NeronGPS - fixes, map cache

2011-03-17 Thread Jiří Pinkava
Hi, what is status of NeronGPS? Is sthi project (somewere? in Radek's repositery?) alive? NeronGPS sometimes segfault or just exits, where I should send patches (if I do anny :)? In latest QtMoko v33 I does not found how to download map to cache (I used original app from

Re: ROS on Freerunner

2011-04-19 Thread Jiří Pinkava
Dne 19.4.2011 10:55, Jan Tuennermann napsal(a): I think ROS would not be a benefit for the OpenMoko as a phone, it makes it very attractive for application in robotics or other controlling applications. The minimal processing power is a problem when compiling. Compiling the base system took a

Re: microSD ext3 file system

2012-04-02 Thread Jiří Pinkava
Hi, after umout is the filesystem broken? I have experience where are writen some pseudorandom data, which overiwrite even forst sector (after restart disk partition are not show, SD card is unformated). Is this you case? Pinkava J. Dne 2.4.2012 19:52, Matthias Apitz napsal(a): Hello,

Re: Freerunner looses the date when battery is away for short time

2012-04-09 Thread Jiří Pinkava
Hi, your backup baterry is probably dead. Have you read (1)? Pinkava J. (1) Dne 9.4.2012 11:38, Hrabosh napsal(a): Frank píše v Po 09. 04. 2012 v 10:02 +0200: Am 09.04.2012 08:59, schrieb Matthias Apitz: When I remove the battery from

Re: [dfu-util] who use it for flashing FR?

2012-05-07 Thread Jiří Pinkava
I'm using dfu-utils time to time. I have stable version of QtMoko on flash and testing on MMC card. Dne 7.5.2012 14:58, Patryk Benderz napsal(a): Hi all, regarding recent discussion on [1] I am asking, how many of you are still using dfu-util for flashing your FR's

Re: problems with qtmoko continuously re-starting

2012-06-10 Thread Jiří Pinkava
Thats solves my problem too. I have disabled bluetooth (and GSM) in my GTA02 in init script, left device some time unused (and forgot about this small change) and then woder why crashes. Dne 10.6.2012 23:24, Radek Polak napsal(a): On Sunday 10 June 2012 18:25:56 Neil Jerram wrote:

Re: [Shr-Devel] About the future of the middleware

2012-08-03 Thread Jiří Pinkava
On 08/03/2012 05:15 PM, Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli wrote: On Fri, 2012-08-03 at 16:47 +0200, Neil Jerram wrote: Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli writes: On Tue, 2012-07-31 at 23:13 +0200, Neil Jerram wrote: - GPS: it seems clear now that it was a mistake to pull that under the FSO

Re: [qtmoko] Setting the clock from GPS time

2012-08-27 Thread Jiří Pinkava
Hi, yes, Neron GPS has this ability. On 08/27/2012 05:07 PM, Gilles Filippini wrote: Hi, Is there a way to set the clock from GPS time with qtmoko? Thanks in advance, _g. ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: QTMoko website

2012-10-03 Thread Jiří Pinkava
Hi, GPSD is usefull for dealing with many kinds of differenet devices etc. In case of one specific GPS device in GTAxx, full potential of GPSD cannot be utilised. But GPSD still have few very usseful features, one of them is data export trought socket/network. This way can be GPS data

Re: Pictures of new alu case

2012-12-07 Thread Jiří Pinkava
What is the weight of this case (compare to plastic cover)? Is there posible some tweaking and make this case even more lightweight? Pinkava J. Dne 7.12.2012 11:41, Radek Polak napsal(a): Hi, in june i posted pictures of my 3d printed case on my blog. One of the responses was from Vladimir

Re: Stripped down GTA04A5 - interested?

2013-01-22 Thread Jiří Pinkava
Dne 22.1.2013 10:18, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller napsal(a): * no Sirf IV GPS receiver (but internal Antenna with GPS receiver inside UMTS module will be available) * What about no UMTS version, I does not use phone functionality on my GTA02, I'm looking for devices with really good WiFi, but GPS

Re: GTA02: NavBoard V3 causing GPS interference

2013-02-07 Thread Jiří Pinkava
Dne 7.2.2013 18:00, Hrabosh napsal(a): A few comments inside: Pascal Gosselin píše v Čt 07. 02. 2013 v 08:36 -0500: Yesterday I was able to confirm that the installation of the Golden Delicious NavBoard V3 very seriously degrades the performance of GPS when using the built-in GPS antenna.