Re: QtMoko and WPA

2013-03-20 Thread Peter Fey
Am 21.03.2013 01:14, schrieb Stefan Monnier: Any help to connect to a home WPA network? Hi Stefan, here'show I do it when starting with a fresh install: open the internetsetting tap menu -New, then Wireless Lan tap on the Wireless Lan in the list of accessible services, then menu- WLAN

Re: QtMoko v54

2013-03-10 Thread Peter Fey
Am 07.03.2013 12:22, schrieb Radek Polak: i am happy to anounce QtMoko v54 - this time just for Freerunner. I have finally fixed GSM network registration bug so we have now thanks for your work If you want to upgrade (also untested), you'll have to configure gpsd after upgrade to make

Re: QtMoko navit wrapper script, clock stays on

2012-08-20 Thread Peter Fey
Hi Patryk, it works. Thanks a lot Peter Am 20.08.2012 08:56, schrieb Patryk Benderz: #!/bin/sh /opt/qtmoko/bin/ +/opt/qtmoko/bin/ /opt/qtmoko/bin/navit.bin ...and additionally have something like this ( running in background: #!/bin/sh # #

QtMoko navit wrapper script, clock stays on

2012-08-19 Thread Peter Fey
Hi all, to automatically power on the gps in my freerunner when I start navit (the version from, i renamed the file /opt/qtmoko/bin/navit to /opt/qtmoko/bin/navit.bin and created a script file /opt/qtmoko/bin/navit as follows: #!/bin/sh

Re: QtMoko v38 for GTA02

2012-02-04 Thread Peter Fey
Am 04.02.2012 19:25, schrieb Hi Just installed v38 on the SD but I don't have the sound, the Neo doesn't play the ringtone and I do not have the speaker AND the microphone working during a call... What happend? Is there someone else with this problem? Hi, same problem

Re: [Shr-User] SHR: no audio in headphone

2012-01-14 Thread Peter Fey
Am 13.01.2012 21:35, schrieb Matthias Apitz: - during call establishing I can't hear any RING in my FR - when call is picked up I can't hear anything incoming calls are announced as normal (vibrate and ring.wav) and as well I can play ring.wav in the profile settings dialog, but they are played

Re: Qtmoko : typing text without stylus

2011-06-06 Thread Peter Fey
Am Montag, den 06.06.2011, 18:01 +0200 schrieb Xavier Cremaschi: and it seems there is an English dictionary in /opt/qtmoko/etc/dict (.dawg files wtf?) Hi, this guide ( explains how to add a german dictionary to qtmoko. You need to adjust paths

Re: QtMoko v26

2010-09-14 Thread Peter Fey
what do you think? is it possible to change the priorities like: CABLE over LOCK over BATTERY ? do you think this use case is reasonable/common? Hi, one should take into consideration whether the battery will be charged in suspend or not. If the battery can not charge while the phone is

qi boot into third partition

2010-06-02 Thread Peter Fey
Hi, I have three partitions on my sd-card and each of them contains a bootable system. How do I get qi bootloader to boot the system in the third partition? Booting first partition is just pressing and releasing power. Booting second partition is pressing power, releasing power, pressing aux,

Re: [Shr-User] Quick e-mail poll: Still using your Freerunner?

2009-12-29 Thread Peter Fey
Am Dienstag, den 29.12.2009, 22:30 +0200 schrieb Risto H. Kurppa: Do you use FR as your daily/primary phone? yes Do you use FR as your primary PDA? yes, if downloading + listening to podcasts counts as pda usage What distribution you run most of the time? an old shr unstable (from september or

Re: [Off Topic] Prepaid SIM Suggestions

2009-09-01 Thread Peter Fey
Am Montag, den 31.08.2009, 16:58 -0400 schrieb Cameron Frazier: as such need a prepaid SIM. I'll be arriving in Munich so that'll be where I'll pick up the SIM. Since a good number of the community are from those areas, I'd like to ask your advice on a carrier/options for all this. Hi,

Re: FR adapter - shocking experience!

2008-10-13 Thread Peter Fey
2008/10/9 Carsten Gerlach [EMAIL PROTECTED] Am Donnerstag 09. Oktober 2008 9:36:26 am schrieb Christ van Willegen: this morning, I pulled the FR adapter out of the (230 VAC) socket, and accidentally touched one of the prongs. I experienced a short shock. I can confirm that. I had the

Re: Idea for Openmoko application: Tide updates

2008-09-18 Thread Peter Fey
This is what Im looking for, at least as a water proof case. Is this possible to use the actual GTA_02 hardware version to do: - Compass ? - Altimeter ? How should be the best way to have this information on the phone? Using an external hardware module? when designing a waterproof

Group Sale Wiki Cleanup

2008-07-17 Thread Peter Fey
Hi, could everyone who listed themselves on please update their status so people who are still looking for a group sale find others more easily. We could have like a list of fame for those who already got their device via group sale. Those who are no