Re: [debian] daily kernel and modules package

2008-09-15 Thread Andre Roth
If you are using the Presto yum plugin, the key change should have gone
without a hitch, except for the minor detail that there were no
deltarpms for the 600+ MB of updates.

We have managed to get the .newkey repositories properly deltarpm'd now,
but the default fedora-updates-newkey.repo doesn't point to the correct

To use the Presto test repositories for .newkey packages, after
installing fedora-release-9-5.transition, you need to set change
fedora-updates-newkey.repo so that the mirrorlist line is as follows:

For more information, please check

Jonathan Dieter

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Re: [debian] daily kernel and modules package

2008-09-13 Thread Timo Juhani Lindfors
Andre Roth [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
 I build a simple debian kernel package, containing the latest
 kernel and modules from [1]. This is only for convenience,

Thanks, can you put the debian source package online as well? I'd like
to add a few patches to it.

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