[crossfire] Question - Non-friendly maps

2015-11-23 Thread Matthew Giassa
I've played this game on-and-off for nearly two decades now, mostly source-diving to gain bits of insight with respect to writing an online tile-based game. I've been using a private server plus MetalForge for testing, and it seems some of the maps on MF are designed solely to frustrate

Re: [crossfire] Question - Non-friendly maps

2015-11-23 Thread Rick Tanner
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 11/23/15 8:57 PM, Matthew Giassa wrote: > > Case in point: Ancient Pupland Volcano Quest for WDSM: ... followed > by a 1/9th chance of getting the desired reward. This was by intent and design of the map creator. WDSM is an extremely powerful