Re: specific absorption rate

2008-09-02 Thread haduong
i was looking through planet earlier, when i saw this blogpost, which i'm sure others of you have read: The Neo FreeRunner SAR tests at 1.07 W/kg GSM and 1.17 W/kg DCS. I would say that's average, on the high side. The legal limit 1.6

Re: Chancing SIM card without reboot

2008-09-05 Thread haduong
I'd also *love* to see a phone with two SIM slots - I can see the interface now, when you dial a number, it prompts you with dial as: number 1 number 2. I also like the Idea of having certain contacts set to automatically dial using a specified sim. In Real Life, telephones with two SIM slots

Startup/Xstart image replacement (How to remove the boots?!)

2008-09-16 Thread haduong
Hi, The boot splash should be flashed in its own partition. It was mentioned on the -devel list that it is apparently going to be part of the next upgrade. I posted the link to that message on the list last week IIRC, suggesting to add it to the zenity interface. Minh

(OM2008.8-update) (audio/GSM) alsamixer names

2008-09-16 Thread haduong
I'd like to suggest different names for the Alsa controls, because quite frankly I cannot relate to the ones I see in alsamixer. But first I'd like to ask you guys if you feel the same need as me. Do you feel comfortable with the present alsa channel names, or would you like them to be

Re: Stage of GTA03 development?

2008-12-26 Thread haduong
Dear Michele, Put it on the wiki, but please do find a better place for it rather than Email not to lose ! Reading all the email, I found a lot of email where some people give very important informations,that I think some other people can be interested on. It just want to be a list of link

Community update draft

2008-12-27 Thread haduong
Hello everybody, The DRAFT for next monday's community update is at: This is a wiki page, everybody is welcome to fix or add as usual. Thanks in advance for your eyetime, Minh ___