[CUCBC Coxes] Information for Saturday's racing

2018-03-02 Thread PETER CONVEY
Dear all Thank you for the cooperation and efforts of the divisions we did manage to run today, I am pleased with how they went. Also, a VERY big thanks to all those who helped with towpath clearing, this was a very big effort, and without it the racing would not have been possible. Our

[CUCBC Coxes] Lent Bumps 2018 Friday Results and Notes & Fines

2018-03-02 Thread Conor Burgess
Dear all, The results of today’s racing are available here: http://www.cucbc.org/lents Notes from the Umpires The CUCBC Commitees are extremely grateful to everyone who gave up their evening and morning to help shovel and grit the towpath. It was a major

[CUCBC Coxes] Green Flag

2018-03-02 Thread flag
The flag is Green. There are no restrictions on which crews may boat. The CUCBC Committee __ CUCBC Coxes Mailing List coxes@lists.cucbc.org Unsubscribe: Send blank email with subject "unsubscribe" to coxes-requ...@lists.cucbc.org List Manager: webmas...@cucbc.org

[CUCBC Coxes] Towpath today

2018-03-02 Thread Isabel Nimmo
Hi all, The towpath is covered again, but in loose soft snow rather than the hard pack of Thursday. So it should respond fairly well to scraping rather than the chipping needed last time. There are also nice clear sections in Ploufh reach - huge thanks again to this who cleared it

[CUCBC Coxes] Racing today

2018-03-02 Thread PETER CONVEY
Dear all Initial inspection this morning confirms that the river is not frozen, however wind and temperature conditions at present are very similar to yesterday's, therefore the risks of serious problems arising following any obstruction during racing remain. The wind is forecast to drop

Re: [CUCBC Coxes] Racing today

2018-03-02 Thread Conor Burgess
Dear all, As a result of the W3 & M3 divisions being cancelled, the first set of Bumps Marshals (12:50-14:20) for today are no longer required. The second (14:10-15:40) and third sets (15:30-17:00) should expect to turn up as normal unless they hear otherwise. Best wishes, Conor On 2 March 2018

[CUCBC Coxes] Fwd: further update on racing today

2018-03-02 Thread Isabel Nimmo
Apologies for the bonus message but it seems to have gone astray for some captains and coxes. Please see the below. Special note to W2 marshal on station at baitsbite as you are the first division of the day. Best wishes, Isabel -- Forwarded message -- From: *'PETER CONVEY'

[CUCBC Coxes] further update on racing today

2018-03-02 Thread PETER CONVEY
Dear all further to my earlier message, we have carried out another river inspection late morning, and at this point we confirm we are intending to run M2/W2 and M1/W1. These crews should therefore marshall for their divsions as planned, with W2 marshalling on their starting stations by 1430.We