OpenMoko at OSCON?

2007-07-03 Thread Uncle Kridley
Will there be an official or unofficial OpenMoko presence at The Oreilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) in Portland later this month? Seems like the perfect place for it... -- -- Dirk Bergstrom [EMAIL PROTECTED]

More free publicity

2007-07-09 Thread Uncle Kridley
There's a bit about the OpenMoko on BoingBoing today: It's quite favorable, and links to -- -- Dirk Bergstrom [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Vibrator

2007-10-01 Thread Uncle Kridley
Kamisamanou Burgess wrote: I don't like that the list is loaded with stuff like IR portRemote control applications Would be great to use openmoko as a Hamony remote controller. I don't quite see the necessity in running you tv with your cellphone I don't have much use for a fancy TV remote,

Re: GTA02 Battery Capacity (Was: Re: More about the GTA02)

2008-02-13 Thread Uncle Kridley
Michael Shiloh wrote: We are well aware of software changes we need to make in order to improve battery and have simply not had the time to do this. You can expect much better battery life when we implement these changes. [...] that my very simple testing suggests should last for well over 12

Re: Picture Viewer geocaching

2008-02-27 Thread Uncle Kridley
David Samblas Martinez wrote: Ok I will auto-answer to this question based on you answer with more accuracy data based on NMEA 0183 sentences= up to 82 Ascii chars--one sentence per second--82 bytes per second so 60*60*24*82=7084800 It's (probably)

Re: GTA02 Battery Capacity (Was: Re: More about the GTA02)

2008-02-28 Thread Uncle Kridley
joerg wrote: - charge from any host (incl simplistic chargers): 100mA (6-12h) - charge from intelligent host: 500mA (1-2h) - charge from quickcharger with magic R: 1500mA (1h) Ahh, ok, that makes a lot more sense. I generally charge overnight, so when I'm traveling, the difference between

Re: Neo Freerunner manufacturing status

2008-03-19 Thread Uncle Kridley
Michael Shiloh wrote: The Freerunner design is currently staged to go through Production Validation Test (PVT). The hardware design A5 is, we believe, solid. Right on! This sounds like serious progress. Thanks for the update. Soon I will realize my dream of carrying around a linux machine in

Re: video/graphics on GTA02

2008-03-25 Thread Uncle Kridley
Hans L wrote: 3) Is any form of 3D acceleration support possible in the future for games? Which of course leads to question #4: Can it run Quake With accelerometer gestures instead of a joystick! -- -- Dirk Bergstrom [EMAIL

Web Browser?

2008-04-06 Thread Uncle Kridley
What sort of browser will Openmoko have? From various postings on the lists I get them impression that there is a (somewhat) working browser, but the wiki page is very sketchy. Will/does it support the following? *) Javascript *) DOM *) Cookies In short, is it a real browser (like FF,

Re: Anyone working on a cron port?

2008-06-15 Thread Uncle Kridley
Joerg Reisenweber wrote: We should plan for something more versatile that's merging cron(/anacron), at/batch, rtcwake, and the other powermanagement and wake-from-suspend reasons to make a nice cute task-scheduler Yes please! I have a long shopping list of things I'd like to schedule on a

Re: Raster's Image and chatting on the moko!

2008-08-20 Thread Uncle Kridley
David Samblas wrote: When I try to install the numptyphisics ipk, the keyboard returns to be the default 2008.8 one, there is any way to revert this an return to that beautifull illume one? I had the same problem, but when I restarted the X server, the illue keyboard came back. --

Re: Buzz-fixed Freerunner for sale

2009-08-31 Thread Uncle Kridley
Pablo MiƱo wrote: 1. Anything wrong with it? Nothing. I'm selling because the software stack never got to the level I'd need for day-to-day use, so I bought a Pre (which, btw, has a really nice SDK). 2. Do you accept paypal? Sure. Send me a private message and we can work out the details.