Re: About the future of the middleware

2012-07-21 Thread Thamos
the possibility to choose loudness of the ringtone reasonably. Most other phones are even able to choose a ringtone based of the caller! Apart from that i comply with you. kind regards, Thamos Am 21.07.2012 20:45, schrieb Simon Busch: Hey everybody, as a lot of you may have noticed we did two

Re: About the future of the middleware

2012-07-24 Thread Thamos
Thanks a lot, you'r the greatest :) Am 24.07.2012 18:17, schrieb Simon Busch: Am 24.07.2012 11:27, schrieb Thomas Munker: Hi, i thought the ui is saving the volume values where it should (using opreference interface), but fso doesn't pick them up. There's an old bugreport in shr-track [0],

Re: Ubuntu / Firefox OS for Openmoko

2013-01-11 Thread Thamos
to start such an project (and try to drag some of their developers in). greets, Thamos Am 11.01.2013 11:38, schrieb Christoph Pulster: Hi, I am interested what you think about Ubuntu Smartphone version and Firefix OS in combination with Openmoko hardware. As far as I understand, both

Re: [Community] OpenPhoenux Logo contest - Phase 2 (voting)

2013-01-15 Thread Thamos
that already (high recognizability) so far, my 2 cents... Thamos Am 14.01.2013 17:53, schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller: Hi all, we are currently running a logo contest for the new OpenPhoenux umbrella project that intends to cover all old and new openmoko activities. We have received 11