Lightweight music player: pyradio

2009-07-19 Thread Thomas des Courières
Hi, just wanted to shared pyradio with you : it's an interface to mplayer build with python and ncurses. to get it working, opkg install python-curses, and follow instructions on the website. it works very flawlessly on my shr-unstable ! greetings

Re: Milestone 5 'Calling All Stations' Release

2009-02-03 Thread Thomas des Courières
2009/2/3 Stefan Fröbe Just create a textfile /boot/append-GTA02 and put whatever is needed as kernel parameters in there - here is mine: rw rootdelay=3 glamo_core.slow_memory=1 Thanks ! That did the trick with my Qi ___

Re: shr- GPS howto?

2009-01-13 Thread Thomas des Courières
did you try ? 2009/1/13 Timo Juhani Lindfors Fernando Martins writes: receiving no coords. What can I do to test GSP services? 1) is the GPS chip powered on? 2) is there a process that has the

Re: [debian] pyphonelog?

2009-01-10 Thread Thomas des Courières
pyphonelog works with fso-based distributions. it integrates with shr's ophonekitd, but for others distribs, there is a daemon provided wich implements the calls logging function. see 2009/1/10 arne anka while looking for something

Re: [All] tangogps - python scripts for .kml from/to sqlite

2008-12-23 Thread Thomas des Courières
i have use your idea and your code in my gtkaddpoi :) nice to hear ! ___ Openmoko community mailing list

[All] tangogps - python scripts for .kml from/to sqlite

2008-12-22 Thread Thomas des Courières
Hi all, just wanted to share some scripts I used. The first one is for converting a list of points out of a kml file to a poi sqlite3 database which tangogps can read, and the other one is for doing the reverse operation : getting the pois of the tango gps db and creating a kml file. It might need

Re: [FSO M4] What a wonderfull world

2008-11-20 Thread Thomas des Courières
well, it should work, although I couldn't test it, as at this moment I had'nt any computer around me ... 2008/11/20 arne anka [EMAIL PROTECTED] I had the restart the phone in order to read the message ... shouldn't it suffice to restart frameworkd?

Re: [FSO M4] What a wonderfull world

2008-11-19 Thread Thomas des Courières
I do experience the same. The other day i heard the sound for messages, the phone went out of suspend, but no sms was there. I had the restart the phone in order to read the message ... 2008/11/13 Marc Bantle [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi Christoph, Christoph Siegenthaler schrieb: Dito. There's just

Re: Contacts - Fdom vs. OM2008.8

2008-10-27 Thread Thomas des Courières 2008/10/27 Matthias Apitz [EMAIL PROTECTED] El día Monday, October 27, 2008 a las 01:33:52AM +0100, David Samblas escribió: One of those dirty things is change config files, the

Re: One more rotate version

2008-10-23 Thread Thomas des Courières
Thanks for the warning ! Looks like it's time to move my repositories ... 2008/10/23 clare johnstone [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 2:56 PM, Thomas des Courières [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Do you know ? they provide for free trac, subversion, and team

Re: One more rotate version

2008-10-22 Thread Thomas des Courières
Do you know ? they provide for free trac, subversion, and team managing facilities. And they don't are affiliated with big brother ... 2008/10/22 Sarton O'Brien [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Tuesday 21 October 2008 18:47:58 DJDAS wrote: Sarton O'Brien ha scritto: Speaking

Re: New rotate for OpenMoko

2008-10-12 Thread Thomas des Courières
Hi Ruis, just wanted you to know i created a desktop icon in order to activate/desactivate auto rotate. It works with 2008.9/FDOM, but should work with other distributions. I extended the /etc/init.d/accel-rotate to add it a switch function, and used the tap/untap icon for the desktop entry.

Re: The Lost Openmoko Community: Official newsletter?

2008-10-07 Thread Thomas des Courières
As an example like the ones given above (Gnome, KDE, etc..), I would like to add symfony. Their developpement politic is discutible, but their comunication with the comunity is just awesome : see and Thomas 2008/10/7 Kostis

Re: Duke Nukem 3D on Openmoko Neo

2008-09-23 Thread Thomas des Courières
nice job to both of you ! 2008/9/23 Alasal [EMAIL PROTECTED] I've put it into a package, so it is easy to install/remove. see -- View this message in context: