reporting, or at least kill my theory before reporting on it and creating a false lead. It seems that the SIM itself is important. Two likely factors affecting GSM buzz are: which band it's using (850 or 1900), and the transmitted signal

Re: Freerunner test

2008-05-31 Thread Mike Montour
Joerg Reisenweber wrote: you read this field during a call when actually transmitting audio (NO silence)? I called the Neo from my other (non-GSM) phone and listened to that other phone. The Neo was

Re: 2.5mm or 3.5mm

2008-05-31 Thread Mike Montour
Joerg Reisenweber wrote: WAAH, they're NOT compatible to usual headphones which have tip1=L 2=R, (3)=4=GND. I can't guarantee the accuracy of that web page - it would be good to find someone with an iPhone who can make a direct measurement. In fact we already did and will follow / stay

Re: 2.5mm or 3.5mm

2008-05-30 Thread Mike Montour
Joerg Reisenweber wrote: B) classic 3.5mm headphones Walkman(R) connector, where you have to DIY an adapter for any standard cellphone headset? (or does anybody know of 3.5mm headSET standards or adapters?) This one, but with a 4-pin (stereo+mic) format that's compatible with at least 1

Re: 2.5mm or 3.5mm

2008-05-30 Thread Mike Montour
Joerg Reisenweber wrote: This one is completely off topic. I'm talking about STEREO headSET(=with mic), which usually commes with 2.5mm. We are planning to use a 3.5mm 4-ring connector, that complies with usual 3-ring

Re: Freerunner test

2008-05-30 Thread Mike Montour
Kevin Dean wrote: Unscientific testing, yes. The echo is still there. :) s/)/(/ Can you please add a note about this to bug #1267? How bad was the echo - enough that a normal person would complain about it, or something that would only be noticed if they listened carefully? I'm getting

Re: 2.5mm or 3.5mm

2008-05-30 Thread Mike Montour
Joerg Reisenweber wrote: your link: that's it Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving this link If you do choose a 4-pin 3.5mm connector to be compatible with iPhone (or with another major vendor), please double-check that you use the same pin assignments. This forum post:

Re: echo (was: ASU software - pre-pre-release impressions)

2008-05-20 Thread Mike Montour
Crane, Matthew wrote: I've noticed that with GSM calls in general there is sometimes an echo. It can be very pronouced or barely noticable. It may be hw or sw, but it may not have anything to do with either caller's phone. If it doesn't happen consistently and is not reproducable, it's

Re: ASU software - pre-pre-release impressions

2008-05-19 Thread Mike Montour
Ian Darwin wrote: I have been using a FreeRunner for a few days with a pre-pre-alpha snapshot of the ASU software. [...] Short form: functionally, it works. Among other things, the phone wakes up reliably on incoming rings (assuming it's booted and suspended, of course), and GSM voice works

Re: Alarmclock puzzle

2008-05-13 Thread Mike Montour
Robin Paulson wrote: if we're designing alarm clocks for the neo, i'd love to see something like this implemented: it gradually turns on a bright light, to simulate the sun coming up. I have basically the same thing with a lamp plugged into an X10 dimmer

Re: Need a Cellphone now...

2008-03-10 Thread Mike Montour
Jeffrey Thomas wrote: [...] and I am to the point where I am considering unsubscribing from the mailing list because there is no real information being written about. I don't mind that, and I enjoy the conversation, but it fills my email box with distractions while I work :) I find it

Re: Booting from SD

2008-02-28 Thread Mike Montour
Ortwin Regel wrote: The problem might be your u-boot version. Try this one: It's what I've been using successfully. I never could get it to work with other u-boot versions I tried. SD-booting in u-boot was broken for

Re: GTA01 Gllin ipkg

2008-02-14 Thread Mike Montour
Dan Staley wrote: I recently got my GTA01 and am trying to get the gllin ipkg from . However, everytime I download it, it says it is corrupted. Some people had similar problems in the past - they would download a copy of the EULA rather than the

Re: proprietary firmware

2008-02-10 Thread Mike Montour
Wolfgang Spraul wrote: Next we discovered that those reflashing tools had further issues: for example, they would only allow loading cryptographically signed firmware into the chipset flash memory. I don't see why the cryptographic-signing requirement is a problem. Sure it would be nice if

Re: Community update, January 2, 2008

2008-01-03 Thread Mike Montour
Thank you for the update. When do you expect to have results from the 850-MHz GTA01 testing? ___ OpenMoko community mailing list

Re: noise while making a phone call: hardware or software?

2008-01-03 Thread Mike Montour
Michael Shiloh wrote: I've been searching for this item but all I can find is bug # 883, which says it's a hardware issue, interference making its way into the GSM audio path one way or another. Does anyone recall any software explanation for this? I've started to play around with the mixer

Re: Community update: GSM firmware and GPS driver

2007-11-14 Thread Mike Montour
Shachar Shemesh wrote: Regarding the GPS, please pay attention to the fact that the GTA-02 did not solve this problem. It merely moved the non open source component from the software to the firmware. This solves the supporting libraries problem, but does not allow openness. It solved the

Re: Community Update

2007-10-31 Thread Mike Montour
Michael Shiloh wrote: To save time, please refrain from re-opening previous discussions. Re-opening implies that there has been some previous closure, vs. a discussion that just trailed off into silence. Could you please provide regular updates on important items that are still open, even

Re: Update from OpenMoko

2007-09-28 Thread Mike Montour
Michael Shiloh wrote: GTA02: -- We are entering the last phases of finalizing the design. From this point forward there are three key milestones in the life of a hardware platform: Prototype runs; a pilot run; and mass production. We have made three prototype runs to test various

Re: GTA01 now or GTA02 later

2007-08-30 Thread Mike Montour
Federico Lorenzi wrote: 1) Will the GPS licensing _eventually_ be sorted out? I don't know anything about the status of the official driver, but I am optimistic that it will be possible to figure out enough of the Hammerhead protocol to develop an open-source driver with at least basic GPS

Re: Can't flash smaller root-fs through dfu-util?

2007-08-22 Thread Mike Montour
Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote: cu -l /dev/ttyACM0 GTA01Bv3 # nand erase rootfs Many thanks for your suggestions, but MacOS X has no cu command :-( You can use minicom from the Darwin Ports collection. I've added a section on the Wiki: