Apple OS X 10.5.6 crashes when FR connected....

2008-12-20 Thread error
I just upgraded to OS X 10.5.6 and now when I connect my FR my system panics. Anyone seeing the same issue? Below is the kernel panic report. Tried to upgrade to the latest AJZaurus driver but it didn't help. --- Sat Dec 20 14:55:40 2008 panic(cpu 1

[ALL] Tango GPS tracking sample rate

2009-06-06 Thread error
Hi All, I am looking to use the Tango GPS to track a trip. When using the tracking feature it samples at position per second which creates a very large file over an 8 hour trip. Is there a config file that I can change to take a sample maybe every minute or 5 minutes? Thanks.. Lee --

Re: My surplus FreeRunner score!

2010-03-05 Thread error
How much for you to part with one of the 850? All I need in the unit and no accessories. I am here in the states. Drop me an email offline lee at -- View this message in context: Sent from the Openmoko

Re: Upgrades for SHR-unstable

2010-04-02 Thread error
I also had an issue with the March 31 upgrade and my contact list. I didn't have much time to work on it so I dropped back to Feb 3 release of SHR-U. One other thing I have found is if I attempt to adjust the volume or mic from the sliders in the active call window the volume and the mic drops

ATT and my beloved Freerunner

2011-08-25 Thread error
ATT has been calling and text'ing for the last 2 months. They have informed me that my phone will no longer be compatible with their network on Monday Aug 29-30, 2011. Has anyone else running into this issue? -- View this message in context: