Openmoko Workshop-Wochenende München

2009-06-02 Thread joezeewails
Termin ist fixiert: Fr. 3.7. ca. 18:00 bis Sa 4.7. Location voraussichtl. Hochschule München, Lothstr. 64 Buzz-Fix-Party wird aller Voraussicht nach nicht möglich sein. geplante Inhalte: * Einstieg in die FSO-Programmierung mit Mickey Lauer * wie programmiert man unter Python, ... *

Re: USB Networking

2008-11-05 Thread joezeewails
Stefan Monnier wrote: That's probably not right. You probably want to try allow-hotplug ubs0 instead. auto means to do it at boot time and it may just fail if (for some reason) the usb0 interface is not yet created. Stefan I could confirm this. It doesn't work with auto usb0

Re: Android open sourced

2008-10-21 Thread joezeewails
Cédric Berger wrote: Here we are time to port to Neo ! ___ Openmoko community mailing list