Re: Free Runner price vs Meizu M8 price

2008-06-10 Thread cdr
On Tue Jun 10, 2008 at 08:38:30PM +0200, Ortwin Regel wrote:
 There are cheaper contracts if you don't get a phone with them in
 Germany. No idea what the situation in the US is. (It's probably
 godawful... :-/) Personally, I use a prepaid SIM card so I pay no
 monthly fees at all. Much cheaper for me than any contract. So for me
 the price advantage over an iPhone is very real.

although both vapor, iRiver and Meizu both have phones in the pipeline

at least iRivers 'runs linux' as well. 

apple is nowhere near as cost competitive as either of them..

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Re: Question about future devices (GTA03,04)

2008-06-03 Thread cdr
 Since you're the guy working the electric schematics of the device,  
 can I ask you to consider an FM radio receiver in future iterations,  
 please? GTA04 or 05 or whatever. I believe, from a previous post to  
 the list, that this is a particularly popular mobile-phone feature in  
 India, but my Sony-Ericsson P990i also has this, and I was using it  
 today - it's really much underrated.

and HDMI or DisplayPort

not buying a 'phone' here until it can replace my desktop/notebook, this is the 
only thing missing (Nvidia's platform has it)

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atomic clock / radio-receiver chip

2008-06-01 Thread cdr
 And portable thermonuclear bomb. Just in case. (Well, phone is already
 hand interface to several orbital atomic clocks, isn't it?)

the atomic clock(s) arent orbiting the earth,

to receive the one in Colorado (or Hawaii, 3330 in Canada..), youd need some 
chip like Si4735

their doc shows ipods, phones, and handheld PCs.

has anyone besides the DSP-Rado people actually put this in _any_ product, let 
alone a phone?

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