Nullsoft's WASTE communication system

2003-05-31 Thread Bill Stewart - Overview - Security section - Network design - Slashdot discusssion Nullsoft, who did

RE: PGP Encryption Proves Powerful

2003-05-31 Thread Dean, James
The article hedges on whether or not PGP was used on the Psion mentioned. The Psion might have been using one of the other programs listed at - The Cryptography Mailing List

Re: PGP Encryption Proves Powerful

2003-05-31 Thread bear
Aside from the whole governments-and-people-and-terrorists thing, I will say that there was an event last year at my former employers' that made us very glad we were using PGP. An engineer's laptop got stolen. With the entire source tree of an enterprise application that licensed for $25K a seat

Re: PGP Encryption Proves Powerful

2003-05-31 Thread John Young
If the FBI cannot crack PGP that does not mean other agencies with greater prowess cannot. It is unlikely that the capability to crack PGP would be publicly revealed for that would close an invaluable source of information. Intel crackers hardly ever reveal their most essential tools, though

web apps with large volumes of bidirectional http traffic

2003-05-31 Thread Ryan Lackey
I need to find some relatively widely deployed applications which have frequent user interactions (rapid clicking on links, from as large a population of links as possible, and also form filling and such). (it should be pretty obvious what this is for) I'd like: 0) *rapid*/frequent user

Re: PGP Encryption Proves Powerful

2003-05-31 Thread Arnold G. Reinhold
At 1:22 PM -0400 5/29/03, Ian Grigg wrote: The following appears to be a bone fide case of a threat model in action against the PGP program. Leaving aside commentary on the pros and cons within this example, there is a desparate lack of real experience in how crypto systems are attacked. IMHO,