Re: QMokoPlayer - QtMoko v16

2010-01-06 Thread Esteban Monge
I have reinstalled the package and now works good, I dont know because the scan button dont appears. Thanks -- Linux user number 478378 Linux machine number 386687 Tec. Esteban Monge Marín Tel: (506) 8379-3562 “No habrá manera de desarrollarnos y salir de la

QMokoPlayer - QtMoko v16

2010-01-05 Thread Esteban Monge
Hello I tried QtMoko v16 is great but I have the same problem, Arora crashes. Also I tried QMokoPlayer, the radio it OK but in what path I need put the videos for watch it? Only need install with apt-get youtube-dl for watch videos? Also is the same situation with mp3 play? Thanks and great