[libreoffice-conference] Group photo

2015-09-24 Thread Sophie Gautier
Hi all, This is a reminder that there is the group photo today during the afternoon brake. Make sure to be there, because if you don't appear on the photo, there will be no cake for you ;) The meeting point is on the terrace near the cantine, see you there at 16:00! Cheers Sophie -- Sophie

Re: [libreoffice-conference] Directions to hack fest and university dinner

2015-09-24 Thread carsten agger
You need a two zone ticket, as you only move in two zones. Several people traveling together could get a multiride ticket in any kiosk. That should also be for two zones. On 24. sep. 2015 09.22.26 CEST, Florian Haftmann wrote: >Dear Carsten, > >>

[libreoffice-conference] Lunch break, share the rooms :)

2015-09-24 Thread Sophie Gautier
Hi all, We have been told that we should try to not occupy all the tables during the lunch break to leave room for the public gathering at the cantine (tables belong to the cantine and we are in a public place) and share the space. So it would be great if tomorrow we use the rooms at our disposal

[libreoffice-conference] Notice to all presenters

2015-09-24 Thread Leif Lodahl
I would like to remind all presenters to send your presentation to Sophie as soon as possible. For those of you that has been giving live presentations: *The live demo can not be recorded on video so we would kindly ask you to embed a few screen shots in your presentation.* Thank you. Leif

[libreoffice-conference] [Important] mini HDMI to HDMI adapter

2015-09-24 Thread Sophie Gautier
Hi all, We are missing a mini HDMI to HDMI adapter in the Nort room. So please check if you didn't take it with you inadvertendly. If it's the case, give it to Leif or me. In the same way, check before you leave the room, when packing your things, that you don't bring with you adaptors or other

[libreoffice-conference] Hackfest and Party this evening.

2015-09-24 Thread Sophie Gautier
Hi all, - hackfest: If you are attending the hackfest, you can move over there from 17:30 on, the place will be open and people can gather there - party If you are attending the party, the room will be open from 18:00. Looking forward to meeting you there Cheers Sophie -- Sophie Gautier

Re: [libreoffice-conference] Directions to hack fest and university dinner

2015-09-24 Thread Florian Haftmann
Dear Carsten, > You need to take bus no. 13 from the opposite side of the street wrt DOKK1. do you have a recommendation at hand what ticket to buy exactly? Thanks a lot, Florian -- PGP available:

[libreoffice-conference] Thorsten talk cancelled this afternoon

2015-09-24 Thread Sophie Gautier
Hi all, Thorsten has to cancel his talk this afternoon, it was at 15:30 in StoreSalNorth and on LibreOffice as a ZeroInstall document editing solution. Apologize for the last minute information. Cheers Sophie -- Sophie Gautier GSM:+33683901545 IRC: sophi

[libreoffice-conference] Silverstripe Q / Tutorial during Hackfest

2015-09-24 Thread Christian Lohmaier
Hi *, I'll be available to answer questions regarding the useage of silverstripe and development for silverstripe. I have virtualbox VM with plain installation of silverstipe - so if you're interested you can have a copy (it's ubuntu based). Also if you have questions on how to do specific

[libreoffice-conference] Carpooling Aarhus -> Copenhagen

2015-09-24 Thread Mihkel T├Ánnov
Hi, Is there someone who drives to Copenhagen tomorrow (Friday) evening/afternoon and has too much free room in the car? Would offer some company and of course gas money :) Br, Mihkel -- To unsubscribe e-mail to: conference+unsubscr...@global.libreoffice.org Problems?

[libreoffice-conference] Photos of talks

2015-09-24 Thread Sam Tuke
Hi All, I've taken some pictures of talks and the conference and put them on my ownCloud server. You're welcome to use them. Please be considerate of the person who is depicted if you do. You can click on a picture to view it larger in ownCloud, then use arrow keys to quickly navigate to the next

Re: [libreoffice-conference] New talk from Cor: LibreLex

2015-09-24 Thread Cor Nouws
Sophie Gautier wrote on 24-09-15 13:42: > Cor will present LibreLex: flexible, highly configurable document creation > extension for LibreOffice with advanced functionality. > It will be at 10:00 tomorrow in room M2. Thanks for adding this to the program, Sophie. To add: I was giving a demo