Re: GTA04 publicity

2012-02-09 Thread elhennig
Bei Golem ist die Meldung auch aufgeschlagen: Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hat am 9. Februar 2012 um 10:03 geschrieben: Am 09.02.2012 um 09:54 schrieb On

Re: changing IMEI

2014-02-20 Thread elhennig
Why do you think the only use for a mobile phone is to make calls? If I only make a data connection and am careful to tunnel all of my data via Tor, then this identification method is useful. Maybe because we are talking about a GSM modem? -- Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic

Re: GSM frequency bands in the USA

2014-02-26 Thread elhennig
Michael Spacefalcon hat am 26. Februar 2014 um 05:44 geschrieben: Of course all those proprietary 3G+ smartphones (Apple/Samsung/GTA04/etc) which we are all surrounded with typically act as quadband when they go into 2G compatibility mode, but because