configuration basics

2008-06-29 Thread Chris Anderson
that's not really an option. Thanks! Chris -- Chris Anderson

Re: process limits for streaming jar

2008-06-27 Thread Chris Anderson
the task trackers, in order to make the limit apply? That seems unlikely - I'd really like to manage this parameter on a per-job level. Thanks for any input! Chris -- Chris Anderson

process limits for streaming jar

2008-06-25 Thread Chris Anderson
for managing resources used by the processes spawned by streaming jar? Ideally I'd like to run my ruby scripts under nice. I can hack something together with wrappers, but I'm thinking there might be a configuration option to handle this within Streaming jar. Thanks for any suggestions! -- Chris

Re: realtime hadoop

2008-06-23 Thread Chris Anderson
you describe, and it's working well. Chris -- Chris Anderson

contrib EC2 with hadoop 0.17

2008-06-07 Thread Chris Anderson
of known hosts. localhost: no tasktracker to stop stopping namenode localhost: no datanode to stop localhost: no secondarynamenode to stop conf files in /usr/local/hadoop-0.17.0 == # cat conf/slaves localhost # cat conf/masters localhost -- Chris Anderson

Re: hadoop on EC2

2008-05-28 Thread Chris Anderson
on EC2 :), we do protect the hadoop web processes by putting a proxy in front of it. A user connects to the proxy, authenticates, and then gets the output from the hadoop process. All of the redirection magic happens via a localhost connection, so no data is leaked unprotected. -- Chris

Re: hadoop on EC2

2008-05-28 Thread Chris Anderson
impractical. Better to do the proxy thing. This would be a nice addition to the Hadoop EC2 AMI (which is super helpful, by the way). Thanks to whoever put it together. -- Chris Anderson