Re: ASU keyboards, again

2008-08-27 Thread Who
there's a good reason :) Who ___ Openmoko community mailing list

OpenEinstein Newton emulator - Working?

2008-08-13 Thread Who
The OpenEinstein Newton Emulator ( work on the Nokia n800, N770 and old Sharp Zauruses - I wonder if anyone has tried compiling it for the Neo1973/FreeRunner - have they? Is there any interest? The large screen seems perfectly suited to a Newton Emulator and the

Re: projects of interest?

2007-07-17 Thread Who
On 7/17/07, Daniel Robinson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What are the projects of interest for people? For me it's all about the fact I've NEVER found a device that could approach my Psion for functionality! Hopefully with OM I will get something! I'm dreaming of being able to fit a keyboard