Re: [CGUYS] electronics failures

2007-04-09 Thread Tony B
It is stress, yes. But so is *operating* at 35C. And the latter occurs far more than the former. On 4/9/07, Eric S. Sande [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: But modern electronics don't experience that. You have a chip that runs at 35C (idle) ramping from room temperature to operating spec. That is

Re: [CGUYS] What do your recommend? (was Electronic Failure)

2007-04-10 Thread Tony B
Simply shutting down doesn't protect against lightning surges. You must unplug the power as well as any wired connections. Too much trouble for most of us; get a UPS. My own comp is turned off for the night if I'm not doing anything with it. Our office machines are often left on for rendering,

Re: [CGUYS] DISCUSSION: XFN, social networking metatags

2007-04-11 Thread Tony B
Blogging (keeping a diary online) is ridiculous. People that think their blogs are read are deluded. People that think anyone cares about their 'social network' are even more deluded. Expecting us to update all our hyperlinks when our relationship with someone changes has to be one of the most

Re: [CGUYS] DISCUSSION: XFN, social networking metatags

2007-04-11 Thread Tony B
Sorry, I had no idea the owners of Myspace were bloggers and were making millions from it. Oh wait, they aren't. On 4/11/07, mike [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Ridiculous all the way to the bank for the owners of Myspace, *

[CGUYS] LED bulbs

2007-04-12 Thread Tony B
With recent breakthroughs, the first economic LED bulbs should be hitting stores this summer (so they say). They're more efficient even than fluorescent, so as soon as prices fall they'll be ubiquitous. On 4/12/07, b_s-wilk [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: New Jersey was one of the first states to

[CGUYS] Apple surging 30%

2007-04-21 Thread Tony B
Well, sort of, and that's the spin AppleInsider puts on the story. While I was running around last year saying Macs were 10% of the market, they were really only 4%. But they're up to 5% in 1Q 07.

Re: [CGUYS] Am I a spammer?

2007-04-27 Thread Tony B
Join the club. If even one person at say, AOL marks one of your emails as spam, they ALL get marked as spam. I eventually had to change my email to stay on the Cguys list. Worse, as you participate more in lists, your email gets deposited on more computers, and real spammers pick it up and

Re: [CGUYS] Fotowoosh

2007-04-27 Thread Tony B
It's real, as far as it goes. Which is mainly just distinguishing between the sky and the ground and everything else. Nothing you couldn't do in Photoshop in a few seconds. And then they require a special viewer. Nobody would like to see true 3D photography catch on more than myself, but this

Re: [CGUYS] Fwd: Today's Headlines: In Web Uproar, Antipiracy Code Spreads Wildly

2007-05-03 Thread Tony B
I've been wondering who was going to be the first to post the number here. Not me, I'm sick of seeing it. On 5/3/07, Fred Holmes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In Today's New York Times: In Web Uproar, Antipiracy Code Spreads Wildly By BRAD STONE Sophisticated Internet users have joined up to

Re: [CGUYS] Switch from dial-up to broadband

2007-05-03 Thread Tony B
I wouldn't want to screw with the existing network, so I'd take them all wireless. Well, two of them anyway. The two POS computers already are hardwired by a CAT5 cable for their networking * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND

[CGUYS] Female gamers

2007-05-03 Thread Tony B
You know, as of now this advice may need to be re-thought. Females now play more video games than men. And they play the vast majority on PCs. I don't even know if the games they like to play are available on Macs, except in their browser versions. It does, however, seem that laptops are just

Re: [CGUYS] Loss of quality in ripping CDs?

2007-05-08 Thread Tony B
It shouldn't. How does the cd sound to you? Question: is it possible to lose quality when ripping and re-recording as I've described? * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND REFERENCE - Put the following commands in == * == the body

Re: [CGUYS] Why not build back up function into the computer?? (was back up question: what to back up and what doesn't need backing up?)

2007-05-08 Thread Tony B
Because it's way too much trouble. And in the Real World, it just wouldn't work. People that want to back up, will. I see clients all the time that are only interested in saving their digital photos. They learn how to burn DVDs and they're done. They use webmail so they have little if anything

Re: [CGUYS] Why not build back up function into the computer?? (was back up question: what to back up and what doesn't need backing up?)

2007-05-09 Thread Tony B
One can only imagine the enterprise-class tape backups they must have. If you base things on past history, Google is 100% loss free. So am I at home, but most people would rather just not bother with it. On 5/9/07, Randy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does Google Docs back files up online? If so,


2007-05-16 Thread Tony B
IMHO Don't screw with RWs. You're right, the cost is prohibitive compared to use-once media. If you have 4.7G of data that needs to be rewritten a lot, use a flash drive. Or a usb2 drive. On 5/16/07, Steve Rigby [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How come a consumer cannot seem to be able to buy

Re: [CGUYS] Battery Question.

2007-05-17 Thread Tony B
It shouldn't. Of course, one could claim that being connected to the electrical lines during a thunderstorm is a bad idea. But, unlike cheap battery chargers, notebook batteries know when they're fully charged and won't allow themselves to be overcharged. If you leave the battery charger/power

Re: [CGUYS] Battery Question.

2007-05-17 Thread Tony B
True. But I don't think laptop batteries have used either for ages, if ever. And laptop batteries have internal circuitry to prevent the kinds of issues you raise. But these issues are still with us. A few months ago I finally bought a digital (still) camera and quickly learned only nimh

Re: [CGUYS] Battery Question.

2007-05-17 Thread Tony B
/07, Roger D. Parish [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At 8:38 PM -0400 5/17/07, Tony B wrote: But these issues are still with us. A few months ago I finally bought a digital (still) camera and quickly learned only nimh rechargeable batteries will do. So I bought the first charger I saw. What a laugh

Re: [CGUYS] how to get sound from tape into the computer

2007-05-18 Thread Tony B
I haven't been following this topic, but FWIW every now and then I have to do something like this. I've found that it's often easier to record to a digital format first, then bring it into the computer. Two obvious formats jump to mind: DVD and miniDV. If you have a miniDV camcorder, record to

Re: [CGUYS] Google desktop

2007-05-21 Thread Tony B
I dunno the answer; I've used several desktop search apps and never had much trouble. The last I used was the freeware X1 (; I never heard they had an X3 version (or a 13th version for that matter!). But I just gotta ask: What is it you do that you need to do these searches so

Re: [CGUYS] Google desktop

2007-05-22 Thread Tony B
Sort of. Preferences allows you to exclude specified files folders. Can you restrict what Google Desktop indexes to a particular set of files or set of directories? I know I can with Apple Spotlight. Maybe Google does this too?

Re: [CGUYS] Black space in screen

2007-05-24 Thread Tony B
Presumably this is because you're running at a different screen resolution. No biggie, just use the controls on the monitor to adjust the vertical size and centering. I dunno about clearer. Maybe you have Cleartype ( enabled on the

[CGUYS] computer troubleshooting

2007-05-25 Thread Tony B
Yes, but it would really dumb down the list if we didn't expect members to do certain things first before asking questions. The first of which is power cycling. I'll be darned if I'm going to keep repeating the obvious first steps with every single answer I ever give. I suppose we could add in

Re: [CGUYS] Fwd: Today's Headlines: Apple Releasing a Windows Browser

2007-06-12 Thread Tony B
Boring. Not even a mention of Firefox or Opera. No mention if it would be free. MUCH more interesting is the last line: Electronic Arts and Id announced that they would begin releasing popular games for the Macintosh simultaneously with Windows versions. On 6/12/07, Fred Holmes [EMAIL

Re: [CGUYS] LCD Life -- The Truth Be Known

2007-06-12 Thread Tony B
Ya, this is the worst kind of noob post. I 'heard' that fillintheblank lose half their life every year too. Want facts or a link? Look it up yourself, I can't be bothered. On 6/12/07, mike [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Where did you read it? Now that LEDs are replacing the ELPs in LCDs, finally

Re: [CGUYS] LCD Life -- The Truth Be Known

2007-06-13 Thread Tony B
I believe you have read the article incorrectly. Or it's just that we're all in danger of discussing different things with all these acronyms being thrown around. The second article mentions *OLED's* as having a 10,000 hour lifespan in *2004*. On 6/13/07, Kee, Arnold [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [CGUYS] adobeupdater.exe

2007-06-15 Thread Tony B
I'm not having the problem, but I glanced at the thread you quoted and FYI the renaming option should only be tried if the *better* option of turning off the updater in Preferences doesn't work. On 6/15/07, Ralph [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm surprised to not see any reports of problems with

Re: [CGUYS] my upgrade

2007-06-21 Thread Tony B
I'd be real surprised if you don't notice a difference with the 1G(?) of ram. 256mb just isn't enough for XP and it should have always been churning away on the old disk. FYI, I'm using about 512mb on startup these days. ie, I have 1.5g (of my 2g) left free as I write this. PS I've heard

Re: [CGUYS] blue screen????

2007-06-23 Thread Tony B
It usually means some sort of hardware failure. But can also be a driver failure. Or just about anything. Try for some help with your specific error. Good Luck. On 6/23/07, Judy Cosler [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ok, I've never paid too much attention to

Re: [CGUYS] DVD Decoder for Windows 2000

2007-06-23 Thread Tony B
Actually, the move from Win98 (the DOS kernel) to Win2k (the NT kernel) was a major upgrade. Well worth it. The last big upgrade in Windows. Have you tried the open source VLC ( On 6/23/07, Kee, Arnold [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello all: For those of you fully

Re: [CGUYS] Internet broadcasters and royalties

2007-06-30 Thread Tony B
This goes much deeper. Americans have been cowed. When the RIAA first started running roughshod over our congress, we should have protested. Instead, we sit like meek little sheep. If this nonsense upsets you, don't for god's sake watch Sicko.

Re: [CGUYS] E-Mail Clients

2007-07-02 Thread Tony B
I suppose in theory you are correct. But to bring it to the Real World, please cite some examples where anyone has hacked and read someone else's email on gmail, yahoo mail, or MSN, or anywhere else for that matter. Besides, I dunno what type of super secret business you think the OP is in, but

Re: [CGUYS] scanner misery

2007-07-05 Thread Tony B
I dunno. Sounds like you've touched all the right bases. But one thing's for sure: next time you install the OS, make sure this unit is the first thing you get functioning *before* you install updates and other software. And check it periodically as you do so to narrow down the problem. I

Re: [CGUYS] Passport RFID

2007-07-12 Thread Tony B
Yes, it does. In many hostage situations the first thing terrorists do is collect passports. Up to now we've been protected against blind terrorists, but with RFID even visually impaired terrorists can tell we're from the US! On 7/12/07, Constance Warner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sorry to be so

Re: [CGUYS] Fwd: Did you get the funny sunglasses?

2007-07-12 Thread Tony B
Cool. We're _all_ getting funny sunglasses? On 7/12/07, Tom Piwowar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Subject: Did you get the funny sunglasses? Sent:7/10/20 3:33 PM Received:7/12/07 1:18 PM Enclosures: Administaff-Tag.jpg octback.jpg Thomas, Did you get my little gift

Re: [CGUYS] storing CD's in jewel boxes

2007-07-14 Thread Tony B
It wasn't easy, but one day I finally threw all my jewel cases away. It still hurts to toss one out. But like everyone else, I'm using binders. * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND REFERENCE - Put the following commands in == * ==

Re: [CGUYS] external HDD format

2007-07-19 Thread Tony B
NTFS is inherently more secure. All our externals are NTFS. On 7/19/07, rlsimon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: have a laptop winxpprosp2 ...question is whether I should leave it fat32 (not likely to use it with any other computer except maybe the laptop) or reformat ntfs first ...thoughts?

Re: [CGUYS] wmv file behavior

2007-07-22 Thread Tony B
The person encoding the file sets these options at the time of conversion. Often it has nothing to do with advertisers and everything to do with unfamiliarity with the encoder. On 7/22/07, Tom Piwowar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Why do some Windows Media (wmv) files permit using the FF and REW

Re: [CGUYS] Very Entertaining Dell Computer

2007-07-24 Thread Tony B
Presumably his antivirus is obsessing. I got one of those jet engine CPU fans once. You could hear it from outside. I had no choice but to replace it. It was the standard Intel fan. I swore I'd never buy another one, but eventually another system came in with one, which actually ran normally. Go

Re: [CGUYS] Google Bookmarks

2007-07-26 Thread Tony B
Dunno. Working fine here. I don't use the Google Toolbar. Maybe that's what's causing the problems? On 7/26/07, Harvey Simon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Stay away from Gmarks. I had trouble with it. For one thing, Firefox

Re: [CGUYS] LCD screen for photographer

2007-07-26 Thread Tony B
You can do this with an LCD as well. It's just that you probably don't want to, because the picture is sharper if you use the screen's native resolution. In either case, the picture is probably a lot sharper than a CRT. Hard to believe until you actually try it. I prefer a CRT because I can

Re: [CGUYS] Google Bookmarks

2007-07-26 Thread Tony B
to. If you search for Google Bookmarks in Firefox Add-ons, there are actually 12 possibilities. Tony B wrote: The Gmarks Firefox add-on has a painless importer. * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND REFERENCE - Put the following commands

Re: [CGUYS] Google Bookmarks

2007-07-26 Thread Tony B
The Gmarks Firefox add-on has a painless importer. On 7/26/07, Jordman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I thought I'd give Google bookmarks a try. Is there a way to get my bookmarks in there in bulk, or does it have to be done 1 at a time?

Re: [CGUYS] Apple Posts Record Quarterly Profit

2007-07-26 Thread Tony B
Presumably those 'demanding' Macs are using them to run Windows, because hits on my site are holding steady at around 2%. Oddly, not too much more than are running Windows Longhorn (Windows Server 2008) (1.6%). It's got to be particularly galling to Mac fanboys that in order to gain any kind of

Re: [CGUYS] Backup App for PC

2007-07-25 Thread Tony B
I too have been drive imaging for years. I partitioned my C drive small enough to fit on a (couple) DVD(s) and keep all my really important stuff there. Daily incremental images and monthly images to DVD(s). Last I tried Acronis it wouldn't recognize my SATA drives at all. These days I'm using

Re: [CGUYS] Apple Posts Record Quarterly Profit

2007-07-29 Thread Tony B
Nice theory, but I run an open community site in the Washington DC area, not a PC oriented site. If anything, one would expect a _higher_ than normal percentage of Mac users. On 7/29/07, b_s-wilk [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Come on, Mark. Maybe 2% is all the Mac visitors to Tony's site. The rest

Re: [CGUYS] Why web usage statistics are worse than meaningless

2007-07-31 Thread Tony B
Translation: I don't like your stats, therefore they are meaningless and nonsensical. On 7/31/07, Tom Piwowar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Following up on some recent posts that made little sense... * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND

Re: [CGUYS] Why web usage statistics are worse than meaningless

2007-07-31 Thread Tony B
I guess you weren't paying attention yesterday when you claimed they ARE visiting, only they're all wearing IE disguises. :) On 7/31/07, Tom Piwowar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I read the whole thing. Nothing new. That's why I provided the handy translation for those that don't want to waste the

Re: [CGUYS] Vista a disappointment

2007-08-01 Thread Tony B
I have yet to hear of anyone that particularly *likes* Vista, so I doubt you'll get much argument. On 8/1/07, Tom Piwowar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Acer president Gianfranco Lanci did tell Financial Times Deutschland that the whole [PC] industry is disappointed with Windows Vista.

Re: [CGUYS] Speech recognition software

2007-08-02 Thread Tony B
I'd have to see it to believe it. Even if it got the sounds right 100% of the time (highly unlikely), there's simply no way it could deduce homonyms correctly, which would be needed for proper punctuation at least. I don't see any way of doing this project with any degree of accuracy short of

Re: [CGUYS] swap drives

2007-08-03 Thread Tony B
We use el cheapo Genica EIDE drive bays. Like $10 for a male-female combo. But I dunno that I _prefer_ them over any other brands, it's just that now we've got so many it's not like I can test a lot of others. They _do_ have fans. Our biggest problem has always been the nature of the EIDE bus.

[CGUYS] CPU load question

2007-08-04 Thread Tony B
Not to butt in, but on any computer that simply has graphics programs open, your idling load should be close to 0% CPU. Idle priority tasks like indexing, defragging, or malware scans will raise this, but should be obvious because of the disk activity. It could also be malware activity like a

Re: [CGUYS] burning videos on to dvds

2007-08-09 Thread Tony B
The MC3 doesn't seem to have a tuner. I wouldn't get one that couldn't be used for recording programs when I was finished with it. And I wouldn't mess with DL double layer DVDs. Too expensive, too much trouble. They'll never catch on. PS Don't throw away the originals. You'll likely need to

Re: [CGUYS] Internet censoring

2007-08-10 Thread Tony B
What amazes me about this 'news' is that anyone actually believes executives from ATT were monitoring the concert and either knew in advance when to cut the sound, or were so fast on the ball they cut it in time to do any censoring. Or that any of them particularly like GW anyway. On 8/10/07,

Re: [CGUYS] Bill Nye, the anti-God Science Guy

2007-08-18 Thread Tony B
The lesser light referred to is moonshine. I see no contradiction. The person to be ashamed here is the people's pastors, who clearly haven't made much effort to teach them how to read the bible. Then again, some modern day countries are run by people like those, so I guess it's our duty to try

[CGUYS] staying on-topic

2007-08-18 Thread Tony B
The topic isn't 'computers', it's the Computer Guys show. The show no longer exists(?), so unless we can figure out a way to kill off the list, we're all stuck with the off-topic stuff. But I know how to read selectively, and for the most part this list stays on topic.

Re: [CGUYS] Saving videos to PC

2007-08-26 Thread Tony B
1. Is there a way to save the DVD content to their computer in AVI format? If these are standard DVD's, yes, any DVD ripper will do that. I've only found one that will rip the whole thing to a single AVI without splitting it up - AllDJ DVD Ripper. If it's writing mpeg4 or somesuch then it's

Re: [CGUYS] YahooGroups Problem - Please Help

2007-08-28 Thread Tony B
I've never had that specific problem, but my Yahoo account has been hacked twice making it impossible for me to do ANY moderating on my list for long periods. I didn't think AOL did public groups. The alternative is Google Groups I believe. I'm only in one; they seem the same. I run a

Re: [CGUYS] YahooGroups Problem - Please Help

2007-08-29 Thread Tony B
That just bears out what I said. We show 267 active members (out of 868), and in the month of July there were 4,308 posts! Of course, that doesn't count the shoutbox or chatroom or PMs. On 8/29/07, Alvin Auerbach [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tony, thanks for your reply. We currently have over 340

Re: [CGUYS] Digital TV

2007-08-30 Thread Tony B
There have been rumblings like that for years, but I'd be surprised if anyone really does it. I mean, as people buy HD TV's, they're going to expect HD pictures. I don't get WMPT here, so I'll have to take your word for it that they've made this decision. I'm mostly curious to know *what* they're

Re: [CGUYS] Strange problem

2007-09-13 Thread Tony B
Since you asked for other thoughts, I have one. Stop using IE. PS I've had no great luck with Windows networking recently, so don't even get me started. access the sites I want. When I try I get the message that IE could connect with the site. Then, once in a while I do get the sites... Any

Re: [CGUYS] Opinions on this?

2007-09-14 Thread Tony B
This all gets back to these ridiculous licenses we're forced to agree to when we install software. We buy a car, we own it, to do with as we please. But we buy software, the publisher retains ownership and can do with it as _they_ please.

Re: [CGUYS] Opinions on this?

2007-09-15 Thread Tony B
I may not own their IP, but I _can_ own a *binary copy*. On 9/15/07, b_s-wilk [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You can own a bicycle. You can own a refrigerator. You can own a computer. However you can only license the code that makes the computer do things for you--you don't own someone else's

Re: [CGUYS] Culling Vista

2007-09-16 Thread Tony B
I wouldn't. I'd sooner buy a bigger hard drive - they're cheap. On 9/16/07, Harvey Simon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I sent in this question earlier, but it kind of got lost in the shuffle. It boiled down to this: Does anyone have any suggestions for Windows files that I can harmlessly eliminate

[CGUYS] A Window of Opportunity for Macs, Soon to Close

2007-09-16 Thread Tony B The Mac's worldwide market share was 3 percent as of June 2007... That forlorn number looks even worse compared with Apple's peak worldwide share of 14 percent in 1984, the year the Macintosh was introduced and sales of Apple II computers

Re: [CGUYS] Processor speed for video work

2007-09-19 Thread Tony B
While one cannot say more cpu power hurts, a good editor and a cheap cpu can do the same, it just takes longer to render. As long as it finishes overnight, I really don't care. Video is one of the vertical markets Macs enjoy (along with publishing), but I personally feel the system is very

Re: [CGUYS] restore point in XP

2007-09-20 Thread Tony B
I wish I had a good answer for you, but I don't. I assume you don't have a disk image you can restore? I hope at least you have good backups. Maybe we could fix whatever problem has you trying to restore? We'd need lots more info like the OS, etc. On 9/19/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [CGUYS] iTunes updates

2007-09-21 Thread Tony B
...not to mention all the ancillary stuff iTunes installs. I recently had to install it again to buy a tune I needed, but after a week I just couldn't take it anymore and have uninstalled it. Oddly, Walmart forced me to install some odd app too (Program Updates), but at least it just seems to be

Re: [CGUYS] CSI goes to Second Life

2007-10-05 Thread Tony B
I think online communities take a step down when tied to so many fancy computer graphics. And oddly, the last time I tried my nice gamer nvidia card in 2ndlife it ran like molasses. On 10/5/07, Constance Warner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I guess you could call this one, computers go where no

Re: [CGUYS] XP Pro n' AHA-19160/39320

2007-10-10 Thread Tony B
Note that you must connect a floppy drive first, and it must be enabled in the BIOS. And it's gotta have a driver on it (check their website). On 10/10/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tony, I laughed at myself, when you asked that question. That was rather vague of me. The

Re: [CGUYS] XP Pro n' AHA-19160/39320

2007-10-10 Thread Tony B
just changed the boot order in the BIOS(not SCSI) so, the CD-R/W would be first. I tried to create a 'bootable' floppy disk but, I can't even do that from the other desktop, I am accessing my e-mail from. Christopher -- Original message -- From: Tony B [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: [CGUYS] to remove a 2nd os

2007-10-11 Thread Tony B
You've got the whole concept of a removable drive wrong. You don't install the OS to the removable, only your data. At this point you're playing with fire, as I don't think the 2nd install is going to come off nearly as easy as you think it is. If there's any important data on that drive, I'd

Re: [CGUYS] Mac Administrator

2007-10-11 Thread Tony B
It wasn't. Unless he CHANGED THE SUBJECT LINE. And he should know better. On 10/11/07, John DeCarlo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Jeff, I am glad you thought this was on topic. On 10/11/07, Jeff Wright [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Oh yes, the much vaunted Mac ease of use.

Re: [CGUYS] XP Pro n' AHA-19160/39320

2007-10-12 Thread Tony B
What the heck is an AHA-39320? I know you don't expect us to take the time to look it up, so how is that 'simple'? Anyway, chances are it will need drivers from a floppy drive - one of the first prompts during the XP setup. disappeared from the BIOS, XP Pro still recognized it. I decided, I

Re: [CGUYS] Mac Market Share Grows

2007-10-18 Thread Tony B
The problem with those figures is they don't show OS share, only hardware. As has been obvious on this list for some time now, a lot of people are buying Macs and installing Windows. It's getting rare to find a Mac owner that doesn't run both OS's, thus seriously skewing the stats. On 10/18/07,

Re: [CGUYS] Mac Market Share Grows

2007-10-18 Thread Tony B
Who said anything about mostly? The math is simple. To simplify: If two people in the world own computers, and each owns a copy of Windows, but only one owns a copy of Mac OSX, then despite Mac sales being at 50%, there are *twice* as many Windows owners. In the old days the numbers would have

Re: [CGUYS] I HATE FLASH!! And I love Flash.

2007-10-22 Thread Tony B
You shouldn't be experiencing slowdowns just because you're viewing Flash. Unless maybe you've got really old version or old video drivers. I don't know either what the fascination is. Possibly because the only other real alternative is .wmv and some people just hate anything to do with

Re: [CGUYS] I HATE FLASH!! And I love Flash.

2007-10-22 Thread Tony B
We're approaching this from different angles. In the video world, .wmv is most certainly a web standard. And it was long before .flv (Flash). But that has nothing to do with your complaint about porky animations on websites. But again, once the Flash is loaded, you shouldn't experience slowdowns.

[CGUYS] Standards Flash

2007-10-23 Thread Tony B
As much as you might not like to admit it, when an OS generates 92% of the traffic on a website, that's a standard. 91% of that is Windows versions that can play .wmv9 with no trouble. [stats pulled from my own community website just now] Yes, pro video people use wmv9 all the time these days for

Re: [CGUYS] Standards Flash

2007-10-29 Thread Tony B
Oh please. Can we stop the topic hijacking already? I started this thread to educate someone about today's video standards (thus the subject!). If you want to start a We worship Steve topic please do it, but don't try to turn every discussion into a Mac rant. On 10/29/07, Tom Piwowar [EMAIL

Re: [CGUYS] undelete Canon pix on Canon SD card?

2007-10-29 Thread Tony B
They should be in your Recycle Bin. Check there first. On 10/29/07, db [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I just mistakenly deleted a bunch of Canon digital jpg. pics on a SD card that I erroneously thought I had previously copied to my XP Pro

Re: [CGUYS] Standards Flash--missing emails?--

2007-10-30 Thread Tony B
You're not missing anything, she is. She started a thread ranting about Flash use on the web. I came at it from my own involvement with Flash which is video related. I started _this_ thread when it became obvious we were talking about two different things - Flash web animations and the newer Flash

Re: [CGUYS] Using Second Life as a platform

2007-10-30 Thread Tony B
No, I've had broadband for years. It was odd, as the welcoming area didn't drag too badly. But when I went into the main areas it was unusable. I've never played any other MMORPGs so I have nothing to compare it to but FPS's (eg HL2, Oblivion) which run fine. Are you on dial-up? That will

Re: [CGUYS] Fastest vista notebook

2007-10-30 Thread Tony B
A more interesting question would be: How well do these notebooks run Mac OS and Linux? Of course, any OS that won't install easily on any modern computer should be eliminated from the competition. The article says this thing sets speed records but I don't see any links to comparisons. People

Re: [CGUYS] right click dialog (context) item annoying

2007-10-31 Thread Tony B
I think that option is only present during the install and cannot be turned off later in Preferences. You can try repairing the install from Add/Remove Programs. Or just uninstall it. No graphics software is necessary to run a webcam in WinXP. On 10/30/07, rlsimon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I

Re: [CGUYS] Using Second Life as a platform

2007-11-01 Thread Tony B
FWIW I've never been able to run SL at anything better than slideshow frame rates, despite having a good gaming machine that has no trouble with any of the latest gaming challenges. Online virtual worlds are nothing new, but SL is a poor implementation of it, despite all the press it generates on

Re: [CGUYS] Trying something new...

2007-11-02 Thread Tony B
Unless you need to send the signal in the opposite direction, just install a reflector. On 11/2/07, Marcio V. Pinheiro [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: My daughter now has a new Toshiba Laptop. I have a wireless network

[CGUYS] travel

2007-11-02 Thread Tony B
Tell me about it. As bad as the state of broadband is in the US, the only thing worse is trying to live online from a hotel dialup or a cafe! It's hard to find all of the thread changes in an Internet cafe on a timed PC connection. Travel is my therapy. I feel wonderful.

Re: [CGUYS] Reliable, free broadband speed test sites?

2007-11-03 Thread Tony B
I wonder why my Comcast connection rivals the FIOS? At least in raw speed. With only a 5ms ping on the FIOS, it's pretty obvious the testing server is right there inside the Verizon cloud. mine: FIOS posted earlier:

Re: [CGUYS] Ah! Therapy!

2007-11-05 Thread Tony B
Oh, in case you really care, I believe a new version of the popular Flip4Mac has just been released. Makes working with WMV lots easier on Macs. For us non-professionals of course. :) Whatever you do, don't read the testimonials; I'm sure they're all written by skanky Windows fanboys.

Re: [CGUYS] Website Browser question

2007-11-10 Thread Tony B
Looks fine to me in the latest Firefox, Opera, and MSIE 6. I guess she figured it out already.? On Nov 10, 2007 4:58 PM, Stephen Brownfield [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A friend/volunteer has worked on a web page for a number of years (5yrs.). All of the sudden some of the newer browsers load a

Re: [CGUYS] I need help with defaults

2007-11-12 Thread Tony B
You forgot to tell us what you've already done to try to solve the problem. Normally you'd simply right click a jpg or pdf and select Open With, browse to the app you want if you don't see it in the list, and check always use this program But I assume you've already tried that and it doesn't

Re: [CGUYS] Imaging w/Ghost 12

2007-11-16 Thread Tony B
Right click the icon and Define new backup. The wizard will walk you through it. On Nov 16, 2007 4:54 PM, Joe Tseng [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I finally took delivery of a laptop and a copy of Ghost 12 so I can figure out how to make an image of the hard drive and burn/span it across

[CGUYS] Bluetooth Stereo Cassette

2007-11-18 Thread Tony B
Does anyone sell Bluetooth stereo cassette adapters? Web searches are only turning up this two year old announcement: TIA * == QUICK LIST-COMMAND

Re: [CGUYS] display properties

2007-11-22 Thread Tony B
I'm not even sure what a scrollbar is. Is that the boat on the right of windows? If so, it's never occurred to me to try to change it, maybe because I use my middle mouse button for most scrolling. There certainly aren't any fonts on it to change, so I'm not sure what you're describing isn't

Re: [CGUYS] Stop Error Fixes?

2007-11-25 Thread Tony B
So you've been lucky. Keep in mind we're talking about *someone else's* computer here. Try telling a client I might be able to suppress the error* in 8 billable hours and see how they react to the much cheaper and much more certain OS reinstall. Keep in mind in this day of malware and rootkits,

Re: [CGUYS] Stop Error Fixes?

2007-11-27 Thread Tony B
Both of those are indicating unspecified hardware failures. At this point, reinstalling the OS is really a last ditch effort; not particularly likely to solve the problem. First I'd have the owner reinstall their drivers from the drivers disk. That includes several like audio, LAN, motherboard,

Re: [CGUYS] removing Norton

2007-11-28 Thread Tony B
Note that, like many things you read on the internet, the suggestion that removing Norton Antivirus will help whatever problem you're having is probably inaccurate. Every time you hear 1 (or 10 or 20) members bash [fill in the blank software/hardware/OS], you have to ask yourself: If it's so bad,

Re: [CGUYS] [CGUYS} TCM Member Alert - what you can do to oppose the computer service tax

2007-11-28 Thread Tony B
I was all ready to point you to, but if this is actually true it's one of the wackiest laws I've ever heard of. It would certainly mean I'd have to charge tax if I looked at a computer, but not a washing machine.? I've been in the service industry all my life and we've never charged tax

Re: [CGUYS] Case feet

2007-11-28 Thread Tony B
A couple of people answered you the last time you asked. At the time I resisted, but since you asked again, I'll ask: Why do you NEED feet on your case anyway?. I can't remember the last time I put them on a system I've built. Although, it's been a while since a case I've bought included

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