Re: [Cryptography] Opening Discussion: Speculation on BULLRUN

2013-09-10 Thread Joe Abley
On 2013-09-09, at 12:04, Salz, Rich wrote: ➢ then maybe it's not such a silly accusation to think that root CAs are routinely distributed to multinational secret ➢ services to perform MITM session decryption on any form of communication that derives its security from the

Re: [Cryptography] PGP Key Signing parties

2013-10-11 Thread Joe Abley
On 2013-10-11, at 07:03, Tony Naggs wrote: On 10 October 2013 22:31, John Gilmore wrote: Does PGP have any particular support for key signing parties built in or is this just something that has grown up as a practice of use? It's just a practice. I agree