Re: messages through background [was Re: qtmoko v33]

2011-03-08 Thread Radek Polak
On Monday 07 March 2011 19:46:01 Alfa21 wrote: again on this topic: I can see painted over the background image ^@ for each time I press the AUX button This is because commented out lines with getty in /dev/inittab. It can be fixed with command: stty -F /dev/tty1 -echo I'll add it to qtmoko

messages through background [was Re: qtmoko v33]

2011-03-07 Thread Alfa21
2011-03-05@17:14 Alfa21 * visible kernel messages through the graphic desktop of qtmoko Kernel should not print anything except serious errors. That should be fixed in kernel instead. Do you know which message did you see? it's the console output, not only kernel messages,