service with NorthState in NC

2008-07-17 Thread Josh Thompson
I'm sending this just in case there is someone trying to use a FreeRunner with service from NorthState Communications in North Carolina. They are a reseller of ATT service. I know they used to own the cell towers in their area. I'm not sure if they still do. I can't get my phone to register

no sd card and slow start times

2008-07-18 Thread Josh Thompson
I cannot seem to get my sd card mounted. Before using it in my freerunner, I put it in the adapter and copied some stuff to it using my laptop. I've done an upgrade on the system today. I never tried it before upgrading. It never gets mounted anywhere under /media or /mnt. I don't see

Re: service with NorthState in NC

2008-07-18 Thread Josh Thompson
Just to follow up - I received a new SIM card with the same specs as my old one, and it worked fine. Josh On Thu July 17 2008 2:44:15 pm steve wrote: New SIM is your best bet. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Josh Thompson Sent

Re: no sd card and slow start times

2008-07-19 Thread Josh Thompson
Replying to myself here. I flashed the device with the default image and was able to get things working again. I did discover that the Please wait part was from openmoko-today seg faulting. Josh On Fri July 18 2008 4:11:49 pm Josh Thompson wrote: I cannot seem to get my sd card mounted

any update on GSM interference issue

2008-08-04 Thread Josh Thompson
Has there been any progress on the GSM interference issue (bug #883)? As I understand it, this is the current condition (please correct anything that is wrong): -only some people seem to have a problem with it -the buzzing is only heard by people on the other end -it is a hardware issue -it is

Re: GPS rework: Please test and report on software fix prior to attempting any hardware fix

2008-08-04 Thread Josh Thompson
Could we get a link to some image files to use for this testing? I'm not quite sure when Andy's fix made it in the kernel. It would also help standardize the tests if we all use the same images. Josh On Mon August 4 2008 7:29:17 pm Michael Shiloh wrote: Before we conclude that the hardware

Re: any update on GSM interference issue

2008-08-05 Thread Josh Thompson
On Monday August 04, 2008, Andy Green wrote: AFAIK in hardware this should be possible -- BT audio comes in on VX digital interface of WM8753 and there should be a path to get in and out of that to RXN/P pair and MONO1/2 pair. So, I found this:

Re: Fennec on Openmoko

2008-08-25 Thread Josh Thompson
+1 I looked in to compiling it enough to find out it's complicated enough that I won't have the time to get it done any time soon. I'd love to see it happen though. Josh On Monday August 25, 2008, Alasal wrote: I think it should be great if we could get Fennec (the firefox mobile browser)

Re: Chancing SIM card without reboot

2008-08-25 Thread Josh Thompson
I've done this several times with no problems so far. Josh On Monday August 25, 2008, Fredrik Wendt wrote: Hi. Just wanted to know if I'd damage the hardware by doing: 0. Connect FR to computer using USB cable. 1. Turn on FR (FSO-testing), fire up zhone. 2. Open FR, remove battery, open

Re: Fennec on Openmoko

2008-08-31 Thread Josh Thompson
For anyone else like myself that's not using the debian distro, I was able to download the debian package files for Midori (armel version) from to an Ubuntu box, extract them from the deb file dpkg -x filname.deb extract to dir create a tarball,


2008-11-22 Thread Josh Thompson
Has anyone tried to find an armband for holding your Freerunner while exercising? Comparing dimensions to other devices, it seems closest to an 80GB Zune. So, I'm thinking that might work. I realize I'll probably have to cut at least one hole in it for the headphone jack. Does anyone have a

[debian/FSO/other?] some simple scripts I've developed

2008-12-25 Thread Josh Thompson
I've written a few scripts to help manage some things on my Freerunner. I'm sharing them in case anyone else might find them useful to either use or just see as a reference for how to code something themselves. One is a very simple IMAP mail reader program. The rest are a set of scripts

Re: [2007.2 fr] boot prolems

2009-01-09 Thread Josh Thompson
Harry, Welcome to Openmoko community. On Fri January 9 2009 7:45:25 pm Harry L. Lee wrote: however I cannot successfully press and hold aux then press power to get to the boot menu. i'm pretty creative about solving you only have one hand problems, but i haven't been able to beat this one.

Re: Car Charger?

2009-01-15 Thread Josh Thompson
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On Sunday January 04, 2009, lollisoft wrote: Another question: Does someone have seen a docking station like item to place the phone when driving with navigation. This could also have a built in car charger :-) I use this this model:

Re: QWO (was Re: handwriting recognition)

2009-01-15 Thread Josh Thompson
On Thursday January 15, 2009, DJDAS wrote: arne anka ha scritto: I use QWO since December and I feel very nice with it, forgot any other keyboard and dictionariesvery good input method. what's qwo? the qtopia one? _ Nope, look at this: Bye :) On what

Re: QWO (was Re: handwriting recognition)

2009-01-22 Thread Josh Thompson
On Thu January 15 2009 3:06:37 pm Johny Tenfinger wrote: On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 20:38, Josh Thompson wrote: Anyone know how to make it show up in SHR? Check .desktop file if have Keyboard (but i'm not sure that it's correct name) category, and select

[shr-unstable] no luncher icons

2009-03-09 Thread Josh Thompson
I recently did an upgrade after which I have nothing but the top bar in the launcher window when using the Icons mode. I can see stuff using the Slider mode, but find it very difficult to use. I've tried using each of the different icon sizes, but that didn't help. Removing my .e directory

Re: [All] Suggested IMAP client?

2009-03-28 Thread Josh Thompson
I wrote a very basic imap mail reader (can't compose messages yet) app in python/GTK. You can find a little more about it here: It starts with a screen listing all of the configured imap servers. Clicking on one changes the window to be a

Re: Is a FreeRunner sufficient for me?

2009-06-18 Thread Josh Thompson
On Wednesday June 17, 2009, Brolin Empey wrote: * textual notes (so I don’t have to keep track of lots of paper notes), I wrote pynotes: ipk here: as a replacement for Palm's

[any] formatting text in python elementary buttons

2009-12-08 Thread Josh Thompson
I'm converting a small app I wrote in python-gtk to use python-elementary. I had some buttons where I was using set_use_markup on a button's label to do things like setting the font color and background. I can't find a way to do that with python-elementary. Is there a way to do so? If there

Re: elm_browser and https

2010-01-22 Thread Josh Thompson
On Friday January 22, 2010, Xavier Cremaschi wrote: c_c a écrit : @Xavier Cremaschi - can you tell me what happens? Try running the browser from the terminal to see if webkit throws up any debug messages. I see nothing in terminal : r...@om-gta02 ~ $ browser restoring state db ver 1

thanks to authors of Podboy, NIDE, and openmokontrol

2010-01-24 Thread Josh Thompson
I just wanted to say thanks to the authors of 3 different applications I have started using recently. Podboy is fitting my need extremely well for listening to podcasts. I can't say how great this app is! :) NIDE is working really well to control MythTV. I had been thinking of writing

Re: thanks to authors of Podboy, NIDE, and openmokontrol

2010-01-26 Thread Josh Thompson
On Tue January 26 2010 2:20:34 am lars poulsen wrote: I really like the responsiveness of the application. If only it was not written in python i think flowers would be blooming and spring would be coming early. I was rather surprised that it is in python given how responsive it is. I'm kind

Re: thanks to authors of Podboy, NIDE, and openmokontrol

2010-01-26 Thread Josh Thompson
On Mon January 25 2010 6:39:13 pm Denis Johnson wrote: On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 11:24 AM, Josh Thompson wrote: NIDE is working really well to control MythTV.  I had been thinking of writing something to control it via MythTV's remote control interface.  This works

Re: New significant speedups coming to FreeRunner

2010-03-08 Thread Josh Thompson
On Saturday March 06, 2010, Michal Brzozowski wrote: 2010/2/2 Josh Thompson I just tested this on another computer, and the USB networking worked fine. How do I change it to use the usb_storage gadget instead? Previously, I just rmmoded the g_ether gadget

Re: Is xserver-xorg-video-glamo freezy for anyone else than just me?

2010-04-16 Thread Josh Thompson
. Maybe a script that periodically gathers and saves some data that can be reviewed after rebooting? Josh Thompson On Wednesday April 14, 2010, Neil Jerram wrote: I've raised this rather vaguely a couple of times before, and IIRC no one else said that they see similar problems. This time I'll try

Re: Is xserver-xorg-video-glamo freezy for anyone else than just me?

2010-04-16 Thread Josh Thompson
Timo, Can you explain how to set up a watchdog daemon? It would also save wear on the back cover tabs, which I'm more concerned about than the battery contacts. :) Thanks, Josh On Wednesday April 14, 2010, Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote: Neil Jerram writes: Does

Re: Is xserver-xorg-video-glamo freezy for anyone else than just me?

2010-04-30 Thread Josh Thompson
significantly faster than GTK ones; so, I rewrote my app in elementary. After that, the freezes didn't happen nearly as often. Last weekend, I was using a GTK based app a fair amount and experienced several freezes. Josh On Friday April 16, 2010, Josh Thompson wrote: I occasionally encounter

displaying osm tiles with python/edje

2011-09-07 Thread Josh Thompson
Has anyone done any work to display osm tiles with python/edje? I'm working on a running[1] app and would like to record and display my track. It looks like it would be pretty easy to display a single tile, but I think displaying multiple tiles would more difficult. Thanks, Josh [1] just to