Re: [QtMoko] (v35) Network connections

2011-06-08 Thread Radek Polak
On Tuesday 07 June 2011 23:53:48 David Lanzendörfer wrote:

 Howdy how.
 Wouldn't it be easier to do something like liwi (SHR)
 which just lists all available networks?
 The need to type the specific ESSID into the phone suprised me a bit
 considering the rest of the environment which is soo much iPhone like
 in usage feeling.

You have to use the context menu on the Wireless LAN - there is item called 
WLAN detection. Then you have to use context menu again and select Add new 

I wonder how this could ever pass any usability tests - it took me months to 
discover it ;-). Patches to make it more simple are welcome. I think e.g. N900 
has it solved in very nice way.



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Re: [QtMoko] (v35) Network connections

2011-06-07 Thread Francesco De Vita
There is no need to type the ESSID, it is not clear at all but the faster
procedure is this one:
go to internet, open the option menu and search for available networks, in
the new window after few seconds open again the option menu and add a new
network, you'll see a list of available networks ;)

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