Re: Opie-Reader qpk for the Qtopia distro

2008-08-21 Thread undrwater
Tim, I enjoyed opie-reader on the Zaurus...look forward to it on the Freerunner! I've been eagerly anticipating someone building a reader! Thanks bunches...hope it's ASU capable soon. Russell -undrwater Tim Wentford wrote: If it proves popular enough, and I can't get a build

Re: [qtopia] Does qtopia desktop work with freerunner?

2008-10-09 Thread undrwater
Just wanted to get an update on this now that qtextended has been released. Syncing is one of my must-haves to use the phone full time. (off topic - other must-have is book reader...what's happened with Tim Wentworth's effort?) Thanks, Russell Lorn Potter wrote: Kieran Fleming wrote:

Re: [android] new cupcake image

2009-05-28 Thread undrwater
I followed the instructions, but didn't get any further. I was using uboot modified to allow kernels greater than 2mb, and I tried qi as well. Symptoms are the same. I wonder if it's possible to pack this up the way Koolu has done? Curiosities: Why are we using parted as opposed to fdisk or

Re: [shr-unstable] packages for canola media player

2009-06-12 Thread undrwater
Hermann Lacheiner wrote: Hi! I have created packages for the canola media player... I've added the feed, and when installing I get the following: Configuring canola Traceback (most recent call last): File /usr/bin/terra-rescan-collections, line 27, in module from

Re: [shr-unstable] packages for canola media player

2009-06-16 Thread undrwater
I still can't run from my device: canola Traceback (most recent call last): File /usr/bin/canola, line 293, in module mc = MainController(ee, os.path.realpath(options.theme)) File /usr/share/canola/plugins/, line 263, in __init__ File

Re: [shr-unstable] packages for canola media player

2009-06-18 Thread undrwater
Confirmed here. Looks good. Thank you! fidohl wrote: 2009/6/17 Vinzenz Hersche same bug here.. r...@om-gta02 ~ $ canola Traceback (most recent call last):  File /usr/bin/canola, line 293, in module    mc = MainController(ee, os.path.realpath(options.theme))  File

Re: Re: [All?] Dictator - the most undemocratic recording and dictation software ever

2009-06-19 Thread undrwater
Just a quick post to note that on 0.2-r2, recording from mic chops about half of my recording. If I record 10 seconds, about plays back, if I record 5, about 2.5 plays back. You get the point. :) Otherwise, I love this app! -- View this message in context:

[SHR-U] Contacts scroll / select broken?

2009-06-23 Thread undrwater
As the subject describes, I can't seem to select or scroll in the Contact app. This is either by opening directly or through the Dialer app. -- View this message in context: Sent from the Openmoko Community

Re: PISI 0.3 released

2009-06-23 Thread undrwater
Will there be a way in the future to sync with, say Outlook on Windows? Is syncing to linux currently done through ssh? If so, what would be the way to sync to a Windows machine? kichkasch wrote: We just released PISI 0.3. Contacts synchronization was extended by SIM (via DBUS) support -

Re: Enhancing launcher - feedback

2009-08-20 Thread undrwater
c_c wrote: I thought I'll use this email to get some feedback on this ML. Ive been using the AUX button to bring up shr-dialer, and I tried it with (what I believe was) an earlier iteration. I found that launching with AUX opened multiple instances of launcher. Can you make it

RE: Enhancing launcher - feedback

2009-08-20 Thread undrwater
Hi, undrwater wrote: Can you make it aware of itself (or ignore me if it already is) so that multiple instances don't get invoked? Sure. I'll do that. Thanks for the idea. Actually - could you post how you're doing this here? Sure. Just map the executable to the AUX key via

RE: QSuunto-Lite new version - divers and non-divers wanted

2009-08-24 Thread undrwater
undrwater wrote: Whats new? * Stylesheet(s) * Download via GUI (divetools-ab needed) * More settings I WAS diving yesterday, so I will attempt to grab my profiles today or tomorrow. :) Russell Dwiggins ___ Openmoko community

Re: Questions about installing Android to an external SD card

2009-08-27 Thread undrwater
vendion wrote: I want to test out Android on my freerunner but I don't want to blow away my working SHR install. I have a 2 gig microSD card that is free and can be used my question is grabbing the .tar.gz from koolu [1] according the to directions on the openmoko wiki [2] all I

Re: QtMoko images V8

2009-08-28 Thread undrwater
Radek Polak wrote: Hi all, i am just uploading new QtMoko debian images. You can download as usually from Changes from previous version: * UI is much faster (by fixing bug with opened accelerators.) Yes it is! Thanks! *

Re: [SHR-U] Bluetooth and GSM... Again.

2009-08-28 Thread undrwater
c_c wrote: Hi, Also, I need a way to enable/disable bluetooth without editing configs and restarting frameworkd and ophonekitd, as doing so takes several minutes. Best solved by making two bash scripts and their associated .desktop files. Inconvenient hack - but it's working for me.

Re: QtMoko images V8

2009-09-01 Thread undrwater
file. :( I do have qpe, but I'm sure that's not what you're asking for. Russell Dwiggins (Undrwater) -- View this message in context: Sent from the Openmoko Community mailing list archive at

Re: QtMoko images V8

2009-09-02 Thread undrwater
Bartłomiej Zimoń wrote: Thats right ! sorry it's /etc/init.d/qpe ;) Bartek Here's the contents of /etc/init.d/qpe #!/bin/sh echo '1' /proc/sys/kernel/printk rm -rf /var/run/ppp mkdir /var/run/ppp mkdir -p /var/cache/apt/archives/partial echo 1

Re: [SHR-Today] Accept call without unlocking

2009-09-07 Thread undrwater
Vikas Saurabh wrote: Can we have another slider like control with slider thumb in between. Moving the slide to left accepts the call and moving it to the right rejects it. I like the idea as well. Doesn't have to be a slider, but a definite pair of gestures could works as well.

Re: Scuba divers wanted (Re: QSuunto-Lite)

2009-09-17 Thread undrwater
Christian Rüb wrote: Please see wiki page: and edit if you are also interested in a dive logging application. The day my host cable adaptor arrived also heralded the day I discovered my mosquito won't go into TR-PC mode. :( I'm on the search

RE: Scuba divers wanted (Re: QSuunto-Lite)

2009-09-20 Thread undrwater
Thanks for this - especially the lib sounds interesting. Though it might take a little while till I can back to developing. After my holidays there is a lot of work to be done... Anyway - it would be nice to hear how your Suunto story turns out at the end :) Have you contacted a nearby Suunto

Re: QSuunto-Lite new version - divers and non-divers wanted

2009-09-21 Thread undrwater
Christian Rüb wrote: Hi, QSuunto-Lite is an application to download your logged dives from your Suunto dive computer ... I'm looking at replacing my Mosquito (mentioned in the other post) with a D9 (a dive buddy has offered it up at a great price). Does your new version now support

Re: [SHR-U / All?] Illume Keyboard in Landscape

2009-10-06 Thread undrwater
Stroller-2 wrote: Sorry, I read ALL these explanations as saying exactly the same thing, just in different ways. Perhaps you could clarify how they differ? Stroller. Hm. I read: Problem 1: illume keyboard in landscape mode does not show (the keyboard itself doesn't show,

Re: QSuunto-Lite new version - divers and non-divers wanted

2009-10-16 Thread undrwater
Christian Rüb wrote: ...these are different protocols, see here [1]. I've seen those before...but they mention that d9 fails? But you might want to look at divetools-ab (vyperlink.c) [2] sources and just rewrite the parts, so it suits the D9 protocol. I tried to figure this out,

Re: mplayer - rtsp - youtube

2009-10-24 Thread undrwater
undrwater wrote: I didn't get any sound, but I suppose it has nothing to do with mplayer. I'm having problems with sound from a few different apps. Russell Dwiggins OK...more info: Forced audio codec: mad Trying to force audio codec driver family ffmpeg... Opening audio decoder

Re: mplayer - rtsp - youtube

2009-10-25 Thread undrwater
undrwater wrote: OK...more info: Forced audio codec: mad Trying to force audio codec driver family ffmpeg... Opening audio decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg/libavcodec audio decoders Cannot find codec 'libopencore_amrnb' in libavcodec... ADecoder init failed :( ADecoder init failed :( Cannot

RE: QSuunto-Lite new version - divers and non-divers wanted

2009-11-01 Thread undrwater
* I compiled libdc and ran the d9 test dump app which resulted in success for memory dump as well as sdm dump (I assume the database format?). This gives me hope that we can retrieve the profile! I built an ipk here [1] and the good news is - the test app runs on the Freerunner :) The

[ALL?] gcompris on openmoko?

2009-11-21 Thread undrwater
I'm wondering how difficult it might be to get gcompris working on the moko. Would any modifications need to be made for it to be useful on the screen? Seems to me touch screen is perfect for it. -- View this message in context:

Re: Fwd: [Shr-User] SHR-unstable got a facelift. And you a christmas present....

2009-11-21 Thread undrwater
Try to opkg install eve-themes -- Sebastian Krzyszkowiak dos ___ Openmoko community mailing list I found eve-themes last night. Looks great, but

RE: Fwd: [Shr-User] SHR-unstable got a facelift. And you a christmas present....

2009-11-21 Thread undrwater
undrwater wrote: * illume keyboard seems to be working in landscape now!! :) I'll have to test further, but it looks promising. No...still has problems if rotatated while open. Maybe this will get fixed with Samsung's help? ;) Russell Dwiggins -- View this message in context: http

Re: [SHR-U] Podboy 1.0.0

2009-12-21 Thread undrwater
Valery Febvre wrote: Hi, After 6 months of inactivity, here is a new release of Podboy. Screenies look great. Here's what I'm getting: $ podboy Traceback (most recent call last): File /usr/bin/podboy, line 24, in module from podboy import main File

[SHR-U] Current Profile Settings couldn't connect to FSO

2010-01-05 Thread undrwater
That's what Im seeing in the profile settings window. Phone does not ring or vibrate. Here's possibly relevant output of phoneuid.log: 2010.01.05 21:33:38.079593 [phoneuid] MESSAGE: Using log level 'INFO' 2010.01.05 21:33:38.118154 [libphone-ui]MESSAGE: Loading phoneuid 2010.01.05

Re: MC Navi released

2010-02-14 Thread undrwater
Sander van Grieken wrote: Hi All, I made a quick untested binary package for SHR-T, and I gotta run now so I can't test myself, but maybe it's of use to someone. see I get: opkg install mcnavi_0.2.4-r0.4_armv4t.ipk

[Off-Topic] What happened to

2010-04-05 Thread undrwater
Those of you who are / were Zaurus owners will likely have visited It appears the site is down...and by the looks for good. Does anyone have any info? Russell Dwiggins -- View this message in context:

AAVA Mobile?

2010-04-05 Thread undrwater
Random browsing brought me to the following page last night: I'm wondering if this is a re-badged product discussed here previously, or something relatively new? A search via gaggle came up with no hits on Aava Russell Dwiggins -- View

osm2mcmap (for mcnavi)

2010-04-15 Thread undrwater
I was interested in seeing how mcnavi works, but there aren't any US maps yet, so I thought I'd try to build one based on the instructions on the web site, and in the lists. Here's what I did: Downloaded california.osm.bz2, and california.osm.administrative.bz2 from

RE: osm2mcmap (for mcnavi)

2010-04-18 Thread undrwater
Error opening file! means it cannot open the file for reading, it has not started to parse it. As an experiment, I tried using the command on the california.osm.administrative file, and it started on that through 100% Process ways, but then segfaulted. What could keep it from opening a file in

Re: Oh you were lucky! v0.01

2010-04-27 Thread undrwater
Dredging up old stuff... I tried this script, and it ran, but no video ever showed. I think there may be some problem with how the script gets the address for the video. It picks one OK, but never displays it. I hope there is still interest in this...and the GUI as well! Thanks! Russell

Pisi, googleCalendar, and pimlicodates

2010-05-11 Thread undrwater
I've used pisi in the past and it has worked well to sync my google calendar with pimlico dates. Then pisi broke, then was fixed again, then broke... This latest iteration is wiping my google calendar though. Dates starts empty, and my google calendar is full. I run: pisi googleCalendar

Re: Pisi, googleCalendar, and pimlicodates

2010-05-13 Thread undrwater
kichkasch wrote: Hi Russell, Possible with your set up? For a solution you could delete everything under ~/.pisi/ but the conf file. Please let me know, whether this worked for you; otherwise I would need some more feedback as well ... Thank you! Deleting everything in

[Ventura] att wifi hotspot portal (Starbucks)

2010-05-25 Thread undrwater
I'm sure I remember logging into the att portal at starbucks in the past using Ventura, but lately it's not possible. Pressing the login button, hitting enter returns no action. Is it a certificate I'm missing? Any clues? Thanks Russell Dwiggins -- View this message in context:

Re: [Ventura] att wifi hotspot portal (Starbucks)

2010-05-26 Thread undrwater
Xavier Cremaschi wrote: Check /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt /etc/ssl/certs/ca.pem maybe... IIRC, one of these was missing some time ago, therefore no https. These and many others appear to be installed by default thee days. Has anyone with a linux box accessed this

Re: Freerunner for sale

2010-06-01 Thread undrwater
Tracy Reed wrote: It is time to let it go. So if anyone wants this like-new condition Freerunner please make me your best offer + shipping from San Diego to you (or local pickup). Best offer takes it. -- Tracy Reed Sold yet? $30+shipping or local (I'm

Re: New SHR-unstable images with 2.6.32 kernel

2010-06-27 Thread undrwater
This is big and good news! I expect there to be some problems moving to this version of the kernel, but it's good to see that it has finally arrived! Good work, and thanks! Russell Dwiggins -- View this message in context:

RE: MC Navi 0.2.10 released

2010-07-08 Thread undrwater
Mike Crash wrote: All is here: If you have problems with boundary data, download boundary OSM file from Cloudmate at e.g.

Re: Voicerecording software needed

2010-10-04 Thread undrwater
Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote: Dictator worked just fine for me a few months ago. Maybe it's a new problem. Can you try to explain how or why it doesn't work? Rui For me, saving recordings to the SD card would allow only a small percentage of a recording (the rest being

Will gta02 drive a different screen?

2011-02-03 Thread undrwater
Thinking about a use case for gta02 (especially if gta04 becomes viable), will the current motherboard and video chip drive a larger lcd touch screen? If so, is the process a complex one..such as soldering plus maybe altering currents (can you tell Im not experience with this stuff?)? If it