[fso based] Resource Allocation

2009-10-14 Thread Boris Stender
Hi everyone! I have some questions concerning the allocation of FSO resources: 1) If the Display resource is allocated (e.g. utilizing fsoraw + application) the device will not suspend. Other resources (of course except CPU) do not show this blocking effect. So why this special handling for

[SHR] Default deep sleep mode (was: Re: [fso based] Resource Allocation)

2009-10-14 Thread Paul Fertser
Boris Stender boris.sten...@gmx.de writes: And as I am already writing to the community I've one more question concerning #2^10 5) Why is ti_calypso_deep_sleep = never used by default on SHR instead of auto? Is there a problem with the recamping detection algorithm/procedure? It's not