Re: [CGUYS] The AOL LISTSERV is back up. Let's see if it works.

2010-06-13 Thread Brian Jones
Me too. I left it turned on as well. - Brian On 6/13/2010 1:11 PM, tjpa wrote: On Jun 12, 2010, at 10:06 PM, Fred Holmes wrote: Well, if the AOL Listserv is back up, this message should be distributed. Yes, I got it.

Re: [CGUYS] The AOL LISTSERV is back up. Let's see if it works.

2010-06-13 Thread Brian Jones
I presume you mean 'signed-on to Yahoo mail'. I do not use Yahoo mail, but I believe that there will not be an issue here. When your Yahoo mail receives the CGUYS posting as an email, if you have set it up for POP3 or similar access, then you should be able to retrieve any email that you

Re: [CGUYS] Windows 7, 32-bit or XP

2010-05-12 Thread Brian Jones
. - Brian Jones On 5/7/2010 9:47 AM, Stephen Brownfield wrote: It is time for a client of mine to get a new Computer. His adaptive keyboard works only with a 32-bit OS (Windows or Mac). His screen reader works only with windows. Thus I need to get a Windows computer running a 32-bit OS

Re: [CGUYS] security softward - trendmicro - any information?

2010-05-05 Thread Brian Jones
I was recently installing Trend Micro's AV for a customer when an error occurred. When tried to uninstall to start over, there was no uninstall routine available. So I re-ran the install and got more errors (different from the prior time). I repeated the cycle and it continued to get worse.

Re: [CGUYS] Here I am troubles.

2010-04-06 Thread Brian Jones
Careful there, Marcio! You are sure you are taking about a 'dual boot' and not 'windows XP mode', right? Windows XP mode will use the virtual machine software to share your network adapter with your XP mode virtual machine. It's quirky, but it works somewhat. Do NOT load an ethernet device

Re: [CGUYS] Help - computer seems infected, going crazy!

2010-02-27 Thread Brian Jones
Well Rambo, I saw this one on a customers computer last week. It's a tenacious sucker, and yes, it seems to wait a bit before launching after booting in the morning. It traps most operating system calls preventing you from running diagnostic software or restoring your registry to an earlier

Re: [CGUYS] Are USB Drives Dangerous?

2010-02-24 Thread Brian Jones
Why don't they simply ban Windows? Wouldn't it be easier to ban war? A security guy on TV last month mentioned a great way to hack into a secure network is the put a stealth program on a bunch of thumb drives and sprinkle them around the parking lot of the facility you want to compromise.

Re: [CGUYS] Networking Issue

2010-01-25 Thread Brian Jones
Problem solved... the simple way. The customer had updated the wired device driver, but when she saw no improvement, she reinstalled the original device driver. Updating both the wired Broadcom driver and the Wireless driver together solved the problem. Since it is fixed, I was not able not

Re: [CGUYS] Networking Issue

2010-01-22 Thread Brian Jones
Great questions... I will reconnect remotely and check it out. - Brian - Original Message - From: rocky lee Subject: Re: [CGUYS] Networking Issue Brian, 1) If you disable the ethernet (local) connection ( not the drivers) for the ethernet port are the

[CGUYS] Networking Issue

2010-01-21 Thread Brian Jones
I have a customer with an unusual problem... Her Dell Latitude D610 (5 yrs old) has both an Ethernet port and Wireless G. Her wireless did not work until she discovered by accident that it would start working when she disabled the Broadcom drivers for the Ethernet port.I have upgraded her


2009-12-21 Thread Brian Jones
This thread is disturbing to Gail and not yet very helpful. Let me put a better spin on it. I repair peoples virus riddled computers daily, hooking them up to my 'unsecured' network without issues. In the past I have cleaned them first before connecting them to the network, but more recently

Re: [CGUYS] Apache on 64-bit Win 7

2009-12-19 Thread Brian Jones
I believe that Apache IS the Operating System. Windows would not be involved. - B - Original Message - From: Joe Tseng Subject: [CGUYS] Apache on 64-bit Win 7 Is there any benefit of using 64-bit Apache on Windows or is installing it a waste of time? Is it

Re: [CGUYS] In Los Angeles

2009-11-24 Thread Brian Jones
There may be a phone jack from the old phone system in each room... connect the cable modem's phone line to the wall jack, and all the jacks in the house will be active. You may want to disconnect the old wires going to the outside world, as they cause a reduction in the signal strength.

[CGUYS] Fw: [CGUYS] CD differences (?)

2009-11-20 Thread Brian Jones
This is an old Thread (May 09)... But I have a bit of info that was not mentioned. My nephew purchased an audio CD recorder a few years ago to record music his band was playing. I too thought that any CD will do, but this unit looked for some marker on the CD to indicate that it was an Audio

[CGUYS] Google Warning...

2009-07-30 Thread Brian Jones
Now I am mad. At Google. Yesterday, I downloaded Google Screensaver from Google.. But first, Google wanted to install the 'Google updater' to facilitate the download. This is not unusual, as a downloading program can help reduce overhead on their servers, so I agreed. Then the fun starts!

Re: [CGUYS] Google Warning...

2009-07-30 Thread Brian Jones
System Restore rolled my system back 2 days and fixed the problem... I also noticed there were 2 Microsoft updates during that period... so Microsoft might have something to do with the printer queue breakdown. I shall get some lunch, and try to get some REAL work accomplished today!

Re: [CGUYS] Google Warning...

2009-07-30 Thread Brian Jones
Google Apps was installed by Google Updater along with all the other Google stuff... Google Updater was installed as a condition for installing Picasa 3. The updater should have asked, but did not. Immediately upon giving permission to install the updater, it began installing everything

Re: [CGUYS] itunes/ipod touch/remote/library

2009-07-27 Thread Brian Jones
From what I know of the iTouch, this application you envision has not yet been created. Based on the lack of response to your query since July 1st, I would presume this to be the case. Since iTunes will copy your library to your iTouch, I don't expect to see this niche application anytime

Re: [CGUYS] Wish m luck...

2009-07-27 Thread Brian Jones
You already have 2 physical drives? (as opposed to logical drives.. C: and D: are logical drive identifiers.. they can be on the same physical drive) If you do, go into your BIOS setup and see if you can select the other one as your boot drive. This is the cheapest and easiest way to dual boot,

Re: [CGUYS] itunes/ipod touch/remote/library

2009-07-27 Thread Brian Jones
Oh!... that is VERY cool! Free server and $2.99 for the iTouch application. The user blog mentioned improved stability with V2... have you experienced any issues with your PC's stability? Check out simplify media for pc/mac and ipod touch/iphone. It

Re: [CGUYS] Good idea - manuals online

2009-06-23 Thread Brian Jones
Most of my new electronics come with a manual on CD... I just copy it to MY DOCUMENTS\MANUALS\ folder. When I move to a new computer, all my manuals come with me. Keeping up with the CD is too much trouble. - Brian * **

Re: [CGUYS] Databases: Open Office Base?

2009-06-19 Thread Brian Jones
I have tried to use Open Office to mail merge to email... discovered it was not possible (as of 2008). I suspect there are other shortfalls in Open Office as well. Constance, If this is a paid consult, I would steer them towards the more expensive (but better supported and more reliable)

Re: [CGUYS] Is M$ Going to Blow it Again?

2009-06-01 Thread Brian Jones
Each new M$ OpSys has included a price increase... slightly higher than inflation. Why should this one be any different? * ** List info, subscription management, list rules, archives, privacy ** ** policy, calmness, a

Re: [CGUYS] Was browsing newegg and this peaked my interest

2009-05-26 Thread Brian Jones
Interesting... a computer with no PCI expansion slots, and one drive bay. It's like having a laptop in a desktop box! - Brian - Original Message - From: Paul Cannon MSI Wind Nettop 100

Re: [CGUYS] How do I change the sizes pf the partirions?

2009-05-21 Thread Brian Jones
When I first joined this group, it was more about keeping computers running and less about politics (except for the occasional Mac vs. PC tussle). I still love to hear the innovative solutions to common problems, some of which I had not tried yet. Keep the good questions coming! - Brian

Re: [CGUYS] Kindle Sighting

2009-05-21 Thread Brian Jones
Remember the days when your computers' documentation outweighed your computer by about 3 to 1? - Original Message - From: Tom Piwowar Are electronic books sufficiently similar to MP3s that they will do to books what MP3s did to CDs?


2009-05-14 Thread Brian Jones
Interesting tool... Reverse lookup for images! Give it an image, and it can tell you the source. * ** List info, subscription management, list rules, archives, privacy ** ** policy, calmness, a

Re: [CGUYS] Cleaning the Inside of a Computer

2009-05-14 Thread Brian Jones
I am glad you have a clean computer... I believe the excessive dust can interfere with convective airflow which cools the chips... and hot chips mean shorter lifespan for the motherboard. While repairing customers computers, I have been using a 'reversed vacuum' for decades to blow out the

Re: [CGUYS] EMachines Recovery Disc cutoff date

2009-05-06 Thread Brian Jones
Thanks, Mark. EMachines (owned by Gateway last time I checked) makes good machines in cheap boxes with minimal power supply... and they have a website where we can still download the drivers for this machine... I just cannot get the RESTORE disc.Every EMachine I have ever owned (4 now)

[CGUYS] Need EMachine W31xx restore disc

2009-05-06 Thread Brian Jones
A customer failed to make his own set, now his restore partition is corrupted. Need to purchase restore set for Emachine W3107; W3115 and W3118 should work fine (same MB and DVD). As a last resort, I could put a commercial WinXP on it, but he would lose all of his bundled

Re: [CGUYS] Need EMachine W31xx restore disc

2009-05-06 Thread Brian Jones
Excellent Find! It's worth a try! ... They say they have it... $26.95 including shipping! Thanks, - Brian - Original Message - From: Jeff Wright This is not an endoresement of this service whatsoever, nor do I have any idea

[CGUYS] EMachines Recovery Disc cutoff date

2009-05-05 Thread Brian Jones
I am trying to repair a wormy EMachines W3107 with a damaged recovery partition. I contacted tech support for a disc set, and they said: We do not keep recovery disc images prior to March 2006. and they could not provide a set. This is a very disturbing development ... Comments? Help?;

Re: [CGUYS] Can´t install IE7

2009-04-29 Thread Brian Jones
I've had problems with uninstalling IE7 before... ended up in a loop where neither version worked correctly. ... try these hints: - Brian - Original Message - From: Marcio Subject: [CGUYS] Can´t install IE7 Now what?

Re: [CGUYS] Microsoft DRM Infects FireFox?

2009-04-29 Thread Brian Jones
WordPerfect achieved 78% market saturation, but not because it was nearly bug free; it was because they chose to not implement copy protection. Business would buy it, and the employees would copy it and take it home. When the employee went to a new company, they would recommend it! The EULA

Re: [CGUYS] Win98 printer issue

2009-04-28 Thread Brian Jones
Of course, try the obvious (reboot the computer, reboot the printer, replug, check the ink, try the printer and cable on another computer) If all else fails, a complete reinstall of the operating system may be your best solution. Win98 was not very stable... it usually needed to be erased and

[CGUYS] Conficker: Simple test with your browser!

2009-04-13 Thread Brian Jones
Hi All!(This info is from Mark Minasi's Newsletter) A guy named Joe Stewart, a fellow who's part of a group of concerned souls called the Conficker Working Group -- mostly big-name security and Internet infrastructure folks -- realized that because one of Conficker's side-effects is to

Re: [CGUYS] MS Sues TomTom for Using Linux

2009-02-27 Thread Brian Jones
It recall that Microsoft licensed QDOS in 1981 from a Seattle company to pitch Microsoft to IBM as the best provider of the PC operating system. Gates renamed it MS-DOS. QDOS (aka 86-DOS) copied CP/M's naming convention for portability of applications,

Re: [CGUYS] Windows Vista download

2009-02-20 Thread Brian Jones
I have avoided slipstreaming until now... quite involved to produce one, and it only works for one of dozens of target configurations. Mark Minasi mentioned that he could download slipstreamed versions (each SP release), and that caught my attention. Well, I am not a VIP, so I guess I will

[CGUYS] Windows Vista download

2009-02-18 Thread Brian Jones
Mark Minasi mentioned in his last newsletter that he 'downloaded' Vista Premium SP1 to repair his computer on the road. Does anyone know where that might be? Last month while passing through Nashville, some bozo knocked the window out of my van and took my computer took kit that was hidden

Re: [CGUYS] Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Mk 2 data transfer speed ?

2009-02-05 Thread Brian Jones
Answer: 32 Mbps write speed... It seems that this has been designed for higher R/W speeds than earlier Memory Sticks. Check out this animal: A flash drive with USB2 on one end, and eSATA on the other! Max speed: 3Gbps! I could not help but notice

Re: [CGUYS] Will Obama delay switch to HD?

2009-01-22 Thread Brian Jones
I got mine last year... went to the store all sold out. Later, I found one, with no remote control. I decided to wait. Finally found one I wanted, pulled out the coupon, discovered it had expired. Went to coupon website... Filled out forms again... told I already had my coupons (BUT THEY

Re: [CGUYS] Amazon Simple DB in the Cloud Now Free

2008-12-09 Thread Brian Jones
This could be a snake in the grass for unsuspecting souls. The free 'low volume' encourages development and testing, but if you choose to let anyone on the net use your database, you could be looking at hefty charges if your database becomes popular or is attacked by a bot (Amazon would not do

Re: [CGUYS] Digital Media Streamers/Receivers

2008-12-02 Thread Brian Jones
My TiVo does this, but it does not have a robust/rich interface... I don't recommend it. It also requires TiVo Server software on a network computer to access the music stored on a network drive. I know there are machines out there that can do this... - Brian - Original Message -

Re: [CGUYS] Lie Online, Go to Jail

2008-12-02 Thread Brian Jones
Full Disclosure: 1) My photograph listed in the location map was captured on another day. I have changed slightly every day since. 2) My spelling and grammer are not great. My spelling and grammer checker should be creditied for what you read. 3) WalMart is evil. (Hmmm..

Re: [CGUYS] news fyi: Microsoft to offer free consumer securit

2008-11-23 Thread Brian Jones
Microsoft still has 70% of the browser market: mainly because it is already installed when the system is loaded/reloaded. Since the hackers attack Windows most often, it makes sense for Microsoft to attempt to slow the assault via free

Re: [CGUYS] ACER beeping

2008-11-23 Thread Brian Jones
I have yet to see a PC BIOS that does not do this It is the way that the motherboard communicates a problem when the problem prevents normal communication (like text on the screen). It could be as simple as a mis-seated memory stick, or as serious as a damaged interface chip. The newer

Re: [CGUYS] better

2008-11-19 Thread Brian Jones
Yes. Worms are also cached... be sure to clear the cache after a through cleaning of worms, before the next reboot. Are you sure that .pf files are just pointers? some of my .pf files are over 1MB is size! - Brian - Original Message - From: RLeeSimon [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject:

Re: [CGUYS] xm radio

2008-11-18 Thread Brian Jones
Your XM radio is passive... it receives, but does not transmit. When you registered for service, you gave the serial number of your receiver to XM. XM sends a message to your XM to decode only the programs to which you subscribe. (all XM radio's receive the message, but only yours will react

Re: [CGUYS] better

2008-11-18 Thread Brian Jones
There are Sooo many things that can do that and a large one (as mentioned) is the hard drive. You mentioned that these machines have the same software... not likely, since they are from 2 different companies. Check the task manager and see what system programs are loaded. Motherboard design

Re: [CGUYS] Low system voltage problem solved?

2008-10-31 Thread Brian Jones
Sorry to differ, but I believe that the 'system clock' they are referring to is not the clock/calendar. There is a more important clock that determins the timing of gates as they open and close allowing signals to flow from one component to the next. Most computers boot up just fine without

Re: [CGUYS] TiVo question

2008-10-30 Thread Brian Jones
I have been out of town... and missed this conversation... the responses were off track. The TiVo lifetime contract is a gamble... $300 and no monthly payments, but only for the lifetime of your DVR. TiVo currently only offers lifetime contracts for the newer HD DVR's (Series 3) (works with

[CGUYS] Power Supply.. weight=robust?

2008-10-30 Thread Brian Jones
I have been purchasing replacement aftermarket power supplies and noticed that the new one (450w) is about half the weight of the one being replaced (150-200W). I am worried that the new power supply does not offer as much protection for the motherboard and components... should I worry? -

Re: [CGUYS] DSL Home Wiring

2008-08-31 Thread Brian Jones
Is there a box that splits the RJ-11 to RJ-45 for data? I've done ethernet networks but don't know about the hardware for telephone data lines. Thanks, Betty Your last question makes me think that you don't exactly understand the virutes of

Re: [CGUYS] eSnipe failure. need replacement

2008-08-25 Thread Brian Jones
- Original Message - From: Tom Piwowar [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [CGUYS] eSnipe failure. need replacement I still don't get it. eBay already lets you enter a maximum price, but the winning bid is set by the second highest price plus the auction's increment. I worry about a


2008-08-22 Thread Brian Jones
Make sure that your cookies are enabled properly and security is reasonable. Otherwise, you might just need a good cleanup of your operating system. I managed to order a single item just now, so I know they aren't down entirely. Strange.

Re: [CGUYS] Linux - it's not just for breakfast anymore

2008-08-22 Thread Brian Jones
Linux and OSX are daughters of Unix. Unix was not designed with security as a priority... it was designed for speed and efficiency to run on a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP computer that happened to be sitting around without any operating system on it. In graduate school, our instructor


2008-08-21 Thread Brian Jones
StarPower already has full access to your email account... they have no need for your password. Silly Phishing scam. - Brian -- Dear Subscriber, TERMINATION OF YOUR STARPOWER WEBMAIL ACCOUNT * ** List info,

Re: [CGUYS] Important Information Regarding Changes to Your Verizon Online Terms Of Service

2008-08-19 Thread Brian Jones
Could it be music, movies, video game DVD's, etc.? Sounds like they want to sniff your data stream (and make you agree to it). - Brian - Original Message - From: b_s-wilk [EMAIL PROTECTED] Besides child pornography, which can be very subjective, what are they looking for? Does

Re: [CGUYS] Important Information Regarding Changes to Your Ver

2008-08-19 Thread Brian Jones
Doesn't the right, but not the obligation, to free them from this burden? - Brian - Original Message - From: Tom Piwowar [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [CGUYS] Important Information Regarding Changes to Your Ver 4. Modifications to AUP. We have added language to our AUP making

Re: [CGUYS] Vista Dual Booting Disaster

2008-08-11 Thread Brian Jones
I remember that most Windows install CD's include a way to repair the master boot record (MBR) and point it to the boot sector of your partition. I have not tried it, but this web page seems to have your solution:

Re: [CGUYS] Vista Dual Booting Disaster

2008-08-11 Thread Brian Jones
Jay, If you want to look for it, there is a Microsoft Knowledge Base article describing the correct order to install various Windows operating systems with other operating systems. Some combinations are incompatible, and the article will show this in a table. - Brian - Original

Re: [CGUYS] AntivirXP08

2008-08-11 Thread Brian Jones
This might work: (from ) Unregister AntiVirXP08 DLL Files: %ProgramFiles%\[RANDOM NAME]\MFC71.dll %ProgramFiles%\[RANDOM NAME]\MFC71ENU.DLL %ProgramFiles%\[RANDOM NAME]\msvcp71.dll %ProgramFiles%\[RANDOM

Re: [CGUYS] please help with VISTA

2008-08-10 Thread Brian Jones
Each new release of Windows requires more RAM and horse power. I recommend as a minimum: A dual core processor and 2GB RAM (if you want to do more than run a single program). Vista is not so bad unless you want to run legacy software.. much better security, and several new features that I really

Re: [CGUYS] DSL line lightning

2008-08-08 Thread Brian Jones
Nope... Massachusetts and California like to think of themselves as idea leaders... so the rest of us just sit back and watch as then innovate and fail, and then steal the ideas that acutally work. Depending on who you listen to, some of the gloomier types say the rest of the US will face

Re: [CGUYS] Unusual sound on speakers

2008-07-30 Thread Brian Jones
Seriously now... I once had a sound card with (what I think was) a bad capacitor... it would randomly discharge making a horrible noise like you mentioned... much louder than the music/program that was playing. It would happen once or twice a day, with no real pattern. Upgrading the sound

Re: [CGUYS] esata

2008-07-28 Thread Brian Jones
, Jul 26, 2008 at 3:22 PM, Brian Jones [EMAIL PROTECTED]wrote: - Original Message - From: mike [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [CGUYS] esata I just hooked up a new 500 gig esata II drive to my vista 64 box. I have the correct driver installed but the drive isn't showing up in the list

Re: [CGUYS] Problems with Dell Power Supply

2008-07-28 Thread Brian Jones
Take it to someone who has replacement power supplies in stock for that machine. It might be as simple as putting in a new power supply or momentary switch, or as complex as replacing the montherboard (not needed as long as you can live with the problem.) Maybe you could set it to sleep when


2008-07-26 Thread Brian Jones
Original Message - From: Eric S. Sande [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [CGUYS] CUT AND PASTE. (PLEASE) Bottom quoting is for bottom feeders. I believe we have all been taught to read from the top of the page to the bottom of page. Please clarify... am I bottom quoting or top

Re: [CGUYS] esata

2008-07-26 Thread Brian Jones
- Original Message - From: mike [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [CGUYS] esata I just hooked up a new 500 gig esata II drive to my vista 64 box. I have the correct driver installed but the drive isn't showing up in the list for drives available to be safely removed. Am I missing a

Re: [CGUYS] iTunes mess

2008-07-24 Thread Brian Jones
I prefer to set my iTunes to use the MP3 format... more portability in case I decide to use another player. - Brian - Original Message - From: gerald [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [CGUYS] iTunes mess i loaded itunes and do like it. it took all my mp3 files and converted them to

Re: [CGUYS] I'm revisiting the memory dump thread I started from april

2008-06-13 Thread Brian Jones
If you mean IRQL rather than IRL, then This might help: How to debug a system after you receive Stop Error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Not for the faint of heart... I would try an opsys reload with fresh device drivers first! - Brian Larry Sacks

Re: [CGUYS] PC Speaker

2008-06-11 Thread Brian Jones
Not sure that I understand your problem either... please clarify. Some computers have a speaker built into the base unit... is that your situation? Or do you mean that you want to use your speakers built into your monitor instead of the speakers that came with your computer? Do your new

Re: [CGUYS] DSLR question (was over shooting

2008-06-05 Thread Brian Jones
* And it's far, far better and cheaper to have a $30 UV filter get broken than a $700 lens. * Hear, hear! I recently picked the pieces of my $30 UV filter out of my $800 Cannon zoom lens, and not a scratch on the lens itself! Something

Re: [CGUYS] AVG dissatisfaction

2008-06-04 Thread Brian Jones
I have not had AVG8 reboot my computer since I installed it last month. Change your settings... have AVG scan at the end of the day, not on reboot. DON'T reboot when it asks. Finish your work and then reboot when you go to lunch. A greyed out AVG icon just means that the latest version is not

Re: [CGUYS] LCD monitor question

2008-05-05 Thread Brian Jones
Paula, Dim LCD screen has become a common compaint, and there may be a solution! I have been repairing laptops recently, and they have a small board along the boarder of the LCD screen called the 'inverter'. It can cost as little as $20 in single quantity. According to

Re: [CGUYS] french

2008-04-25 Thread Brian Jones
I use foreign sets so infrequently that I prefer to just use SYSTEM TOOLS/Charactor Map to pick a letter. This would not be so good for someone who types french frequently. - Brian There are two ways you can insert or type foreign language characters or accents. I do it for German.

Re: [CGUYS] OT: GPS System: Any recommendations?

2008-04-14 Thread Brian Jones
I have been reading reviews this year, and it seems that the Tom Tom One (under $200) is a great tool at a great price. Comparison testing in Boston showed the Tom Tom One found the best routs (you would think they all could do this). I purchased this unit and have been using it for several

Re: [CGUYS] Crash dump on Vista

2008-04-14 Thread Brian Jones
Terry, Device driver incompatibility is the largest culprit. Try: 1) updating all of your device drivers from the manufacturers websites. Sometimes, it takes up to a year for the manufacturer to fix a device driver properly. 2) disable the 'sleep' and 'hibernate' power saving modes on your

Re: [CGUYS] Nat Geo Classroom

2008-03-18 Thread Brian Jones
I was just reading an article yesterday where insurance companies are no longer going to pay for hospital goofs. Can you imagine that Hospitals expected your and my insurance to cover them for their mistakes Hmmm... Maybe hospitals should pick and choose which patients they see so

Re: [CGUYS] USB cables

2008-03-04 Thread Brian Jones
- Original Message - From: Mike Sloane [EMAIL PROTECTED] I didn't catch the first message from Mr. Jones, but it is completely wrong. Hmm... this is the problem with a forum where we have experts and novices in various areas examining the same issue. When I try to simplify a response

Re: [CGUYS] USB cables

2008-03-03 Thread Brian Jones
I wonder if this is another occurrence of a monster cable up sell? Could be. As an audio guy I'm pretty aware of the whole cable issue. Yes you can spend way more money for cables than seems reasonable. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Per foot. In a digital transfer environment I'm

Re: [CGUYS] A windows 98 question

2008-03-01 Thread Brian Jones
I suspect a damaged registry. You may be forced to live with this problem until you can do a clean install of your operating system. You could try a registry cleaner, but it might make things worse. - Brian - Original Message - From: Mike Sloane [EMAIL PROTECTED] To:

Re: [CGUYS] win98 se?

2008-02-25 Thread Brian Jones
This happens, of course, when Windows does not shut down properly durng the previous shut-down. Do you see errors when you shut down? Does your CPU power itself off at the end of the shutdown, or do you have to press and hold the power button to get it to turn off? A worm can resist the shut

Re: [CGUYS] A windows 98 question

2008-02-22 Thread Brian Jones
Uninstall the IP stack, and reinstall it. I have seen this happen when a virus scanner or ad scanner removes a worm that has attached itself to the winsock. The links are not repaired, and the packets are lost in transit. There is also a winsock repair utility that I have used successfully

Re: [CGUYS] Windows family tree program needed was Mac X

2008-02-14 Thread Brian Jones
Any recommendations for a tree program that runs on Windows? I use Family Tree Maker.. one of the earliest to have solid support for pictures, creates huge all-in-one tree on any printer (you might find yourself splicing together dozens of pages), and it handles most anything you can

Re: [CGUYS] Windows family tree program needed was Mac X

2008-02-14 Thread Brian Jones
The Family Tree Maker software works with you to create your tree. Every 100 entries you make into the tree kicks off a message asking you to upload your tree to their servers to become part of the World Family Tree (which they then put on to CD's to resell to other program owners, and add to

[CGUYS] Using Laptop in Spain

2008-02-13 Thread Brian Jones
Dan, I am going to Spain next month (240v). I noticed my tiny Toshiba power supply says input: 100-240 volts, output: 19v. Are you saying that I do NOT need a step-down transformer? How does the transformer detect and switch modes? - Brian

Re: [CGUYS] Transferring files using DOS

2008-02-13 Thread Brian Jones
David, Under XP, the DOS box is interpreted... meaning it is running ON TOP OF the XP operating system. Each instruction from a program running in this box is translated through XP, just like it would when you use a graphical interface. Maybe he meant that he can type commands faster in

Re: [CGUYS] Using Laptop in Spain

2008-02-13 Thread Brian Jones
I knew about the power supplies with mechanical switches, and have seen these switches on laptop power supplies in the past. I presumed that they had discontinued this feature to make 'em cheaper, and to make travelers purchase 2 power supplies. You have restored my faith in mankind! -

Re: [CGUYS] Using Laptop in Spain

2008-02-13 Thread Brian Jones
computers, the manufacturer doesn't have to keep track of where in the world the machine is to be used - other than supplying a cord with the correct plug at one end. As for exactly how the sensing and switching is handled, you'd have to get a techie with a wiring diagram to explain. Dan :-) Brian

Re: [CGUYS] is isass.exe a virus?

2008-02-13 Thread Brian Jones
Lsass.exe, not isass.exe! lsass.exe is a system process of the Microsoft Windows security mechanisms. It specifically deals with local security and login policies. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. - Brian -

Re: [CGUYS] is isass.exe a virus?

2008-02-13 Thread Brian Jones
The lower case L looks like an I in the task manager. He mentioned that AVG did not see it as a threat. Unless his machine is acting strange, he should not worry about it. - Brian - Original Message - From: mike [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [CGUYS] is isass.exe a virus? But

Re: [CGUYS] USB drivers missing

2008-02-13 Thread Brian Jones
The USB drivers are included in WIN XP. They will install automatically. It almost sounds like maybe you have a USB device plugged in that may have been damaged or changed by the power fail/surge. Try unplugging all USB, then reboot to see if you get the message again. Then plug in each USB

Re: [CGUYS] USB drivers missing

2008-02-13 Thread Brian Jones
Has your error message disappared? - Original Message - From: Robert [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [CGUYS] USB drivers missing I followed your advice about unplugging the USB devices. I also unplugged the power supply even tho some were switched off. As I plugged them back in,

Re: [CGUYS] How stable is Excel?

2008-02-10 Thread Brian Jones
Constance, I have worked with Excel for two decades, and I can tell you that it will easily handle 5000 records on a STABLE machine. But I don't think the conversion is a good idea because of experiences I have had with 'systems' built on top of Excel Spreadsheets, Access DB, and MS Word.

[CGUYS] Vista and Printer Problems

2008-01-23 Thread Brian Jones
Has anyone had problems with Vista printer drivers quitting. It seems to happen each time I use my computer away from my home network. The printer icons become 'grayed out', and the spoolers report 'error printing'. The only solution I can find is to delete all the print jobs, delete the

Re: [CGUYS] Vista and Printer Problems

2008-01-23 Thread Brian Jones
Announcements and Discussion List [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Brian Jones Sent: 01/23/2008 12:06 PM To: COMPUTERGUYS-L@LISTSERV.AOL.COM Subject: [CGUYS] Vista and Printer Problems Has anyone had problems with Vista printer drivers quitting. It seems to happen each time I use my computer away from

Re: [CGUYS] State Taxes

2008-01-23 Thread Brian Jones
Gerald, I have no problem with paying taxes... My wife and I pay $59,000/yr to Federal and $11,000/yr to the state, and another $6,000/yr locally to the city and county for property (and our rates are low!) I am a small business and very overworked... the fewer forms and licenses the

Re: [CGUYS] The disappearance of bees...

2007-04-19 Thread Brian Jones
people used to go to Arizona to avoid allergies; They have since discovered that the desert plants produce excessive pollen that agrivates allergies. There is less mold in Arizona. We nearly lost 100's of species of birds before DDT was pulled from the pesticide market, including the bald

Re: [CGUYS] The disappearance of bees...

2007-04-19 Thread Brian Jones
Colony Collapse Disorder and Pollinator Decline Statement of May R. Berenbaum Professor and Head, Department of Entomology University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Chair, Committee on the Status of Pollinators in North America Board on Life Sciences and Board on Agriculture and Natural

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