Re: US Court says no privacy in wiretap law

2004-07-04 Thread Ivan Krstic
William Allen Simpson wrote: Switches, routers, and any intermediate computers are fair game for warrantless wiretaps. It seems privacy and free speech are becoming lost concepts worldwide. This just came out today: So not

md5 cracking for short texts

2004-07-04 Thread Perry E. Metzger
These folks have a service that will find the text that hashed to an MD5 if the text is less than or equal to 8 characters in length and matches [0-9a-z]+ -- Perry E. Metzger[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Question on the state of the security industry

2004-07-04 Thread Ian Grigg
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I shared the gist of the question with a leader of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, Peter Cassidy. Thanks Dan, and thanks Peter, ... I think we have that situation. For the first time we are facing a real, difficult security problem. And the security experts have shot

Using crypto against Phishing, Spoofing and Spamming...

2004-07-04 Thread Amir Herzberg
Following some of our discussions on this list, I tried to think more seriously on how crypto could be used for the basic current security threats of spoofing, phishing and spamming. Preliminary write-ups of the results are available in the following (or from my homepage): # Protecting (even)

Use cash machines as little as possible

2004-07-04 Thread Anne Lynn Wheeler ONE of Britain's biggest banks is asking customers to use cash machines as little as possible to help combat soaring card fraud. ... snip .. Anne Lynn Wheelerhttp

Re: Question on the state of the security industry (second half not necessarily on topic)

2004-07-04 Thread Ed Reed
I recently had the same trouble with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - who were calling around to followup on infant influenza innoculations given last fall. Ultimately, they wanted me to provide authorization to them to receive HIPPA protected patient records from my son's pediatrician,