Re: import/export sms from qtopia

2008-09-14 Thread Vikas Saurabh
Ahhbut that seems to be too late for me. I already have information on my current image. I was wondering if I could somehow extract the info from the backup and put it into the current one. I just did this on my install, and it was as simple as copying my backup back to the phone. BTW, I

import/export sms from qtopia

2008-09-13 Thread Vikas Saurabh
Hi, I had to reflash my 2008.8 installation. I wanted to keep the data so I backed the home directory. Now, I have an up and satisfactorily working image. I want to import the data (specifically sent and received sms'es) in the old image. I tried to search wiki for qtmail, sms, etc but didn't