spyware on Blackberries

2009-07-16 Thread Steven M. Bellovin
http://feeds.wired.com/~r/wired27b/~3/CFV8MEwH_rM/ A BlackBerry update that a United Arab Emirates service provider pushed out to its customers contains U.S.-made spyware that would allow the company or others to siphon and read their e-mail and text messages, according to a researcher who

Re: 112-bit prime ECDLP solved

2009-07-16 Thread James A. Donald
Tanja Lange wrote: So with about 1 000 000 USD and a full year you would get 122 bits already now and agencies have a bit more budget than this! Furthermore, the algorithm parallelizes extremely well and can handle a batch of 100 targets at only 10 times the cost. No it cannot handle a bunch