RE: Locked phones (was Re: A timely rant: Time for SIM-free phones.)

2007-02-26 Thread Sam Kome
even with a contract. Makes me wonder what the real manufacturing cost is; is the hardware that super-duper or are they just wanting to have even better margins than they get on ipods? On 2/26/07, Sam Kome [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We should paper the world with (something like) this rant ahead

RE: Marketing fodder for Neo: FCC presentation

2007-02-22 Thread Sam Kome
Yes, if the phone in question has been locked to another carrier: Usually this kind of lock can be removed one way or another. The issues of hardware crippling and data limiting/steering can be harder to remediate. Hope this helps. -Original

RE: Forums Page?

2007-02-20 Thread Sam Kome
Sorry to bend the thread a little, but I wanted to respond to Andreas' T9 comment. My position is neutral; T9 seems to work well for some people and some purposes, not so well for others. These folks did a decent usability test that should be useful to consider when designing the onscreen

Ideas for touchscreen interfaces

2007-02-12 Thread Sam Kome
Here's a touchscreen mobile product that has a familiarish name and claims to be 'open', by which I think they mean 'has an API'. In any case, this page has ideas to consider for gestures: sing-Neno/ Sam Kome http

RE: Running linux programs

2007-01-26 Thread Sam Kome
Welcome! The answer to your question is Yes.  If you want more specific information, please read the following resources for the technical how-to; it's all out there. To search the mailing list: In your favorite search engine: [keyword(s)] 2007 Neo1973

RE: Ready For Prime Time?

2007-01-25 Thread Sam Kome
Joe, As with many US gov sites, the information scent isn't as strong as it could be, but start here: You'll want the 'Generic Search' link on the left, Reports menu. When you find a phone (I haven't looked for Neo yet, I suspect it hasn't been filed),

RE: Idea for OpenMoko: Kid Mode

2007-01-24 Thread Sam Kome
I like this thread, although I'm not giving my $350 phone to my kids! Some of the high schools here have really strict rules against kids getting calls in class. I can understand it, but 1)Sometimes I need to contact my daughter and 2)She can't always remember how she left the ringer (on/off) So

Multi Touch screen demonstration video

2007-01-11 Thread Sam Kome
video) Sam Kome User Experience Team Member view corporate video NOTICE: This e

Columnist needs a check up from the neck up

2006-12-15 Thread Sam Kome
Trying to write off Linux on mobile devices, doesn't seem to be aware of the Neo project: Thought I'd bring it to y'all's attention in case anyone would like to clue him in. Sam Kome UX Team Member http

Article on mobile ui design at the manufacturer level

2006-12-01 Thread Sam Kome
will find their future. -- David Williams Hear, hear. Sam Kome UX Team Member view corporate video NOTICE: This e-mail message is for the sole use

RE: [Spam?] Re: google earth - [was: Re: Another simple GPS+GPRS idea]

2006-11-28 Thread Sam Kome
I have a bit of experience in GIS data and applications. Okay, a lot. Sean is absolutely right about the rarity and high price of street maps, not to mention the legal rights problems which can drag in Queens and Kings. The first question to answer is: what is the necessary accuracy? If you're