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2012-11-29 Thread Stefan Mitev

On 11/29/2012 03:21 PM, Carolina
  Marques wrote:

Hi Stefan,

We have doubts
about some settings in Jmeter to use in our application
here. We configure, but it is not working properly. So, we
need someone to help us, because the Jakarta website doesnt
have the information that we need to do it.


Best regards,


Stefan Mitev [] 
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  On 11/29/2012 03:06 PM, Carolina Marques

  Hi Jmeter team,
  We are having some
  doubts about Jmeter utilization, and we need to know who
  we can contact to help us and take this doubts out.
  Can we send this
  doubts to this e-mail address?
  Since now, thanks for
  your help.
  I look forward to
  hearing from you.

i don't understand your mail quit good.. Can you explain me
a bit better about it?


Oh, sorry then, i don't know to configure jmeter i have used it for
simple testing. I'm attached to the mailing list but didn't know
that i can see mails by the community so i was confused :)

Good luck with it and i hope there's someone that can help you in
the community.

Re: RES: Jmeter utilization

2012-11-29 Thread David Crossley
Carolina Marques wrote:
 I'm trying to subscribe in the user and issue group, that are at this page,
 but the confirmation mail is returning to me.

The overall instructions for JMeter mail lists
are at

Then as explained at
You need to send email to:
and then follow the instructions that you receive.

Repeat that for the issues list. However note that that
list is for reading the notifications that come from the
JMeter issue tracker Bugzilla.

Note also that all information at the old Jakarta website
has now moved to the new home of JMeter:


To unsubscribe, e-mail:
For additional commands, e-mail: