Re: Best thing to run on Freerunner and Neo1973 machines today?

2009-02-19 Thread nick d.
Daniel, Can you detail further how you got this GPS position thing working? What client/server did you use? Cheers On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 6:52 AM, Daniel Benoy wrote: I'm having lots of fun with Debian. I put an 8GB card in my freerunner, and put Debian, zhone, and

[2008.* | Qtopia and whatever else uses Qtopia PIM] Sqlite DB speed trick

2009-01-07 Thread nick d.
Saw this on reddit the other day and thought it might help [1]. sqlite3 has a vacuum command which does a few nifty things to compact your database [2] in which the example shows you can do it to your firefox 3 sqlite db files to increase performance (in things like the awesome bar etc). I

Re: Abwesenheitsnotiz community Digest, Vol 110, Issue 85

2008-12-21 Thread nick d.
I can't get enough of these! Keep us posted! /s 2008/12/21 Oguz Varol Betrifft: Ihre Nachricht vom 21.12.08 12:00:02 Ich bin ab dem 29.12.08 wieder im Hause der WGZ Bank erreichbar. In dringenden Fällen wenden Sie sich bitte an meine Kollegen aus dem IT-PM. I am

Re: New home for the New FDOM

2008-10-30 Thread nick d.
A screen should show up. It won't if your accelerometers aren't working. To check this run: hexdump /dev/input/event2 which should give you output from the accelerometer that openmoocow uses. If you're using FDOM try replacing neod with a different copy to see if that solves it. Some people

Re: Contacts - Fdom vs. OM2008.8

2008-10-28 Thread nick d.
Hmm i found that too Yaroslav. Would definitely be handy. Also the keyboard is almost incompatible. When you type in a name and select it, the keyboard puts in a space character which yields no results until you backspace. Is there a way to get the keyboard to lose predictive text so it can sort

Re: Android open sourced

2008-10-28 Thread nick d.
Sign up to Koolu's forum [1] and see what's going on there. Cfriedt also has a spreadsheet of progress that seems to have been updated frequently [2]. Last time I check there were a few to go but now, not so much. See also [3]. Nick 1. 2.

Re: GPS sensitivity

2008-10-27 Thread nick d.
Online mode: I've signed up for an account but not sure if the scripts worked for me or not. Haven't tested it fully. Make sure you update the wiki if you have any success or more information. -Nick On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 6:24 AM,

Re: Fdom speed (was Re: New home for the New FDOM)

2008-10-27 Thread nick d.
Denis is right. It's trying to do a reverse DNS lookup. This plauges all incorrectly configured linux distros. At least every so often on any one I use. Gestures daemon does use a bit but only 5% I believe. Just check with top. I turn it off anyway as I don't use it at the moment: update-rc.d -f

Re: Auto-reject incoming phone calls

2008-10-27 Thread nick d.
lanzo I don't believe FDOM (2008.x) uses FSO as middleware...yet. -Nick On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 8:59 AM, lanzo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: member kamituel wrote: script works on the FSO and is using Call and SMS DBus interfaces. Kamil #!/usr/bin/python import dbus [...] I

Re: led blinking during suspend?

2008-10-27 Thread nick d.
Marcel, Andy has already spoken of this. The second CPU is called a PMU and would be troublesome with user-access, in that the user would have access to upgrade the PMU and consequently be able to brick it. Difficult in an open scenario such as the Freerunner I guess. -Nick On Tue, Oct 28, 2008

Re: Value of headsets and pouches for 10 pack orders?

2008-05-17 Thread nick d.
Hi Aus people, Neil: the info I got was referred to me by another Brisbane guy who pointed me to the Buying over the internet page [1] which is where I got the 5% from (check the table down the bottom). Dennis: I did the UPS one and it came to around $170 which is drastically different from $70