Re: [crossfire] Re: In-game games

2005-07-03 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Interesting ideas, but there's two main issues I see with this: 1) It would complicate the client to add it Well, so be it :) 2) Much of it would need to be done on the server to avoid cheating (perhaps create an extension to the CF protocol that calls gtk bindings on the client (which would

[crossfire] Client display issue

2005-07-05 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. With current CVS GTK client, there's a big display issue with multiplart images. Client apparently keeps old parts in memory, and won't erase'em. Casting spells doesn't change display, but using dimension door (thus invalidating cache) fixes the trouble. So I'd guess it's related to

[crossfire] About glue code

2005-07-14 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. What's the use of the glue code? In glue.c, and the callback functions, in the library. From what I understand, it was supposed to be for the Python plugin. But the fun part is that is doesn't work under Win32: the library is generated as static, so plugin and server have each their own

Re: [crossfire] Bottles bug possibilities

2005-07-20 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Mitch Obrian a écrit : It may be that all the arches aren't in? I remeber when I was developing the bottles, if all the arches and their faces weren't in I'd get a crash. No, it's more related to merging behaviour, it seems. Ryo ___ crossfire

Re: [crossfire] Quests, continued

2005-07-25 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Yes, and if the player is part of a party, and other party members are on teh same quest, this should count for them also. Yes, party should be handled for every quest aspect. Can you be more specifc on this? Does this meaning having n items in your inventory? snip Imagine a quest like

Re: [crossfire] Client display bug, continued

2005-07-27 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Apparently that's a bug related to layer handling: i get a common::expand_face : Did not find empty slot message when a ghost image is left. So it would seem living monsters are put on a layer, and dead on another... Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

[crossfire] CVS branches

2005-07-30 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I was wondering about the opportunity of making branches when we get close to releases. It would let people go on committing to HEAD, while ensuring code can be stabilized for release. Opinions? Flames? Comments? Ryo ___ crossfire mailing

Re: [crossfire] CVS branches

2005-07-31 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. The other issue is that generally, I'm not seeing so many commits that having people hold off a week would seem like much an issue. Well of course we can always wait one or two weeks to add features. But sometimes it's things we'd rather have people test fast than wait weeks. Also need

[crossfire] Plugin system rewrite

2005-08-12 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Gros / Lauwenmark and I are currently rewriting the plugin system, both the server-plugin API and the Python plugin. It'll feature much improvement (using Python objects instead of plain values, so that you'll be able to do: Map.Width instead of CFPython.MapWidth(Map)). So please don't

[crossfire] Quests ideas, continued

2005-08-16 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I thought about the upcoming quest system, here are things i'd like to see. Feel free to comment, change, and so on (like a wiki :p) Quests are subdivided in tasks. You don't need to complete all tasks to complete the quest. So for instance if you ask an ncp you'll get to know the

Re: [crossfire] Client display logic rewrite

2005-08-16 Thread Nicolas Weeger
What should I do here? a) fix the documentation (map_scroll implicitly clears out of map bounds information), or You got my vote on that one too. Thanks for fixing display issues :) Nicolas ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] Quests ideas, continued

2005-08-17 Thread Nicolas Weeger
It'd probably be nice if that is somehow setable (eg, you need to do tasks 1,5,6, but 2 and 3 are optional). Not positive how hard that would be to set up. My idea is that it would be implicitely optional, at the quest designer's implementation. I picute a quest like a tree, with many leafs

Re: [crossfire] Quests ideas, continued

2005-08-17 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Also there should be the ability to abandon a quest, so players don't end up with 50 or so quests building up which they no longer can or want to do. Except you still want to keep the fact the player did some tasks, as to not give bonuses again. Ryo Accédez au courrier électronique de La

Re: [crossfire] Re: Crossedit patches

2005-08-24 Thread Nicolas Weeger
I suppose a gtk client would be easier to make to a windows port. And while one side of me would sort of like the speed and efficiency of such an editor, one side of me says I really don't want to see another such editor due to the maintenance and support headaches it would involve (support

Re: [crossfire] Patch: Fix map display errors for big faces

2005-08-24 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Note that mapdata.c still contains lots of assert() statements. They did help me to ensure the passed coordinates are valid. I'll remove them before I commit. I have nothing against assert, as long as compilation is (usually) in release mode (ie assert does nothing). Quite the contrary, if

Re: [crossfire] Re: Crossedit patches

2005-08-26 Thread Nicolas Weeger
However, I still think it would be better to put work into improving the java editor vs writing a new one. Once again I agree. There are too many unfinished projects / ideas around (sdl client, opengl client, even gtk2 client, refactor things in server, ...) to add yet another one. And you

Re:[crossfire] Server map redo: movement types

2005-08-30 Thread Nicolas Weeger
All fields below use a bitmask to represent value, similar to how the attacktype works. These would be defined like: MOVE_WALK 0x1 MOVE_FLY 0x2 MOVE_SWIM 0x4 etc Sounds like a great proposal. I'd tweak it slightly, having MOVE_FLY_LOW and MOVE_FLY_HIGH: first is your regular

Re:[crossfire] fatigue

2005-08-31 Thread Nicolas Weeger
As per started in another thread, adding a fatigue stat has some interesting ideas. snipped much away Fatigue seems like a good idea. I'd even extend it to items, thus adding the need to repair stuff now and then. Which could extend the use of smithery and such - put weapon in smithery bench,

Re: [crossfire] Patch: Fix map display errors for big faces

2005-09-04 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Andreas Kirschbaum a écrit : I just added my patches to fix bug #1102991 (Duplicate grapical display of the same monster): This patch makes client unusable on my computer. Drawing routines suck 110%

Re: [crossfire] Patch: Fix map display errors for big faces

2005-09-04 Thread Nicolas Weeger
This patch makes client unusable on my computer. Drawing routines suck 110% of the CPU power. Fixed committed to CVS (flag not correctly cleared when drawing). Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

[crossfire] create_and_rescale_image_from_data weirdness

2005-09-04 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. The logic of create_and_rescale_image_from_data (in gtk/image.c) is strange. In a first pass, it tests if (iscale != 100) { and calls in any case create_icon_image which creates the pixmap's image and mask through rgba_to_gdkpixmap. Then just after if (use_config[CONFIG_MAPSCALE]

Re: [crossfire] Re: [Crossfire-cvs] CVS commit: client

2005-09-24 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Generally speaking, I think assert statements should normally not be disabled at all, particularly not for release builds: if an assert statement actually should fail, the program contains a very serious logic error. Therefore it is not sensible to continue (and probably crash shortly

Re: [crossfire] Improved post office idea

2005-09-26 Thread Nicolas Weeger
A unique map could get messy. I think it is cleaner just to use the functions provided by the python plugin to store the items in a seperate file. Pretty hard to save items. Would need to call the store/load functions, messy too :) A map with unique tile lets the game handle the messy details

Re: [crossfire] Buildable Land Plots

2005-09-28 Thread Nicolas Weeger
At some level, also have to decide how far this goes. IMO, at its heart, crossfire is an adventure type game, not a sim. The issue being that we probably can't be as good as a sim as a game dedicated for that purpose. I'd suggest getting the basics done first and worry about some of the

[crossfire] Improved script

2005-09-28 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I just committed a change to the archetypes collect script that makes it easier to write and also read archetypes. You can now use attacktype fire poison instead of computing fire + poison is 1028. You can even mix values and text (ie attacktype 1028 death to add death to

[crossfire] moving gps code

2005-09-28 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. A while ago i added a ground positionning system, item that lets you know your location in the world. AFAIK you can only find it on mlab maps, it's not yet on other maps. Unless someone objects with good arguments, i'll move the relevant code to a Python script. Since it's not a mandatory

Re: [crossfire] Improved script

2005-09-29 Thread Nicolas Weeger
If I were to do it I would have implemented this behavior in the server instead of in the collecting of archetypes (that way it could be used in maps as well), but this is fine too. I voluntarily choose to do that at collect time, because doing it at item or map load time may be bad for

Re:[crossfire] Summon pet monster

2005-09-29 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. The first one allow you to summon pet that are of lower level that the current pet you can summon. It is mainly a one line patch that use the same argument that create food or create weapon use. Saw it on SF, sounds ok. The second one allow to use argument with the cast command so

Re: [crossfire] Improved post office idea

2005-09-30 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Ok, just committed improved post office :) How to use it: * when talking to Colette, the post office employee, you can now say bag, package, carton followed by the name of another player * this creates a post office bag, costing 5 / 50 / 200 platinum and containing maximum 5 / 50 / 100 kg * fill

Re: [crossfire] Summon pet monster

2005-10-01 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Committed your 2 patches. Just changed one call from (pseudo variables) (x)?f(a,b,c):f(a,b,d) to f(a,b,x?c:d) to not duplicate 2 similar calls Nicolas ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] Re: [Crossfire-devel] Made a CVS upload error: /maps-bigworld/unlinked/mlab-devel/mlab-devel.tar.gz

2005-10-01 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Why don't you create a new Sourceforge project and use it to store your maps? This way you'll have storage room, cvs, and will be able to use the structure you want :) Nicolas ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] swarm spells

2005-10-04 Thread Nicolas Weeger
It works like that for me, on Metalforge. What server are you playing on? Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] moving gps code

2005-10-08 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Ok, moved code to Python script, cleaned server core. GPS is now type 9 (clock). It works exactly like before, no need to change anything for it to work, you'll even keep the ones you have. Obviously, if Python is not available, will revert to a clock (!) Ryo

[crossfire] Empty bottles bug

2005-10-08 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Investigating why empty bottles behve weirdly, here are some oddnesses: * the insertion of the empty bottle in the bottle sometimes fails. Empty tries to be inserted in creator's (bootle) map which is NULL for some reason. * merge_ob doesn't correctly free the item's inventory. Thus when

Re: [crossfire] Empty bottles bug

2005-10-08 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Other thought is use of the new key-value lists - can just do something like: on_use_item ... On yeah, great idea, didn't think of that :) I'll use key/value for item transformation, too (and i'll probably move the code to Python, as it isn't imo required for the game) Nicolas

Re: [crossfire] (Python)

2005-10-10 Thread Nicolas Weeger
The rationale i see for using Python for item transformation is that it's not a required feature to play the game. Same for bank actually - you can play and do many things without the bank system. Same for gps, and everything in Python scripts. It makes the game more fun, but the core of the game

Re: [crossfire] (Python)

2005-10-11 Thread Nicolas Weeger
But all this doesn't really answer the question - when should something be in python, and when should it be coded in C? True. As I see it, Python is used when you want to make it easy to customize things (no need to recompile) or quick (as in quick to implement) things, C else. Thus GPS is a

[crossfire] Weather bug

2005-10-11 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. There's a weather bug, seen on cat2. Floor tiles disappear under 'rainx' archetypes. Apparently it only happens when there is something apart the ground on the tile (house, light, whatever). I looked at the weather code, but can't right now find the issue. Either the avoid_weather

Re: [crossfire] Weather bug

2005-10-12 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Well, if anyone knows the weather code, please put some comments in it lol I think i'm starting to understand how it works, but still... I found something that seems strange: in weather.c, lines around 2064. Apparently, if we find a tile and its herb, remove *both*. But why both? If mint grows

Re: [crossfire] How to use Ryo's quest stuff?

2005-10-13 Thread Nicolas Weeger
There are new archetypes quest_xxx to use, put'em in the ear/mouth/npc's inventory. There's a (start of) documentation in doc/Developers/quest. Note that you also need to collect latest archetypes, not sure the lib/ directory was collected and committed since my quest changes. Ryo

Re: [crossfire] How to use Ryo's quest stuff?

2005-10-13 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Oh yeah, also check test/quest map, basic test map. Note that I didn't really test everything... Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

[crossfire] Windows snapshot

2005-10-13 Thread Nicolas Weeger
I plan on doing a snapshot release for client server for Windows this week-end (been 4 weeks since last). If you want to commit breaking things, well, go ahead before that date *evil grin* Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] [IDEA] Reagents for cast magic

2005-10-14 Thread Nicolas Weeger
See also : thread on the forum on this exact subject :) Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] Unban me from #crossfire

2005-10-15 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Women's Rights Delenda Est. Translation for people who don't speak latin or are too lazy to google: Women's Rights must be destroyed. ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] More server speed reducing the objects number

2005-10-15 Thread Nicolas Weeger
This won't reduce the number of *server* object, and actually add new objects (one for each dead monster). It will reduce the number of *visible* items, though. Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] Crossfire Plugin System v2.0

2005-10-15 Thread Nicolas Weeger
While we're at it :) * could we use names more explicit that EVENT_GDEATH and EVENT_GKILL? I'd say EVENT_PLAYER_DEATH and EVENT_KILL, less confusing * EVENT_GKILL takes *two* parameters (what was killed and by who), only one is used in plugin. And parameters should be inverted imo, first what was

Re: [crossfire] Re: Houses system for guilds

2005-10-16 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Random question - do guilds in any way limit membership of people to a single guild? If so, that should probably be done. Right now, no. Guild membership is based on owning a key, so you can have as many as you want. Python-based guilds I think limit to one guild, but that can be changed.

Re: [crossfire] noalchemy tile, to pr event repetitions of recent events

2005-10-23 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Probably simplest to just make it that if the space is no magic, can't do alchemy. That will break the guild alchemy room (no magic), and probably the alchemy shop too. Ryo Accédez au courrier électronique de La Poste : ; 3615 LAPOSTENET (0,34€/mn) ; tél : 08 92 68 13 50

[crossfire] Changing Python scripts for global events

2005-11-01 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I was wondering if it wouldn't be interesting to make the /python/event/python_xxx scripts simply run all scripts in a subdir eg /python/event/born/, or have the plugin do that itself. (yes, it feels like runlevels in linux) The idea is to modularize the scripts, to be able to simply

Re: [crossfire] Changing Python scripts for global events

2005-11-05 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Mitch Obrian a écrit : I don't like this idea at all. Let's add layers of complexity for no reason!! Time would better be spent creating usefull things like new maps and scripts rather then pissing off people trying to install things IMHO. Hum actually I see my proposal as a way to

[crossfire] Pickup issues

2005-11-05 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. The query_cost function was changed part of selling / buying improvement. But now the pickup ratio, which uses this function to estimate the item's price, grabs much more items than before. Should we try to fix to keep previous behaviour? Or just ignore leave like that? (with ratio 75

[crossfire] Weather bug, continued

2005-11-05 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I think I figured out why some tiles disappear under weather. weather.c:change_the_world handles removal of grown items, including (for instance) grass. It handles ground by simply checking from the get_ob_map()-above object. When the overlay for a map is loaded, by

Re: [crossfire] Re: [Crossfire-cvs] CVS commit: arch/mapbuilding

2005-11-05 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Mitch Obrian a écrit : Do I have to update code for this to work, or just the archtypes? Collecting archs should be enough, since it's a floor and does not require any special handling. Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] Re: [Crossfire-cvs] CVS commit: arch/mapbuilding

2005-11-05 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Mitch Obrian a écrit : Do I have to update code for this to work, or just the archtypes? Just found out a bug: make sure that the built wall archetype has the 'WALL' type, and not 0 or something else. This is true for all walls that people want to build on/build: wall should be WALL type, not

Re: [crossfire] Re: [Crossfire-cvs] CVS commit: maps-bigworld/python/IPO

2005-11-06 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Mitch Obrian a écrit : The package delevery is broken now? Why? When will it be fixed if so? It works on my computer, with Python 2.4. Seems to have issues on Metalforge, didn't yet have time to check why. Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

Re: [crossfire] works now

2005-11-07 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Mitch Obrian a écrit : NM python now works... how am I going to convert my maps to the new python tho? Instead of using event_apply or event_say as a field, add in the inventory a new object of arch event_say or event_apply, and fill fields as required (look at IPO for example) To convert

Re: [crossfire] Could someone fix the dissapearing tile weather bug? (still has unfixed parts)

2005-11-13 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Mitch Obrian a écrit : This is what happens now (some of it was fixed allready it seems, but this is the state now). Lets say you have this: ferns snow/puddle ground The ground will dissapear. As I said, I think it's related to the overlay loading. Try to change the following lines

Re: [crossfire] Could someone fix the d issapearing tile weather bug? (still ha s unfixed parts)

2005-11-14 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Could you test it, now that I have users I don't want to possibly crash the server. I tested it locally, seemed fine. But I didn't really play with my change, and I have no idea what the side effects could be. Which is why I sent a mail on the list, in case some other people knew better :) Ryo

[crossfire] Introducing item fatigue

2005-11-20 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I'd like to discuss adding item weariness / fatigue. Basically: each item has max fatigue points, which decrease at use (when attacking for weapon, when attacked for shield, when player walks for shoes, you get the idea) Of course when fatigue reaches 0 the item breaks and is unusable or

Re: [crossfire] Weather bug status?

2005-11-23 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Mitch Obrian a écrit : Weather bug status? Same as last time. Ryo ___ crossfire mailing list

[crossfire] Idea for skills

2005-11-26 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Here's an idea concerning skills: add a cap level without doing a quest. For instance (levels are random numbers): a player could level up to 15 in one handed weapons. Then he'd need to complete a quest to be able to get to 25, then another for 40, and so on. The aim would be to force

Re: [crossfire] Idea for skills

2005-11-27 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Sure, the intend - force people to explore the world furthermore - is good. But I see little justification of forcing them to make a given quest to increase their level. Arbitrarily capping the levels looks very artificial to me. It could be seen as you can't learn more by yourself, you

Re: [crossfire] Crossedit strips out shop headers (could somebody fix?)

2005-11-30 Thread Nicolas Weeger
bump Hey please remember we're all volunteers here :) We need time to fix things, sometimes a week or more. Nicolas ___ crossfire mailing list

[crossfire] Tweaking alchemy

2005-12-04 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I'd like to extend alchemy-like skills, probably with a 'cooking' skill. What i'd like to do is: * add a way for formulaes to never blow up, and just yield a specific item when failed ('burnt cake'). This will make it safer and more fun, of course this would be for low exp recipes (or for

Re: [crossfire] Tweaking alchemy

2005-12-05 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Yes, in the short run this is a much better idea. However, a long term goal of a self-supporting economy based on inter-player interaction (where government-owned shops do not exist except to maybe provide some very basic food and weapons at time of war/famine/natural disaster) is IMO desirable.

Re: [crossfire] Tweaking alchemy

2005-12-09 Thread Nicolas Weeger
One thing that I also thought would be needed is to add some slow decay factor to most all flesh items like there are for a few special ones (demon ichor). You shouldn't be able to carry around the orc corpse for 3 months and expect it to still be edible. That wouldn't be hard to do, but

Re: [crossfire] Tweaking alchemy

2005-12-09 Thread Nicolas Weeger
One thing that I also thought would be needed is to add some slow decay factor to most all flesh items like there are for a few special ones (demon ichor). You shouldn't be able to carry around the orc corpse for 3 months and expect it to still be edible. That wouldn't be hard to do, but

[crossfire] Proposal for player logfile / plugins

2005-12-17 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. It seems the slow issues Metalforge has been experiencing are related to Python, and possibly due to the size of the logfile (log containing birth date, kick info, muzzle, and so on). My proposal is to split this file, putting player's information directly in the player's directory. To

Re: [crossfire] Banking system

2005-12-27 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I suspect this would also fix the client bug when the client crashes when it steps on a tile where something has nrof 2^32. I tried to reproduce that bug, and could crash the client, but with negative numbers. I just committed changes to make the item's nrof of the client uint32, like

[crossfire] Hardening plugin system

2006-01-11 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Currently, a plugin can easily crash the server, which doesn't check parameters (just call a function with a NULL pointer, nice crash guaranteed). Also, server doesn't checks parameters and such, which can lead to invalid values (Str of 50 for a player...). So should that be fixed in a

Re: [crossfire] Hardening plugin system

2006-01-15 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Presumably for that last point to work, all the functions the change values in the plugin code would need to set some flag. Otherwise, I don't see how the server can know an object changes. Exactly. But remember plugin isn't supposed to access object's fields directly but use callbacks which

[crossfire] (Python) script distribution

2006-01-15 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. There are a few (Python) scripts i'd like to write, to extend Crossfire. Merely thinking something like a visit card system (to let other players know your level or skill), or something to autorejoin party at login time. So I'm wondering where to put those scripts. Should I put them in

[crossfire] Moving server towards a modularized system?

2006-01-15 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I'm wondering about moving some parts of the code to plugins. IMO things like weather system (excluding darkness-related things) could be moved to a plugin, and just hook to server core. Random maps generation too could imo be moved. (particularly weather, as it's really optional, setting

Re: [crossfire] Hardening plugin system

2006-01-16 Thread Nicolas Weeger
If its a choice of: a) when callback to set value is used, we set the value and then mark a flag that the object has been modified, and when function is finished, we check sanity of object, or b) when callback to set value is made, we check the validity I'd personally choose b -

Re: [crossfire] Polymorph etc

2006-01-16 Thread Nicolas Weeger
If Ryo etc want to work on something, as it seems he's itching to do, how about add a alchaholpercent variable and add the ability to get drunk? Or perhapse fix earthwall and the invisiblity spell ( tracker)? Better to fix what's broken then fix what's working (rather then break it and

Re: [crossfire] Moving server towards a modularized system?

2006-01-16 Thread Nicolas Weeger
I personally don't see much reason to rewrite existing code that is working fine as a plugin. There are just enough things that could be/should be done than rewriting working code doesn't make sense. As Yann said, i was not really mentioning rewriting stuff - apologies for the confusion.

Re: [crossfire] crossfire traffic

2006-02-02 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Really nice idea, it'll help me for the Windows snapshots :) Nicolas ___ crossfire mailing list

[crossfire] New DM command

2006-02-14 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Since there was no commit mail (i killed CVS when i saw it was committing archetypes files, but it had already committed other files), I'll just point out there's a new DM command, insert_into. It takes 2 arguments, and puts the 2nd in the 1st's inventory. Pretty simple. Note that you

Re: [crossfire] RFC: gtk client with gtk2

2006-02-21 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Does it really make sense to support both SDL Opengl? I know SDL is suppose to be cross platform, but I'm not sure if the window ports/releases Ryo does actually support SDL. Current Windows build don't use SDL for graphics, no (not talking music here, though it could be used

[crossfire] Perl plugin

2006-02-23 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I just committed the Perl plugin, courtesy Marc Lehmann (see for more info). But I haven't yet figure how to make it compile with the autoconf / automake and such (my black magic level isn't high

Re: [crossfire] Unit tests

2006-02-28 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. There are some maps in the 'test' subdirectory, I guess. At least, there is a map and script related to Python, to test things :) Maybe we could first test through Python? It'll probably uncover some bugs there, but once fixed we'll be able to test the server itself. Nicolas

[crossfire] Code cleanup

2006-03-02 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Since 1.9.0 has been released, I'm gonna clean the server code some: * rename FunctionsWithCamelCaseNames to names_matching_other_functions * switch comments to Doxygen's format, to make the doc better * maybe some more tweaks This may impact quite a few files :) Nicolas

Re: [crossfire] Code cleanup

2006-03-18 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. As promised I just cleaned a massive amount of code. I admit, there *are* things still in CamelCase. I just became lazy at the end :) I renamed functions, as to have some coherence - command functions (sent from client) now end with _cmd, thinks like that. I do think I didn't break

[crossfire] Player-owner shop proof of concept

2006-03-18 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I just made a small proof-of-concept of player-owned shop, attached to that mail. Just a map and 2 Python scripts. Basically: mark an item, go to the table, say sell price in silver coins, then drop the item anywhere. To buy, it behaves exactly like a regular shop (well, right now, if

Re: [crossfire] Player-owner shop proof of concept

2006-03-18 Thread Nicolas Weeger
But i'm afraid what happens when high lvl players sell quest items for very few platinums, and so soon many low level players maybe run around with those stuff... Or high level players sell stat potions very cheap so low level players have full stats very soon. Well, right now you can simply

Re: [crossfire] [Re]Player Owned Shops

2006-03-20 Thread Nicolas Weeger
A simple ring of halvor requires level around 10 and a ring of free action requires around level 15 and ring of combat level 20. But when i'm level 10, 15 or 20 at jewelery i always have already found quite many of those rings... IMHO it's too difficult or too much hassle to make those.

Re: [crossfire] [Re]Player Owned Shops

2006-03-20 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Could a little more detail on this process be given? Looking over the patch to see how it works leaves me with a few questions. Yeah, it's a pretty basic patch for now :) It seems to me that the patch in question lets the owner set whatever price, but doesn't actually pay the

[crossfire] SVN?

2006-03-20 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. Apparently Sourceforge now has SVN up, and you can import CVS repository directly. See for details Maybe we could think of moving Crossfire to SVN? Nicolas ___ crossfire

Re: [crossfire] arch.c badly named functions

2006-03-28 Thread Nicolas Weeger
There are a few functions in arch.c which are named get_archetype_xx but in fact return a new object of that archetype using arch_to_object. I plan to rename those create_object_xx, which i think is more suitable. Any objection? None by me, let they be renamed and some coherence made!

[crossfire] Static buffer removal for query_name()

2007-02-08 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I just committed a big change, removing the static buffer from query_name(), which now takes a buffer + size for working. There were 150 occurrences, so I couldn't test everything. I may have made mistakes when replacing stuff :) I did take care, but well. Another concern is that

Re: [crossfire] Static buffer removal for query_name()

2007-02-10 Thread Nicolas Weeger
for query_name(), I doubt that buffer size makes a difference. And we'll fix when needed :) where it may be an issue is describe_item() and get_ob_diff() - but I'm not 100% sure if those return static values or not. They did use static buffers :) I used HUGE_BUF, like the static buffer's

[crossfire] House sizes

2007-02-10 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. What would everyone think of: - deciding that eg one outside square translates to eg 20x20 squares inside. There may already be such a measurement, but I'm not sure it's that formal - doing more multisquare (4x3? 6x4?) buildings. This would mean making towns bigger in the bigworld, but

Re: [crossfire] Armour restriction / girdle

2007-02-11 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Ok, I just fixed the whole logic, using this nice IS_ARMOR macro :) Also, girdles and cloaks are not considered as armor anymore, but now that's easy to change :) Nicolas -- [Petit site d'images, de textes, de code, bref de l'aléatoire !]

Re: [crossfire] Max speed

2007-02-11 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Related to bug 13833atid=113833 concerning the max_speed when wearing armor, I've changed the logic in fix_object (former fix_player) to always cap speed at armor's max_speed. Apparently that fix was too restrictive, so

Re: [crossfire] plugin crash on metalforge.

2007-02-15 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Le jeudi 15 février 2007 08:42, Mark Wedel a écrit : Looking at some of the crashes on metalforge, which is latest 1.x as of a week ago. Saw 2 crashes wit the same cause. From the logfile: Ok, that was a fun bug :) Chain of events: * you gain at the slot machine * slot machine creates

[crossfire] FLAG_PICK_UP flag

2007-03-02 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. There is a FLAG_PICK_UP which is used only for determining monster's experience and nowhere else. This seems like a leftover of some code, should we remove it? Nicolas -- [Petit site d'images, de textes, de code, bref de l'aléatoire !]

Re: [crossfire] [Crossfire-cvs] SVN: crossfire: [5665] maps/tags/1.10/

2007-03-04 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Le dimanche 04 mars 2007 08:55, Crossfire CVS repository messages. a écrit : Revision: 5665 Author: mwedel Date: 2007-03-03 23:55:08 -0800 (Sat, 03 Mar 2007) Log Message: --- 1.10 branch Hello. I (and I'm sure

[crossfire] Patch for (void)

2007-03-04 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. The patch adds (void) to functions instead of () when no argument. What do you think of that? I have mixed feelings, I don't like adding unecessary things. On the other hand maybe that's the

Re: [crossfire] [Crossfire-cvs] SVN: cr ossfire: [5665] maps/tags/1.10/

2007-03-04 Thread Nicolas Weeger
This release is also a little more time consuming, as it is our first release under SVN. I'm also writing a pretty detailed doc on the wiki on the steps needed, so perhaps others could make the releases (it isn't particularly hard, but does take a fair amount of time). Yes, everything

[crossfire] New type sstring?

2007-03-05 Thread Nicolas Weeger
Hello. I'd like to add a typedef const char* sstring and use that for relevant members / variables. sstring is of course shared_string. It wouldn't change much things, but clarify when the string is shared (add_string / add_refcount) and when it's safe to alter it. Unless I'm mistaking the

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