Re: [crossfire] Material

2010-04-17 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Quite some time ago, it was enabled on Metalforge but removed due to player complaints. What people didn't like about it was merging issues in their inventory window. They would (for instance) have 8 different Boots of Speed all because they would not merge together to be Boots of

Re: [crossfire] skill window

2010-04-17 Thread Brendan Lally
On Fri, 16 Apr 2010 18:30:56 -0500 Kevin Bulgrien wrote: Where these responses can be collected. The other advantage of this approach is that if no verdict or comments are given after a month or two, then it

Re: [crossfire] Auto ID on examine

2010-04-17 Thread Otto J. Makela
Brendan Lally wrote: This changes the way the examine command (triggered by left clicking on an object) works so that if the object is unidentified, and the player has the appropriate skill, then an attempt to identify the object is automatically made. The intention is that this should

Re: [crossfire] skill window

2010-04-17 Thread Kevin Bulgrien
Until other responses are made to this, there is really little point in continuing the discussion. It is evident that an agenda is being pushed when there are many other alternative paths and cooperative viewpoints that are less isolating and much more constructive. Policy is being proposed that