Re: PGP master keys

2006-04-29 Thread Anne Lynn Wheeler
Anne Lynn Wheeler wrote: issues did start showing up in the mid-90s in the corporate world ... there were a large number of former gov. employees starting to show up in different corporate security-related positions (apparently after being turfed from the gov). their interests appeared to

Re: VoIP and phishing

2006-04-29 Thread Bill Stewart
There are two sides to the voice phishing here - - getting the target to call a phone number you've emailed him - using cheap voice calls to call the target with your offer. VOIP doesn't affect the former case much, since the target is paying for the call, but it does separate callee geography

Government says EFF suit against ATT might reveal secrets!

2006-04-29 Thread Perry E. Metzger
The US government wants to intervene to request dismissal of EFF's lawsuit against ATT -- the one alleging that it violated federal law by permitting warrantless wiretapping. One wonders what sort of state secret could still be secret here now

Re: History and definition of the term 'principal'?

2006-04-29 Thread Florian Weimer
* Hadmut Danisch: The only precise definition I found is in a law dictionary where it is defined as a legal term. The OED might also be helpful: B. [...] 2. a. A chief actor or doer; the chief person engaged in some transaction or function, esp. in relation to one employed by or acting