Re: [ANNOUNCE] server move

2013-05-13 Thread matteo sanvito
Thank you very much! I would have done a backup somehow as soon because I was afraid of losing all that knowledge! And thank you too Sean!! 2013/5/13 Harald Welte Dear all, during the next weeks I'm going to move * to a new much simplified infrastructure on

Re: [ANNOUNCE] server move

2013-05-15 Thread matteo sanvito
Sorry if I return in-topic :D How much space and time did it take to you to backup the wiki? And what about the official mailing list (what you think it will be like)? I want to do a personal backup of all we did in these years and I would like to know how I should face it. Thank you!! Matteo Il

Re: [LAST CALL] Re: Giving away my gta2

2013-06-28 Thread matteo sanvito
Steve, don't feel alone. I trust in openmoko project. i didn't accept your offer because i broke my gta02 usb port but i will fix it (soon, i hope) and i thought that someone would need it more than me ;) Best regards, Matteo ___ Openmoko community

Re: [gta02] a few questions

2013-11-13 Thread matteo sanvito
Hi ed, I don't know about your first question, while about the second one, try to change to after ...STAT1) I'm glad to see that there is someone other that still uses gta02 :') Best regards, matteo ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: USB networking Win7

2014-01-17 Thread matteo sanvito
Yeah, i can confirm what rhn said, I did the same! good luck! matteo 2014/1/17 rhn On Fri, 17 Jan 2014 18:25:24 +0100 Matthias Apitz wrote: El día Friday, January 17, 2014 a las 05:07:22PM +, Michael Spacefalcon escribió:

Re: OpenPhoenux@FOSDEM2014

2014-02-05 Thread matteo sanvito
Hello Boudewijn Thank you so much for this summary, I appreciate it very much because I could not be there. I'm very happy to see that our community is still alive, so thank you very much! Best regards, Matteo Il 05/feb/2014 23:25 Boudewijn ha scritto: Hi List, As you

Hackable:1 - looking for old version

2014-05-16 Thread Matteo Sanvito
Hi all, My GTA02 finally came back to me repaired and I would like to have fun with it like in the good old times! So, I take a look to the wiki, I downloaded some images, I reordered some distros I still have on my pc... But I miss Hackable:1, the old version. In particular, I have Hackable dse,

Re: Pong Was: ping

2014-06-17 Thread Matteo Sanvito
pong from italy! i'm still working on my openmoko :P have a nice day! 2014-06-17 11:18 GMT+02:00 Evgeniy Ginzburg Pong, have nice summer. On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 9:26 AM, Christoph Pulster wrote: Anybody out there ? :-) May I put some life in

Re: GTA02 2450 mAh Smart Battery

2014-09-02 Thread Matteo Sanvito
Thank you very much Yury! my battery life is about 3 hours, your tutorial will help me! Have a nice day! Matteo Il 02/set/2014 09:37 Yury S ha scritto: how to restore the battery for neo (pictures without any description, sorry)