[Computer-go] Indexing and Searching Go Positions -- Literature Wanted

2019-09-17 Thread Stephen Martindale
Dear Go programmers,

I'm interested in experimenting with some new ideas for indexing and
searching Goban positions and patterns and I want to stand on the shoulders
of giants. Which papers, articles, blog posts or open-source code should I
read to get concrete knowledge of the approaches used in the past?

I know that Kombilo is (or used to be) the state of the art in this field.
The source is available but, beyond reading the Libkombilo sources, are
there any other, more human friendly resources out there?

My new ideas are currently insubstantial and vague but I have done some
work, in the past, with natural language embeddings and large-database
image indexing and searching and concepts from those two domains keep
bouncing around in my mind -- I can't help but feel that there must be
something there that can be the "next big thing" in Go position indexing.

Any leads would be appreciated.

*Stephen Martindale*

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Re: [Computer-go] AlphaGo watch parties planned across U.S.

2017-05-22 Thread Stephen Martindale
Interesting... but I don't see the links for "watch the games live", only
the schedule. I assume that the page will be updated when the games
actually start... or are about to.

Yours Faithfully,
*Stephen Martindale*

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On 22 May 2017 at 09:07, Hideki Kato <hideki_ka...@ybb.ne.jp> wrote:

> Probably here.
> http://events.google.com/alphago2017/
> "Below, you can find out the game schedule, watch the games live
> or replay the highlights."
> Hideki
> Joshua Shriver: