Re: The actual release date of NEO1973

2007-01-12 Thread Tim Erwin
Is there a wiki on the openmoko site to work on this? Sean, this would be great to capture these ideas. I agree that would be great! Currently I think the release is slated for Feb but I hope this doesn't keep being pushed back. If the phone is release in Feb will this be worldwide? (I am in

Re: Reactions From Other People to News of OpenMoko

2007-01-28 Thread Tim Erwin
darn, and I was really hoping it was a bottle opener! :-) Perhaps we can have this feature in future revisions ;-) ___ OpenMoko community mailing list

Re: given the OpenMoko Challenges...

2007-02-15 Thread Tim Erwin
Kenshin wrote: ... what are the chances of getting a camera? ^_^ You should check out the wiki for the wishlist for future enhancements Cheers, Tim ___ OpenMoko community mailing list

Re: Myth Busting FTW

2007-08-28 Thread Tim Erwin
Somebody really has their knickers in a bunch. All that FUD is making me woozy @_@ My favorite from the article The iPhone has twice the system RAM, but more importantly has 4 or 8 GB or Flash, compared

Re: interface design suggestions

2007-10-15 Thread Tim Erwin
I really like the mockup by Dani, I don't think the colours/blockish look are important as these can be changed by a theme engine but the use of screen space is excellent. The mockup is far more readable and the extra borders in the current theme are a waste of screen space. I think these concepts

Re: France : Taxes for video and mp3 playing capacity

2008-01-24 Thread Tim Erwin
France is about to taxe smartphone which provide 3 features : - At least 128mo internal memory (neo will have 256) - at least one touch/key dedicated to audio playing (what about a touchscreen ?) - mp3 or video playing Can this be worked around by not shipping the neo with mp3 or video

Re: Freerunner-powered bike ride

2008-08-03 Thread Tim Erwin
I took some photos and uploaded them to my blog: That looks great! Add a weather proof case/cover and a dynamo charger and that will make for some awesome riding. Cheers, Tim

Re: receiving SMS messages

2008-08-05 Thread Tim Erwin
Are you able to send OK with the Qtopia image? I can receive but not send. Could be an issue with my provider which is T-Mobile. Haven't tested receiving in suspend vs. awake mode but will try it. I can send txt messages with the Qtopia image with Virgin mobile (Optus network) in Australia,

Re: receiving SMS messages

2008-08-11 Thread Tim Erwin
If the phone is in standby, and I receive a text message, the phone wakes up but does not receive a text message. The person sending the message does, however, receive a delivery report. This occurs in both images as well. This is now fixed in the latest qtopia image 080808 (haven't tried the

Re: Freerunner with latest qtopia, poor GSM

2008-08-11 Thread Tim Erwin
I've been running my freerunner with the 08/08/2008 qtopia release. Now I'm using it as a phone I've noticed the GSM reception is poor... or more to the point qtopia seems to spend as much time reporting No network as it does with a signal. I am using the qtopia 080808 release and have no

Re: Freerunner with latest qtopia, poor GSM

2008-08-11 Thread Tim Erwin
Interestingly, I flashed with the 08/08/2008 qtopia release this morning, from my opkg updated stock image, and also notice my signal is weaker. I am just using the stock image from qtopia, I haven't done any updating. I will do a update and see if I get the same problem. Do you know what

Re: Freerunner with latest qtopia, poor GSM

2008-08-11 Thread Tim Erwin
What I mean is, I had a stock OM build, that I had updated with opkg. Then I went and flashed it with the two files in the qtopia package this morning, that qtopia had just released. I haven't tried to update it at all after flashing with qtopia. But I notice the reception seems weaker,

Re: Freerunner with latest qtopia, poor GSM

2008-08-11 Thread Tim Erwin
Is there a way to get the signal strength from the api or directly from the gsm? Then we could see if there are any actual differences. In response to my own question, directly talking to the gsm I think we can get the signal strength with AT+CSQ but I have no idea how to do this with the

Re: Using freerunner as a telephone

2008-08-13 Thread Tim Erwin
Can someone point me towards some good Qtopia images? Latest qtopia image here: Cheers, Tim ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: Garbled SMS messages with OM2008.8?

2008-08-18 Thread Tim Erwin
I've been running OM2008.8 on my freerunner for a little over a week now. For about a week, SMS's worked fine, but for the last few days the SMSs I receive have been garbled - a mixture of characters like ?Èù¥£ì I only get garbled messages from my service provider. This is when I miss a call

Re: InvibleShield at ZAGG : swindling ?!?

2008-08-25 Thread Tim Erwin
I ordered 3 shields the 19th of July No shipping confirmation yet I only received an order conformation not a shipping confirmation but my shield arrived yesterday. Regards, Tim ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Debian touchscreen (pointercal) help

2008-09-02 Thread Tim Erwin
I have debian installed on the freerunner and have installed xorg (along with xfce4 and gdm) and xserver-xorg-input-tslib but cannot get the touchscreen calibrated. I have tried both options from the manual debian wiki but have had no luck. It seems to use only the top left of the screen (about a

Re: SD slot + suspend

2008-09-02 Thread Tim Erwin
On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 10:55 AM, Daniel Benoy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've been having trouble with my SD card ever since I upgraded my kernel (with the unstable feed) and turned on suspend... specifically, it got wiped out :( It is a know bug:

Re: Qtopia on Freerunner: Firsts steps of a newbee

2008-09-03 Thread Tim Erwin
Is there any tutorial or howto to configure qtopia on a Freerunner? So far, I could not even manage to get DNS over usb0. Have you looked here: Cheers, Tim ___ Openmoko community mailing list

Re: QtExtended call forwarding

2008-10-13 Thread Tim Erwin
I'm sitting here playing with QtExtended right now and see that the call forwarding settings has a phone number filled out already. The phone number is 191742004 with the last two numbers being 98 (broke up the number, so google doesn't index it). Does anyone know what this is about? Just

Re: [QtExtended] duplicate SMS messages

2009-03-15 Thread Tim Erwin
On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 3:06 AM, Warren Baird photogeek...@gmail.comwrote: I haven't had time to install a 4.4.3 build yet, but I was wondering if anyone had confirmed if the duplicate sms message issue has been resolved? I'm running Lorn's build of 4.4.2, but my sms inbox keeps filling up

Re: qt-extended-improved unpredictive keyboard

2009-03-31 Thread Tim Erwin
   * I found out how to suppress the hints bar, that never had any real use for me Doesn't quiet work for me, the hints bar overlays the key stroke for the top row of keys. Try creating a new sms message and begin a word with one of these letters. Otherwise looks good! Regards, Tim