ernest young zks

2001-02-13 Thread Blank Frank
AF wrote: ERNST YOUNG VETERAN TAMAS HEVIZI NAMED PRESIDENT AND CEO OF ZERO-KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS Pretty ironic. E Y was the firm that did a private forensic investigation of air stewards' home computers because they were annoying an airline.

people to kill

2001-02-15 Thread Blank Frank
Thursday February 15 2:42 PM ET New Jersey Student Posts 'Hit List' on Internet MIDDLESEX, N.J. (Reuters) - An eighth grader was suspended from a New Jersey middle school this week after posting a ``hit list'' of fellow

Time to liberate the brits..

2001-02-21 Thread Blank Frank
13. - (1) A person in a public place commits an offence if he- (a) wears an item of clothing, or (b) wears, carries or displays an article, in such a way or in such

mandatory state ID cards constitutionality of prof licensing

2001-02-23 Thread Blank Frank
Workplace Anger Over Police Screenings ID and fingerprint requirements for Anaheim alcohol establishments disturb employees, union and legal experts. By KIMI


2001-02-23 Thread Blank Frank,1008,662392a1896,FF.html Police to pay Vodafone $1m to tap criminals 22 FEBRUARY 2001 Vodafone customers will no longer escape surveillance after police complete a

More buffer fun with e-bizcards this time

2001-02-23 Thread Blank Frank,1282,41994,00.html Beware Those Insidious Vcards by Michelle Delio 10:00 a.m. Feb. 23, 2001 PST Those little virtual business cards that some people attach to their e-mails might be dangerous.

11 year old shot in back by SWAT is collateral damage

2001-02-23 Thread Blank Frank
SWAT Officer Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Boy, 11, During Modesto Raid From Associated Press MODESTO, Calif.--A SWAT team officer who shot

spook bugs hosed by Hanssen

2001-02-28 Thread Blank Frank
Spy Suspect May Have Revealed U.S. Bugging Espionage: Hanssen left signs that he told Russia where top-secret overseas eavesdropping devices are placed, officials

Re: The Private Secretary Of The Most Honorable Sir

2001-03-04 Thread Blank Frank
At 12:51 PM 3/4/01 -0600, Aimee Farr wrote: The Most Honorable Sir: And the girl was amazed and reached out with both hands to take the lovely toy; but the wide-pathed earth yawned there in the plain of Nysa, and the lord, Host of Many, with his immortal horses sprang out upon her -- the Son of

Re: hack

2001-03-05 Thread Blank Frank
At 12:37 AM 3/5/01 -, kavin regni wrote: I really want your help. could you hack e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] and send me the password? It would be great:) Please send your credit card info to this address and we will bill you only $9.95 (USD) for this service. We use a secure server, so your

US GPS source code copied

2001-03-05 Thread Blank Frank
Hacker snags U.S. satellite software, codes By Robert Lemos CNET An international investigation has turned up evidence that a hacker stole source code for classified software used by the U.S. Defense Department to control satellites and

Tomlinson spook book download -FREE

2001-03-05 Thread Blank Frank
Your members can now download a copy of Richard Tomlinson's book THE BIG BREACH from the internet at no charge. Simply log on to:

Tomlinson spook book download -FREE

2001-03-05 Thread Blank Frank
Your members can now download a copy of Richard Tomlinson's book THE BIG BREACH from the internet at no charge. Simply log on to:

pig latin for RIAA pigs

2001-03-06 Thread Blank Frank
Why would I need the Aimster Pig Encoder? As of Sunday March 4, 2001, at midnight, Napster began monitoring the file names that its users put into the Napster database, for the purpose of

sssh, pig latin is a trade secret like CSS

2001-03-06 Thread Blank Frank
Can I tell someone about how the Aimster Pig Encoder works? IMPORTANT WARNING: DO NOT TELL ANYONE how the Aimster Pig Encoder works. Disclosing how the Aimster Pig Encoder works may be a violation of a federal law

FLUENT and naif british reporters

2001-03-06 Thread Blank Frank
Greene writes in Presently, FLUENT can translate Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Ukrainian, Reuters says. The omissions are almost as telling as the

transparent DeCSS: digital circuit better than perl?

2001-03-11 Thread Blank Frank
At 01:51 PM 3/10/01 -0800, Bill Stewart wrote: DVD CSS decoding in 7 lines of perl is a cute hack, but it doesn't accomplish one of the main goals of DVDCSS, which is to explain the structure of the lame crypto algorithm. Even if you unwrap this to put the white space back, it's dense unreadable

Jim C's rocket supplies

2001-03-11 Thread Blank Frank
At 07:46 AM 3/11/01 -0600, Jim Choate wrote: On Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Bill Stewart wrote: Platinum costs vary, but I've never seen it above $500/oz, and I think it's more often about $300, e.g. about the price of good marijuana, which far more than 1 in 1000 hobbyists can afford :-) How much of

One source of JC's inferiority complex

2001-03-12 Thread Blank Frank
At 05:54 PM 3/12/01 -0600, Jim Choate wrote: course content, lab design, etc. Not bad for somebody without a degree I've always felt. Plenty of folks sans degrees have a clue, though, Jim...

AP for SA judges

2001-03-13 Thread Blank Frank
Mob Hacks Guatemalan Judge to Death By Will Weissert Associated Press Writer Tuesday, March 13, 2001; 3:17 p.m. EST GUATEMALA CITY –– More than 1,000 people in a northern Guatemalan town attacked a judge

equal protection in texas and privacy

2001-03-15 Thread Blank Frank
Mar 15, 2001 - 10:39 PM State Sodomy Law Ruled Constitutional by Appeals Court By Kristen Hays Associated Press Writer HOUSTON (AP) - A Texas appeals court upheld the state's sodomy law Thursday in the

censorship and violence in SoCal

2001-03-16 Thread Blank Frank
According to the lawsuit, district officials told the librarians ... the books presented a safety hazard because students who checked them out might be harassed by other students. Noisy School Meeting Over Books on Gay Achievers

Digital Body Wire Systems

2001-03-16 Thread Blank Frank
Digital Body Wire Systems Conventional analogue body wire systems suffer from vulnerability to monitoring. They are also susceptible to drop-outs if the transmitter moves out of range and temporary loss of communication results. On the receiver side, the usage of audio cassette recorders to

judges needing organ harvesting -school censorship

2001-03-19 Thread Blank Frank
School's Ban of Manson T-Shirt OK By Laurie Asseo Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - A former high school student says he had a free-speech right to wear Marilyn Manson T-shirts to class. But school officials

germans .mil punts US software for security reasons

2001-03-19 Thread Blank Frank German armed forces ban MS software, citing NSA snooping By: John Lettice Posted: 17/03/2001 at 18:59 GMT The German foreign office and Bundeswehr are pulling the plugs on

innocent get 5th too

2001-03-19 Thread Blank Frank
John Young, you get the 5th too Mar 19, 2001 - 11:49 AM Court Says Innocent Can Refuse to Testify By Anne Gearan Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - "Taking the Fifth" is an option open to the innocent as

8 year old arrested for paper gun, words

2001-03-22 Thread Blank Frank
Irvington Pupils Face Charges for Playing With Paper Gun. March 22, 2001 IRVINGTON, N.J. (AP) _ Two second-graders playing cops and robbers with a paper gun were charged with making

shithead federal public defenders

2001-03-26 Thread Blank Frank
Hey Aimee, check out the ethics on *this* dude... McVeigh's Former Attorney Willing to Testify Against Nichols Jones said he believes usual attorney-client privilege - which prohibits attorneys from disclosing what defendants tell them - no longer

RIAA takes over FCC

2001-03-28 Thread Blank Frank
Napster, the song swapping service, is being sued for millions of dollars by the producers of the prestigious awards show, the Grammys. The National Academy of Recordings Arts and Sciences (NARAS) says the service enabled users to

you may only speak what the RIAA allows

2001-03-28 Thread Blank Frank
The RIAA has asked the court to order Napster to use a "filter in" method, which would allow songs that Napster is authorised to distribute to be placed on its system, rather than blocking the swapping of copyrighted music placed on its

how to screw a teenager from the other side of the world

2001-03-29 Thread Blank Frank
Pitzer kept chatting to the teenager, while her mother contacted the local police officer, Constable John Rei, who came to the house. "I just got her to keep chatting in the chat room," Rei said.

some southerners need killin'

2001-03-30 Thread Blank Frank
State funding makes this a censorship case; religion makes it a freedom of- case too. Mar 30, 2001 - 07:37 AM Florida University Under Fire for Play With Gay Christ Character The Associated Press BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) - Several

refs on What is a publisher

2001-03-30 Thread Blank Frank
This post contains refs to answers to the question, "What is published?" for patent (prior art) reasons. You may find it also bears on "Who is a publisher?" (with accompanying questions about their 'privledges' if any). (FYI; Forwarded from a private list.) any more word on what it takes

Monty Python, with Tim May and Eric Hughes

2001-04-03 Thread Blank Frank
At 09:28 PM 4/3/01 -0400, Declan McCullagh wrote: Cypherpunks and AP play a key role of the government's case, with Tim May and Eric Hughes being mentioned, and this is just Day One. The anarchist (tm) Black Block of Seattle was a psyop to prime the grand jury's adrenals. Channelling JY's

MIT to put bomb / drug making info on net

2001-04-04 Thread Blank Frank Auditing Classes at M.I.T., on the Web and Free By CAREY GOLDBERG CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 3 — Other universities may be striving to market their courses to the Internet masses in hopes of dot-com

Sethy needs to grow up

2001-04-04 Thread Blank Frank
At 11:18 PM 4/2/01 -0400, Seth Finkelstein wrote: And since John Young already threw me into the flaming-pit, I thought I'd give the question a try in public. He warned you, yet you attacked; so he defended himself. Next time, RTFM. Sunlight is good.


2001-04-10 Thread Blank Frank
Bockwinkel, a former newspaper photojournalist and editor, captured Arends' assault of Coffey on film. (The clear and graphic pictures can be viewed on the CLEAN Web site at ). In one photo, Arends is choking the petite Coffey in a parking lot; her body is

school censorship

2001-04-10 Thread Blank Frank
Apr 6, 2001 - 01:16 PM Confederate T-Shirts Spark Fashion Fight in Southern Schools By Russ Bynum Associated Press Writer RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (AP) - Zane Dunn wore a banned T-shirt to school and became a rebel

genetic databases: not just for iceland anymore, good for warrants

2001-04-10 Thread Blank Frank
Some months ago someone posted about genetic databases being harvested from Iceland, and suggested other places were being surveyed too. Here's a ref for disbelievers. And an unrelated ref on *using* the *state's* DB to bust people based on that DB alone. _Science_ v 291, 16 mar 2001, p 2075:

Stalking Louis Freeh

2001-04-17 Thread Blank Frank
Although ChoicePoint says it has records on nearly every American with a credit card, it doesn’t always provide access to that data. The company’s Autotrack service is popular with many

LATimes: FBI's E-Mail Surveillance Getting Boost

2001-04-19 Thread Blank Frank FBI's E-Mail Surveillance Getting Boost Policy: Justice officials likely to call for continuing 'Carnivore,' with privacy protections

siege up north

2001-04-19 Thread Blank Frank
QUEBEC — Police sealed off the heart of old Quebec City on Thursday, creating a heavily guarded security zone to keep protesters and possible violence

not getting it in Quebec

2001-04-20 Thread Blank Frank
By mid-afternoon, protesters tore down a section of the concrete and chain-link security barricade and pelted police officers in riot gear with cans, bottles, rocks and stuffed animals. Officers responded by lobbing canisters of

Label releases copy-protected CD

2001-05-15 Thread Blank Frank
Tuesday May 15 10:00 AM EDT Label releases copy-protected CD with Pride By Gwendolyn Mariano CNET As teenagers slip through Napster (news - web sites)'s increasingly dense filters for the latest pop craze, veteran country music singer

rival gangs and bounties on heads

2001-05-17 Thread Blank Frank Alleged Bounty on Officers Investigated Times Staff and Wire Reports