[crossfire] Should ship transportation cost money?

2013-01-06 Thread Kevin Zheng
Greetings, Crossfire has a very big and impressive world map, spanning across a continent filled with splendid cities and scary dungeons. Traveling by foot is a great way to explore the world and find new adventure. Being a huge continent, transportation infrastructure is very useful for getting

Re: [crossfire] Client GTK2 - Selection screen failure

2013-01-06 Thread Otto J. Makela
On 26/12/12 23:25, Otto J. Makela wrote: The metaserver selector does come up, but it is blank. Can't get anywhere. Dunno what changed, but now it's working. Library upgrade on F17 installation? -- /* * * Otto J. Makela o...@iki.fi * * * * * * * * * */ /* Phone: +358 40 765 5772, ICBM: N