[johnmacsgroup] INTEL: Venona Project

2003-06-27 Thread R. A. Hettinga
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Re: Draft Edition of LibTomMath book

2003-06-27 Thread Marcel de Riedmatten
Le ven 27/06/2003 à 15:24, Werner Koch a écrit : Does the proprietary SSH still use GMP? I know no other major crypto apps using GMP for big number math. A problem with GMP is that it heavily uses alloca() and thus it is not that hard to find traces of secrets in the core. I know that

[CYBERIA] HR Block sued over electronic transaction methodpatent

2003-06-27 Thread R. A. Hettinga
--- begin forwarded text Status: U Thread-Topic: [CYBERIA] Combining Verizon DMCA case with Grokster Thread-Index: AcMU4iXZDMSa+RRWQF2ZUhfFWfqnygAAvxfwAlB7E0AAkYhJYAEs5nrAAGjbCxAAB3Zw8ADDJcDQADTT+2AALZj34AAK9CcQAMC7Y7ADgxgEkA== Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 10:02:33 -0400 Reply-To: Law

Re: pubkeys for p and g

2003-06-27 Thread Peter Fairbrother
martin f krafft wrote: also sprach Peter Fairbrother [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2003.06.27.1903 +0200]: Can you give me a ref to where they say that? I'd like to know exactly what they are claiming. this will have to wait a couple of days. Perhaps they are encrypting the DH secrets with RSA keys

New NTRUEncrypt Parameters

2003-06-27 Thread Whyte, William
(I've also posted this message to sci.crypt) Hi list, NTRU Cryptosystems has posted several new documents, which are avaible through http://www.ntru.com/cryptolab/params.htm. As background: recent results on NTRUEncrypt have shown that decryption failures on validly encrypted messages leak

Re: pubkeys for p and g

2003-06-27 Thread Nomen Nescio
martin f krafft writes: My point was that some commercial vendors (Check Point and others) claim, that if two partners want to perform a DH key exchange, they may use their two public keys for g and p. This, in effect, would mean that g and p were not globally known, but that the public keys

Feedback from the LibTomMath Book?

2003-06-27 Thread tom st denis
Close to 100 people have downloaded the book so far [which is alot given the nature of the book] and although it has only been two days I was wondering if anyone has any initial impressions [good or bad]. I'm going to start the editing phase of the text fairly soon so I'd like to know what people