2014-07-07 Thread mail
Hi Michael Is a GTA02 debug board any use to you? I'd be happy to mail it to you if so. * 2014-12-31: GSM fw fully running on the Calypso baseband, controlled by AT commands, which would be good enough for practical use on the GTA02, but a toy on the other targets. Voice + SMS only; adding


2014-07-07 Thread mail
Is a GTA02 debug board any use to you? I'd be happy to mail it to you if so. I already have one. :) Anyone else like a free debug board? If you do/have done any publically available freerunner development, I'll cover shipping cost. --

leo2moko write ups

2014-09-05 Thread mail
I've put the leo2moko write ups that I publicized some months ago at They will be removed from the original location within the next few weeks, so if the free calypso baseband software project is of interest to you, please make a note of the new location.

Re: FreeCalypso status

2014-09-19 Thread mail
Hi Nick The uSD slot in my freerunner is broken, so I figure these instructions would be best for me: Yes that's the only option. I run from the uSD, but I don't see why that method wouldn't work forty you. And am I correct in thinking

Re: State of FreeCalypso

2015-04-23 Thread mail
I guess I was misled by OsmocomBB's website; it certainly seems to be saying that that is exactly what it is--on the front page of In short: By using OsmocomBB on a compatible phone, you will be able to make and receive phone calls, send and

Re: State of FreeCalypso

2015-04-21 Thread mail
Lets not forget - just one man working doggedly on the only project that offers any possibility of a cell phone running firmware that offers the four freedoms. OsmocomBB? No A fine project I have no doubt, but it's not aimed at producing firmware for an end-user phone. I believe it's

Re: State of FreeCalypso

2015-04-28 Thread mail
FWIW, last I checked, his work does sadly not enjoy any of those freedoms. Yes, you *can* look at the code, change it, and redistribute it, but you're not legally allowed to because the source code he has is proprietary. le sigh Imagine you are broke and starving hungry (that's quite easy

Re: State of FreeCalypso

2015-04-18 Thread mail
I'm impressed by‎ your dedication and detail, and I partly enjoy reading your updates +1 but s/partly/entirely [although I also didn't enjoy reading threats :-)] Lets not forget - just one man working doggedly on the only project that offers any possibility of a cell phone running firmware

Re: State of FreeCalypso

2015-04-18 Thread mail
futile effort to educate persons with such mental issues. s/educate/cure/ yeah crazy - the four freedoms on a cell phone - only a nut case would dream that one up -- David Matthews ___ Openmoko community mailing list

greetings from the freecalypso project

2015-11-16 Thread mail
Please excuse touch of plug and slight bit of off-topic-ness, but just to let anyone here with interest in free (as in source code available) baseband firmware, that the freecalypso project is making strides. Progressing on from the stable leo2moko release for the freerunner made some time

Re: gta02 as gps/navigator (in 2016)

2016-01-25 Thread mail
hi > >I would like to reuse the gta02 as a gps, I really loved foxtrotGPS and I >would like to have something like that running. >Any chance to have a distribution that still works on gta02? > >qtmoko: still there? (even if I remember it was quite uncomfortable running

modem firmware

2017-08-28 Thread mail
hello There are step by step instructions to upgrade the modem firmware of your freerunner to the latest moko13 release from the freecalypso community. The relevant howto includes a link to the release notes which include reasons why you might

Re: modem firmware

2017-08-29 Thread mail
hi Joerg >Can't find any such link to release notes in the howto for the beta release of the firmware (the moko13 release has no significant changes from the beta) and


2018-08-04 Thread mail
I'm using my freerunner as an everyday phone again after it was freed by the freecalypso project's baseband firmware. I'm running qtmoko v58 and would like to try this with fso-gsm; can anyone point me to the necessary software? I believe I just need a copy of Also any

Re: Looking to pick up a FreeRunner

2010-04-08 Thread
2010-04...@17:02 swoody Unfortunately, this is a pretty bad time as I can't afford to lay out $200USD for a new FreeRunner. I'm a full-time student, and funds are indeed short. I was hoping somebody out there may have an extra FreeRunner, or know hi, if you can read italian (or know how to