Re: [compiz] Dual-screen compiz mostly working

2007-08-06 Thread Michel Dänzer
On Sun, 2007-08-05 at 12:30 +, Mick Semb Wever wrote: Option BackingStore true This is generally a bad idea, does disabling it make any difference? Option ExaNoOffscreenPixmaps true No such option, though Option FBTexPercent 100 should have more or less

Re: [compiz] Focus problem for shaded windows

2007-08-06 Thread Danny Baumann
today, I noticed a problem in focus handling for shaded windows which is pretty easy to reproduce: - Disable Click to focus - Shade a window - Hover another window - Hover back to the window frame of the shaded window - Press Ctrl+Alt+S Expected behaviour would be that the shaded

Re: [compiz] Question about changing default metadata values (--with-default-plugins replacement)

2007-08-06 Thread Olivier Blin
Colin Guthrie [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hi, Now that --with-default-plugins has gone in compiz 0.5.1 (git), I was looking for an alternative. Although I've personally been using ccp and am quite happy with the GUI tools now (so it will probably become default in my packages), I was still